Rooster Corn Chowder | Cooking With Brenda Gantt 2023

By | March 18, 2023
Rooster Corn Chowder | Cooking With Brenda Gantt 2023

Hey y'all you hear my espresso pot going Bought on my jacket I'm freezing as we speak I'm Telling you in Andalusia right here I received so Chilly so tomorrow Um I'm assuming it's going to remain the Identical temperature I'm gonna make a Rooster corn chowder so I simply received again From the grocery retailer and um I simply purchased an entire rooster as a result of You realize after I'm making one thing I Understand it's not going to take this entire Rooster to make that chowder however at Least I'll have it boiled In case I wish to do one thing else with It this rooster was A greenback and 59 cents a pound so this Got here to 9.73 cents Is a fats rooster And I'm gonna boil it actual gradual and I'm Gonna use a number of the broth in my corn Rooster chowder And I'm gonna use a number of the meat and Then the opposite half I'm going to um Do one thing else with however I don't know What but So I'm taking it out of my bundle and I All the time flip my water on And I wash my rooster off I don't know If y'all do however I do I wash it actual good in my sink That is that the rubbish can down there However anyway that's what I'm gonna prepare dinner

There's the neck proper there Oh I'm gonna minimize that half off they Didn't clear that too good That's received these little Feathers issues all in it and I don't Really feel like cleansing it out see you then I'm not doing that I'm a espresso's virtually prepared I got here in I Thought man I please may I mounted me Some espresso I'm additionally gonna pop me only a Little bitty factor of popcorn I’d fry these little rooster Gizzards the livers up proper there for Me to eat All proper right here we go we received the rooster Seems good that was the one half I noticed That seemed unhealthy with that little Proper right here Proper there a pot of water and I'm gonna Lay this in it and I'm going to put the Again aspect down and the breast up I don't Know if I've received sufficient water in it And I don't let me put just a bit bit Extra that I put it over there on the Range Y'all wish to have a look at my flowers whereas I'm doing this properly wait a minute I'll Present you let me put this over there on The range and now I received my eye on Already Till Um Put this in right here Simply wait on me

There's the liver and the neck There's the gizzard Right here's the center Bought a giant previous coronary heart And I'm gonna throw that little fats Proper there away I'll simply say that Till later anyway Um My my flowers are doing so good I had Anyone to come back in yesterday and say Um And I stated no they're actual Thanks Y'all I maintain my Amish cleaning soap proper right here in My kitchen And I maintain it in my bathe I maintain it In all places As a result of I take advantage of it I take advantage of it you already know I've been going over To Hannah's bathe and I hated to make use of up All her cleaning soap She makes use of Amish farm cleaning soap too however um so I Been taking mine We did a bathe subsequent week in all probability They're going to come back and repair my water And I’m so proud for them to do it All proper let me present you that see They're how fairly My flowers Orchids They’re simply Lovely I don't know when you can see what I'm Doing or not I've simply had I'm simply

Having to type of play it by ear Anyway so what we're going to do is Nothing proper now as a result of I'm gonna boil That rooster And uh whereas it's boiling I'm gonna Drink me a cup of espresso I'm fixing to make Nicely I've already truly made it I'm Not vital however a half a cup as a result of I Bought I received to my popcorn I like espresso and popcorn collectively have Y'all ever tried that I assume I prefer it as a result of I'm chilly all Proper properly let's let it let's let our Rooster boil It's gonna take some time for my rooster To boil over right here so I've received my that is My popcorn pop-up pot that I at all times use And what I do is I put a bit of little bit of Olive oil in it And I at all times put one pad of butter in it And that's the final of this butter I May need to get out one other stick Okay and I've received me some popcorn I maintain Mine and oh I maintain mine in a jar That is natural popcorn it was given to Me I'm gonna do one Factor of popcorn That's all I want Combat music Right here's my prime that goes on it And I've received it you allow it on excessive It's what you allow it on

And I'll get me out one other stick of Butter and put in my butter dish What I do I simply I simply put out one Stick of butter at a time After which um There it goes I hear it See it that's the rationale you could Depart your butter out you don't wish to Have all exhausting butter on a regular basis Okay Oh my goodness open the fridge and All the things Overseas I’ve popcorn so much for my snack I really like It And um I do I I’ve plenty of Pops going On Nonetheless right here a number of espresso however you already know You'll have some in right here that received't pop We name these previous maids Is that what y'all known as them while you Had been little Discuss You're simply gracious All proper I'll sprinkle just a bit Little bit of salt on it Right here's some water that I had on the Range I used to be um the home type of scent Wasn't unhealthy as we speak however didn't have a Actually good scent to it recent as a result of I Hadn't had something open recently it's Been chilly however anyway uh So I put me some entire cloves in some Water

Early this morning and I've been letting Them simply steep in there and that water Made the home scent so good scent form Of like Christmas time All proper now let me get my Espresso and put a bit of bit extra in it And I'm gonna go on the market and sit in my Artwork room And I'm going to chill out a bit of bit See if Andy Griffith's house Flip this down low to 2 as a result of I Didn't don’t have any hurry I'm not going to Have this till tomorrow that rooster So I'll have it later Popcorn Completed my espresso I completed for Popcorn brushed my enamel as a result of I had Popcorn all in it y'all try this while you Eat popcorn I get all of it in my enamel That's why I hate to get popcorn on the Movie show as a result of you’ll be able to't brush Your enamel you're simply sitting in there With it caught in there all proper however Anyway uh right here's a bit of little bit of uh all On this skillet That is the one I did the opposite day Keep in mind I informed you we’d clear the Skillet properly that is it and what I did Is I took these livers and gizzards and Stuff that got here out of that rooster Salt And peppered them and I'm flowering them Flowering them with a bit of uh All-purpose white lily Flour and sure that's the cat I take advantage of it's

The most effective flower on this planet it's advantageous Superb however anyway I'm placing a bit of bit On there and I’m going to fry this with A prime on it actually tremendous gradual That's what I'm gonna do That's the gizzard Right here's the liver That's a giant lever I'm telling you That's a giant one There's the neck And there's the center now let me discover me A Um Prime to go on it All proper I discovered me up prime it doesn't Match completely however it sits on that's all I need I'm going to show it now to Extraordinarily low I'm going to show it to Two Since you need this to prepare dinner gradual now My rooster over right here you already know I’ve I Have it on quantity two and it's been on There a very good whereas however I wish to present You the way it appears to be like Okay Come over right here look now that's the Rooster that's the entire rooster proper There I'm cooking And uh I've received it on actual low as you Can see As a result of I'm not in any hurry I need it To only fall off that bone As a result of I'm gonna want that broth with What I'm going to be doing

For my Chowder that I'm going to be making I'm gonna put it again on it now What I did is I type of tilted it a Little bit to let one thing steam out As a result of if I don't I'm afraid it's going To prepare dinner over I'm going to show it to at least one I'm cooking this rooster gradual and I'm Cooking this gradual too All proper be again in a minute all proper Y'all let's see if our rooster is tender I'm gonna get a knife and we're gonna Verify this factor out It's been cooking very long time Oh my goodness sure this doesn't All proper so I didn't put any extra water On this rooster in different phrases after I Put the water in there I didn't add any and I’ve saved look How low it's boiling and it's been Boiling in all probability at the very least I don't know three hours or so As a result of I've been watching little TV and Consuming popcorn and consuming espresso Sure it's falling off the bone There's a giant previous rooster Yummy I'm gonna flip my broth off as a result of I'm Not going to make use of it proper now There's no bones in it as a result of It got here out entire I'm simply gonna sit This to the aspect let's see if I can do Certificates There we go let it cool wow

Bought our rooster components in right here cooking And let me present you the rooster all Proper Right here it’s there's an entire rooster now While you while you purchase an entire rooster And pay attention I recommend you do since you're gonna Get monetary savings doing that y'all Um right here's what you are able to do now I'm gonna Make a oh you already know the corn chowder with Mine rooster corn chowder however let's say That you just it would be best to try this too Nicely you don't should put all this meat In that rooster I imply in that chowder You possibly can take out these two breasts Proper there And save that for rooster salad or some Type of rooster casserole otherwise you simply No matter you wish to do with it as a result of You don't want that a lot in your chowder Okay Anyway so we're gonna let this cool too We've received our broth over there Cooling We've received our Rooster colon and I'll debone it after a Whereas And whereas that's doing that we're going To prepare dinner these components of the rooster we're Not going to waste something y'all We aren’t liking it That's the subsequent the liver the gizzard And the hog If it was Thanksgiving I'd make Ghibli Gravy out of it

All proper so let's let this all cool and Um I'm not gonna do any extra on this Recipe as we speak as a result of I'm gonna let it Cool I'm gonna debone it and put it in The fridge as a result of tomorrow I'm Making the um Corn chowder rooster corn chowder and so I'll get again with you tomorrow and We'll end it up okay so that is what I need you to do too is to boil your Rooster and actual gradual and while you're Not rushed after which have all that broth As a result of we're going to make use of a few of that Broth in our chowder additionally and so I’ll See you tomorrow bye bye