Easy Eggnog Bundt Cake Recipe

By | March 15, 2023
Easy Eggnog Bundt Cake Recipe

Thank you Welcome back beautiful family today I want 
to share with you a very delicious eggnog   Bundt cake that I know you guys are going to 
love as I call it Ron Pope but first things   First my apron is on my hands are clean and I 
am ready to show you my ingredients thank you To prepare this delicious eggnog bundt cake 
these are the ingredients I have eggnog color and   Extract filet non-stick baking cream that you guys 
already have on my channel for room temperature   Eggs two sticks of unfalted butter one cup and 
a half of eggnog and now I am using rompope   I have one teaspoon of baking powder and a pinch 
of salt two cups and a half of all-purpose flour   And I have one and a half cup of sugar this is 
everything we need to prepare this delicious and   Amazing eggnog bundt cake so let's get started 
I want to start here first show you my non-stick   Baking cream that you already have on my channel 
of course look at this it's really creamy there's   No need to make two steps when you could use one 
step I am going to cover my baking dish just like   That being very careful that I get all those 
little rigids nice and covered and when this   Is done we are going to put aside our baking dish 
now I am ready to start with the unsalted butter   That it's at room temperature of course really 
creamy I'm going to add my sugar I am going to   Incorporate it really good getting it nice and 
fluffy incorporate the sugar completely into it   Look at this it's gonna get nice and creamy and 
when you have this ready then you are ready to   Add the wet ingredients I'm going to continue by 
adding my four room temperature eggs I'm going to   Incorporate it really good making sure that it's 
really incorporated into the sugar and the butter   And of course I'm adding my eggnog you could use 
any kind of eggnog I'm adding the eggnog extract   Flavor aroma just amazing nice and 
penetrated and I'm going to uncover it   And now I am ready to sift my all-purpose flour 
my baking powder my pinch of salt when you sift   It your bun cake is going to come out so fluffy 
and moist that I am sure you're going to love it   Who doesn't love eggnog or as I call 
it rompope when it's nice and smooth   Look at this now I am ready to add 
all this mixture into my bundt cake Look how creamy it is now I am going to go ahead 
and add it being very careful that I really add   Everything right all around I have preheated my 
oven to 350 Fahrenheit it's gonna go in the oven   For 45 minutes yes 45 minutes it's gonna be golden 
brown it's not gonna stick to the baking dish   And I'll see you when I get it 
out here I have powdered sugar   I'm adding half a teaspoon of the extract 
of eggnog and I'm going to add gradually   The eggnog mixture one teaspoon at a time and 
to tell you the truth I use Seven teaspoons   For this mixture two cups of flour sugar 
powdered sugar look at this the aroma   Is amazing look the thickness look this how 
smooth it is and that's exactly how you want   It you want your powdered sugar to be smooth 
but thick look at this this looks amazing

I am going to go ahead put it aside 
and I'm gonna check on my bundt cake   By this time the bun cake should 
be golden brown and ready to go Look how smooth you see the texture of the 
powdered sugar I got my bun cake out of the oven   If the stick comes out clean that means it's 
cooked through I am going to flip it and believe   Me it's not going to stick at all to the baking 
dish let's reveal how this is gonna come out   Look how delicious and golden brown it 
looks it's really hot so I'm going to Leave it here for about 10 to 15 minutes until 
it comes to room temperature before I add The powdered sugar mixture after the 15 minutes 
look how thick this is and look how amazing   It looks I am sure you're going to love this 
eggnog bun cake made at home with lots of love I can't wait to enjoy my home smells 
ah amazing who doesn't love eggnog   Or rompope well here I am going to slice in and I 
am going to show you how it looks from the inside   My mouth is watering I am going to enjoy it with 
a very cold glass of milk really soft really moist Look at this Nice and golden brown from the outside but 
from the center it's really soft fluffy moist   And of course the flavor of the eggnog amazing Look how soft and moist this is 
I gotta taste this little piece But let me show you one more look at this look 
how moist and fluffy it is I'll see you in a bit My friends I am completely done with this 
delicious eggnog bundt cake I know you guys   Are going to love it it's nice and crispy from 
the outside but from the inside is really moist   And the flavor of the eggnog amazing I wish you 
guys were here to taste it with me excuse me Um um what an amazing flavor Really soft and moist mmm friends if you liked 
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