Hush Puppies,Cabbage and Tea | Cooking With Brenda Gantt 2023

By | March 19, 2023
Hush Puppies,Cabbage and Tea | Cooking With Brenda Gantt 2023

Hey y'all I've been exterior working all Morning Doing every kind of issues that I'm Ravenous and I’ve this cabbage in There and I'm gonna prepare dinner it actual fast And I'm gonna make me a hush pet to go With it what I did is I've acquired a bit of Pot proper there that I put about I don't Know appears to be like like a couple of half inch of Water in it I'm letting it get scorching As a result of I'm in a rush and acquired the Grease in right here getting scorching and I'm simply Gonna have cabbage and cornbread for Dinner And I believed possibly you may wish to Be part of me I simply had some candy women to cease uh Mine Oh that I knew it's a followers All proper I've acquired this minimize up it does Higher how you narrow it y'all simply get it Lower the easiest way you don't have I'm on the go prepare dinner a part of it I don't know what I'll do with the opposite Half I'll do a cat off casserole or a Sluggish or one thing Now I'm gonna put only a sprint of salt in It and since I've been attempting to lose a Little weight recently I'm not going to Put a bacon grease in it immediately I'm simply Gonna put a bit of salt and possibly possibly One pad of butter I'm gonna put a bit of Salt in there I'm gonna prepare dinner it with a prime on it and

It doesn't take lengthy to prepare dinner both All proper on this little bowl what I'm Going to do is I'm going to make me a Few little hush puppies to go along with it And I acquired to have an onion in It And I'm in a rush So I'm gonna do that oh I forgot my tea Wait a minute Lord Mercy I meant to do That too while you get out within the pot All proper I'm gonna make me some y'all Candy tea I forgot that I've been Working I want it let me put some water In right here I understand how a lot to place as a result of I do that On a regular basis I'm gonna carry 4 cups of water to a Boil Or simply about to a boil I'll put it on This again out when it will get scorching I'm gonna Stick my tea bag in it We'll make us some tea too All proper whereas that's getting scorching let Me Get this onion minimize up Um do y'all like cabbage I imply you may Simply prepare dinner you a bit of cabbage so Shortly it doesn't take however a second And repair you a bit of cornbread to go With it and honey you bought a meal let me Inform you Put this in your bowl and crumble it up You gained't go You need these little issues going out I

Name them Critters ship your recipe e-book It's in your recipe e-book if you happen to hadn't Ordered it I Put it on simply the opposite day and also you Hadn't acquired however the twentieth to get to get it Ordered or get your identify on the listing We're getting them we're getting them Or they offered 60 p.c of them So it's not many left the primary and Second cookbook All proper right here we go there's that I'm Gonna put some white lily cornmeal in it Let's see how a lot I'm gonna put I'm Gonna put Um A half a cup That's all I'm gonna put in All proper our cabbage is boiled let me Get my buttermilk out Typically I put just a bit little bit of Flour in it let me see how our grease is Doing It's not scorching The time that different stuff will get scorching it Can be Oh Hush puppies are so quick to make like if You bought some stuff you acquired to do This it is a good bread to have As a result of it's fast You hadn't acquired to attend on it now when You're making Hush Puppies you need it Moist However you don't need it

Soggy moist so Uh what I'm gonna do is combine only a Little bit at a time until I see the way it Appears to be like That appears prefer it's appropriate proper there And let me present you what I'm speaking About okay let me get one other spoon If you're while you're doing hush Puppies like this You need it in order that while you get you up Slightly scoop of it It doesn't pour off nevertheless it simply you simply Form of clumps off It's referred to as the clumping stage Oh my goodness y'all cooking we Might make an entire cookbook that had Nothing however phrases that we use like Clumps stir and Tad And a bit of bit the peach And a scoot I take advantage of that plenty of scoot of This or a scoot of that properly how a lot is A scoop It's lower than that I've had fun this morning I I Purchased some ferns the opposite day to go The cuddle home And while you purchase these Ferns And stuff from nurseries and no matter or No matter else you purchase I don't assume there's any grime in it Like grime grime actual grime looks as if it's Just a few stuff that the water runs Straight via So I’ll the following time I'd water them I

Could sprinkle me some actual grime on prime After which water it in order that grime will go Down into that pot do you assume that Would possibly work as a result of I don't wish to like Redo the entire thing All proper let me see how my grease is Trying over there Nicely our water's getting scorching for our tea It's nearly it's nearly scorching Have y'all tried the y'all candy tea but It comes a decaf and caffeinated and The half gallons and gallons it is available in A complete bunch of stuff That is caffeinated I want a bit of pick-me-up immediately so I'm Doing the caffeinated typically after I Do it at evening I begin making it too Late within the afternoon or one thing I'm Gonna have for supper I'll use the decaf And I'll use the caffeinated at lunch Time All proper it's scorching if it's not boiling Some will drop this in Transfer it off the attention put a cuff on it for 9 minutes And whereas that 9 minutes is going on I'm gonna do that let me put one in There and simply see if it's prepared You're nearly it You didn't like a lot It popped up you need it to pop up Um Nevertheless it must prepare dinner sooner than that All proper whereas that's doing let me put

Some ice in my Image go proper by your recipe now Get 4 cups of icing Is just too International But Okay I'm gonna put one other one in every of these In our cabbage is doing actual good Oh that is proper now come on over right here So you may see you may't even see can You darling recover from right here There you go you don't see that See that is form of the way you need it now In case you're doing yours at dwelling and also you're Cooking for crowd put your tablespoon of Flour in there it helps to carry it Collectively However I've simply threw it a couple of for me I'm Not gonna prepare dinner all this I'm simply doing a couple of They're virtually like And see how they appear like Little Critters I like them with ketchup I'm gonna do 5 of them that's the loads for me Let's go along with my cabbage All proper I'm Gonna Save this half I'm Not doing that International Take the towel right here Let's put them on get out of the plate That's a fairly shade plate isn't it That fairly yellow Y'all are screeched in on this aspect

Aren't you there we go All proper now I'm gonna flip them over Let's have a look at our cabbage it's doing Good Now that is virtually prepared we're gonna let Them drain after which I'm gonna do it my Tea After which by then our cabbage must be Prepared so that is what you name a quickie Lunch a quickie All proper that was carried out I imply they Drained some time I'm tore up that's all proper That's all proper that's all proper however Anyway y'all do while you're cooking Yours places you just a bit bit possibly After which it says so within the recipe e-book It's simply immediately I'm not placing However within the recipe e-book I did put it It helps to carry it collectively so if You're utilizing corn uh white lily cornmeal Put you simply up Slightly little bit of Though Self-rising flour in it and let's maintain It collectively Okay as a result of it's been 9 minutes Nope two extra minutes and it'll be prepared Anyway Flip that off Right here's how this appears to be like let me maintain it up For you So you may form of see it a bit of bit You see that now the sunshine's higher in

It and that onion and stick it out proper There Y'all like ketchup on yours I'm not gonna eat the remainder of it and I'll put it aside to go along with my cabbage if I If I get began with these items I Can't give up that's why I Solely cooked 5 as a result of I knew if I Cooked 10 I might eat 10. y'all do this My husband he knew I like these um Cape Cod potato chips That vinegar and salt and that's form of Like vinegar salt And if I ever despatched him to the grocery Retailer I'd have him an inventory and he'd go to The grocery retailer and get what we wanted However he at all times got here again With me a bag of these issues And I might sit down And open the bag and begin consuming them And my mouth actually I don't I Can't Describe what occurred To my mouth From consuming all that vinegar and salt it Nearly acquired numb Okay and I feel that is prepared It’s I don't like my cabbage Mushy do y'all However if you happen to'll prepare dinner it actual quick and put A prime on it it'll be good In it Stir them Only for taste Okay properly that's sitting there I'm going

To pressure up my tea As a result of it's been 9 minutes and we're Mounted to eat Take me a spoon over right here Okay y'all wish to come again over this Facet We'll do our enamel Okay after it's steeped for 9 minutes You place 4 cups in there Then you definitely take the tea Pour it over the eyes and I do know that Sounds loopy I'm not you may put your sugar in it This time too it's simply I'm not going to Do sugar immediately stir that round after which You place your water in it to fill it up To the place it says to sealed and I forgot What number of it says let me look That is what I carry on prime of my Fridge That's a magnet It's that little magnet factor proper There and I simply I don't must learn on The again of my factor anymore you set Eight cups of water which I understand how A lot to fill mine up And I prefer to stir mine whereas I'm doing It Mine has to come back as much as be proper there Earlier than it's eight cups Proper there Okay and now put my little magnet again On the fridge proper right here And I’ve it the following time I don't have

To look it up I don't must look it up all proper Let's repair our plate let me get the stuff Out Okay We're going to take this plate and I'm Going to dump the the uh My little stuff in it proper there We're gonna get our cabbage I'm not having meat immediately as a result of I Don't need meat I simply need this that's all I need Cabbage and cornbread A few of y'all so Brenda how do you keep So little or how do you keep wholesome or No matter Nicely that is how I keep wholesome I eat Wholesome did you y'all ever see me utilizing Something a lot out of a field do you I'm Gonna get me some ice in my glass so I'll have some tea Don't even must put ice within the glass Nevertheless it's simply one thing about having Ice in your glass I don't know what it Is I don't prefer to pour I don't I like Ice in my enamel Even when it's acquired ice in right here I nonetheless Need ice in my enamel Let me get our little Oh let's sleep I acquired ketchup right here so It's not however a scoot in there however I'll Use what I've acquired I'm gonna prefer to put It on my cabbage I'm gonna put it on my Contemporary puppies we're gonna get us a fork

And a serviette And let's go eat Y'all wish to go exterior on the porch Let's do Nicely I can't carry you and that and Every thing else y'all I can't do it I acquired a serviette of tea I'll eat it proper Right here for a chunk or two Cabbage is so good for y'all I might eat that complete cabbage I’ll prepare dinner the remainder of it and Have it tonight Okay y'all You noticed how fast that was how straightforward it Was how good for you it’s Tea is sweet for you it's acquired plenty of Antioxidants that's in it cabbage is Extraordinarily good for you then I put a Complete onion in that After all I gained't eat the entire onion As a result of I didn't prepare dinner all of it however I Ate a couple of half an onion or I'm going To Y'all have a terrific day Cooking some cabbage love you bye bye