Stop! Don’t Make These! 4 Ingredient Mars Bar Rice Krispies Squares Recipe

By | March 11, 2023
Stop! Don’t Make These! 4 Ingredient Mars Bar Rice Krispies Squares Recipe

Welcome Friends welcome back to the Kitchen today we're going to make Something that no human should make or Eat Um Julie had this at a gathering and came Home and said we've got to try this You've got to try this you've got to Make this So here I am I'm gonna make it Um I already know that I'm probably Going to regret it but it's going to be Fantastic along the way so I've got a Pot here and I'm going to put some Butter in the pot I've got it on a Fairly gentle heat we want to melt that Butter The next ingredient we need Um Is it This is going to get confusing If you're in any country on the planet Earth except for the country directly Behind me across the lake here Um you're going to get a Mars bar well You're going to get four Mars Bars So rest of the world four Mars Bars if You live Across the lake in the United States uh Mars Bars are no longer available to you And even when they were they were Different than the Mars Bars that the Rest of the planet gets yours had Almonds in them or something

Uh so if you're in the United States you Want four Milky Way bars And in the rest of the world you're all Saying a Milky Way bar That's not the same as a Mars bar and You are correct Milky Way bark and the rest of the Planet is not the same as The Milky Way Bar in the United States we don't get Milky Way here in Canada anyway so We don't get either of the Milky Ways There's two different milky ways And if you're in the United States Wanting to know what a Milky Way on the Rest of the planet is like you get a Three musketeers Confused Okay so We'll let these all melt together gentle Heat don't want anything to burn Okay while this is melting together I Have an eight by eight glass baking dish That I have buttered all over I've got three cups of rice krispies I Have a cup of chocolate chips and a Quarter cup of butter and I'm gonna put The butter in with the chocolate chips While the candy bars and the butter are Melting together in this pot I'm going To watch them very closely I don't want Them to burn I'm going to take the butter and the Chocolate chips inside and melt them in The microwave

Okay that is melted together really Nicely this is starting to melt too Really nicely so it looks like it's all Separated it's going to take quite a bit Of stirring I think to get a nice Homogeneous mixture and I don't know if There's any reason why you couldn't just Melt this all together in a glass bowl In the microwave just like I did with The chocolate and the butter there I'm Pretty sure that would be okay okay That's looking pretty melty so In go the Rice Krispies Okay last little bit They stir it in really quickly I've got them all mixed together now so Into Baking dish We don't have to bake this I'm just Calling it a baking dish because that's What it is this is totally a stove top Thing just Pat it down kind of even it Out And then Melted chocolate goes on top And that's it uh now I guess you just Wait for the whole thing to sort of cool Down and settling together Strikes me as one of those ridiculously Easy recipes that comes together really Quickly that you could get up from the Dinner table and say what are we having For dessert bang that together and Within 20 minutes be sitting on the

Couch to eat it Now I just have to wait for it to cool Down and for Julie to come home before I Can give it a taste What do we have today Something no one should eat It's very chocolatey it's that Mars bar Thing you told me about oh the one that Christy made very good that was really Good Is it soft and chewy and Fabulous and I'm already digging it Hmm It's evil in all the right ways Because you've got the nougat and the Chocolate and then the extra butter and That is evil I don't know that we need To say anything else do we no okay Mars bar if you live In the rest of the world Oh what is it called in the United States Milky Way if you live in the United States but if you live in the Rest of the world it's not a Milky Way And if you live in the United States and You want to know what the rest of the World calls a Milky Way it's the Three Musketeers if you live in Canada we Don't get Milky Way either But we sometimes get Three Musketeers That's just so complicated it's so Complicated mine's gone okay thanks for Stopping by see you again soon