Chicken Shrimp Wontons

By | March 13, 2023
Chicken Shrimp Wontons

Thank you Welcome back beautiful family today I Want to share with you a very delicious Homemade chicken and I know you guys are Going to love but first things first my Apron is on my hands are clean and I am Ready to show you my ingredients To prepare these delicious chicken and Shrimp wontons homemade these are the Ingredients I have shrimp Ground chicken garlic cloves Ginger Scallions Chinese letters long term Wrappers of course sesame oil rice Vinegar oyster sauce soy sauce And let's make these amazing wontons at Home so let's get started I want to Start here first with the Chinese Lettuce I am going to slice it dice it Really small And I am going to add a little bit of Salt right on top of them I want to make Sure That the salt really helps getting the Excessive liquid out Of the Chinese lettuce I am going to mix It really good I'm gonna put it a drain I'm gonna leave it in here for at least 30 minutes to get the excessive water Out in order to make these amazing Wontons with shrimp and chicken well Here I have the chicken I am going to Add one tablespoons of all the spices So that it gets really soft it Penetrates the chicken really good

And make it easier for you so that you Could make this amazing wontons Chicken and shrimp wontons at home of Course I'm adding one tablespoon of corn Starch I want to add it in here so it Keeps the moisture in the Filling and once everything is Incorporated you want to make sure that The Chinese lettuce really release all The excessive water before you add it Okay so make sure that you let it rest For at least 30 minutes once you let it Rest then add it into the chicken Mixture and then you're gonna start Adding all your onion dice it really Good Add it into an Incorporated really good You could do with the spoon you could do It with your hand you decide but you Want to make sure that you incorporate It really good And once this is done then you are ready To continue with this shrimp I have medium sized shrimp that I have Already deveined it's already nice and Dry I have it on top of some papers and What I'm going to do I'm just going to Cut it dice it really good in very small Little pieces so that it really Incorporates and it Blends into the Chicken mixture So once you have everything like this You are going to add it directly into

The mixture of the chicken You are going to incorporate it really Good really good into all those Ingredients that are in there these Wontons really come out really delicious And moist and I am sure that once you Make them you are really going to fall In love with them very easy to prepare And they come out delicious every time So once you have this ready you are Ready to start you know assembling your Wontons I have the wontons here I'm Going to add a little bit of water to The side and I'm adding one teaspoon Directly in the center and look how easy It is to make this design of course you Want to make sure that you get all the Air out So that when you steam them they don't Open and all the feeling comes out look How easy it is to make this design and Close it really good just remember don't Add too much feeling or else they're Gonna pop open and all the filling is Gonna come out but look how easy it is To make this design of course the more You do it the more practice you get Making them well I'm going to continue Making them So that I finish making lots that I'm Making today of course you are going to Steam them And I bought this steamer at Amazon And they came with this little parsman

Papers that are reusable And let me show you how this looks You're gonna open it you're gonna put The little parchment paper in the center You're gonna add your wontons and then You are going to cover it on a pan I Have already water boiling I am going to Take it put it on the boiling water and I'm gonna cook it 15 minutes You know when they are done when you Could see the steam coming out But I'm gonna show you that look at this I'm gonna cook it for 15 minutes I am Ready to make the dressing the dip I am Going to use the same ingredients one Tablespoon of all the ingredients To make it easier for you it's a very Easy dip very delicious dip of course Don't forget to add your garlic your Ginger your sesame seeds right on the Top My mouth is watering because I really Can't wait to enjoy this amazing dip Remember to really dice your garlic in Very small little pieces so that it Really infuses the other ingredients That you have in this plate of course do The same thing with the ginger Cut It smash it make sure that Everything really incorporates really Good And it just add it into the mixture mix It really good don't forget to add your Sesame seeds right on the top

Mix it good and your dip is ready to go By this time I am sure your wontons are Ready Let's go and check it out let's see how They're doing If you like and loved this amazing Recipe leave me a thumbs up share this Video on social media and be part of Cooking with Gloria you could see the Steam coming out that's when you know That they're ready let me show you the Wontons in the inside how they look look At this They are ready for you to enjoy Of course I am going to prepare my plate I am going to enjoy it and I hope you Enjoy them like I may come here at home Of course they're nice and hot and That's exactly how I want them I am going to go ahead add them in here Add a little bit of stallions right on The top and then I am ready to enjoy them I hope my friends you try this amazing Recipe at home And enjoy it with your beautiful family I am ready for the presentation so I'll See you in just a little bit can't wait To enjoy Hi friends I am completely done with These amazing Chicken and shrimp wontons of course in This amazing sauce If cooking with Gloria could do it you

Could do it too excuse me Um The Filling is so so tender the flavors Amazing You need to enjoy it and make it at home When you cook with love everything comes Out perfect Hmm So good I hope my friends you make this Amazing wontons at home If you liked and loved this recipe I Invite you to subscribe leave me a Thumbs up share this video on social Media with your friends with your Relatives so cooking with Gloria keeps Growing don't forget to push that Notification Bell and if you did leave It activated so every time I make an Amazing recipe yes you're going to be Notified before I say I see you soon I Wish you nothing but the best peace and Love I love you guys thank you for being Here thank you for being part of cooking With Gloria I will stay enjoying these Amazing wontons like subscribe and share And see you on my next amazing recipe Bye Thank you