My Cookbook Reprints | Cooking With Brenda Gantt 2023

By | March 12, 2023
My Cookbook Reprints | Cooking With Brenda Gantt 2023

Good morning Facebook listen I've got Some important messages for you today my First cookbook and my second cookbook You know we did a reprint and so many of You have ordered and thank you so much And listen I wanted to let you know that 60 percent Are already asked for so we've only got 40 percent more and so if you haven't Gotten yours we want you to get it we Want you to get it it's just it's They're wonderful books they're hard uh Cover they're put together well Hoffman Media did such a great job of putting These together it's got my stories uh in It and uh and this one's got my artwork In it so if you didn't get the first Book or you didn't get the second or Either it's time to order now and so I Want to give you this information right Here so that you would know that uh what The true Ordering site is and the phone number is 1-833-839-6871 or you can go to Brenda either way you'll be fine And so um if y'all could order today That would be great and I wanted to let You know this if you order both books They are not coming at the same time Darling this one's gonna come let's see Which one's gonna come first volume two I mean volume one which is this one It's gonna be good y'all This is Gonna Come Out at the end of

March The end of March you're gonna get it in Your mail the ones if you have already Ordered it your name's on the list your Address is on the list and you're gonna Get it the end of March now this one Right here Volume two you're getting at the end of April so if you ordered both books they Are not coming at the same time don't Panic when you get this one and you Haven't gotten this one yet it'll come At the end of Uh April but I do want to tell you this Which is very important If you want to get these by Mother's Day I mean we're going to keep we're going To do them until they're gone but if you Want to get them till by Mother's Day You have got to order or get your name On the list by the 20th of March Because if you don't get it home by the 20th of March there's no way you can get It by Mother's Day so that's only 10 Days away You better get on that phone right now And get them ordered and uh that'll be a Good thing and you're and who you're Gonna get when you order you're going to Get Hoffman media that's who I use For my books that's the only place I use For my books Hoffman media So I want to show you these again this One was my first book I enjoyed it so

Much and so many of you have gotten this One but so many of you are new followers That you never got this one and so this Is the time To get your order in and so I want you To see it I was two years younger in That one Uh but anyway it's a beautiful book Hardcover made extremely well and good Home cooking good southern cooking in There simple recipes they don't have 15 Ingredients they're things that you Probably already have in your kitchen And you're going to be able to get this And then this one was my second book Linger around the table y'all and this One is important to me because I think In America today we're not lingering Around the table long enough drinking That extra glass to tell you that extra Cup of coffee and talking and being Together and in this one I did my Artwork So it is really good uh I did a uh Artwork at the beginning of every Chapter in the book I can't wait for you to see it and and Use this book and and get these recipes And all so this is how you order right Here And remember if you want it by Mother's Day the 20th of March is the last time To order for Mother's Day now you can Continue to order

Um until we don't have any more but We've already sold 60 of them and so We've only got 40 percent left so if you Want a bull this is where to get it Right here Love y'all I hope y'all have a great day Uh it's cloudy outside today but I plan On going outside and enjoying the Weather and it's supposed to rain so a Lot of my plants have bloomed and I want To enjoy the bloom before it rains on Them and washes all the uh blooms away So have a great day get your order in And uh I'm gonna put this in the um text Part of your uh the writing and so that You'll be able to just click on that Link and go straight to Hoffman if not You might want to call it that whatever You do is fine with me love y'all have a Great day God bless you bye-bye