Homemade Stuffed Crab Shells recipe

By | March 10, 2023
Homemade Stuffed Crab Shells recipe

Thank you Welcome back beautiful family today I Want to share with you a very delicious Stuffed shells with crab that I know you Guys are going to love but first things First my apron is on my hands are clean And I am ready to show you my Ingredients Good Morning To prepare this delicious stuffed shells These are the ingredients salt black Pepper garlic powder Corn crab Cream cheese the shells Stallions and of course panko this is Everything we need to enjoy the stuffed Shells at home so let's get started I am Going to start with the cream cheese the Cream cheese is at room temperature I Took it out of the refrigerator two Hours before making this recipe here I'm Going to add the spices which is garlic Powder Black pepper and salt and I'm adding one Teaspoon of each once you add these Ingredients then you are ready to go Ahead and incorporate it really good Just make sure you take your cream Cheese out of the refrigerator so it's

Easy to blend easy to smooth out and all The ingredients are going to incorporate Perfectly I am going to add to this Mixture one cup of corn Add the corn Incorporated really good Making sure that everything is nice and Coated with the cream cheese This is a very easy and delicious recipe I am sure you're going to love it Look at this once everything is Incorporated then we are ready to Continue with our stallions of course The stallions you're going to slice them Really good making sure that they're Nice and cut diced very small so that They incorporate really good with the Rest of the ingredients if you have Little ones at home they could help you Mix everything in the bowl and here I Have the crab meat I am going to you Could pull it apart or you could use two Forks to start pulling it apart after You pull it apart you are going to dice It really good making sure that Everything is really diced in small Little pieces so when you enjoy them you Could taste every single ingredient Well here I am going to continue pulling It apart Helping myself with two forks And let's see if this is gonna help I Did it with one fork it didn't work at All and now I am ready to use two forks Let's see if this is going to help well

Here I'm going to start shredding all The crab meat and then I'll see you when I am dicing away with the knife I know this is part time consuming but Let me tell you These stuffed shells come out delicious Well here I am dicing away with the Knife making sure that I have all the Little pieces before I incorporate it Into the rest of the ingredients look How this looks Okay let's add it into the rest of the Ingredients And I am sure you're going to love these Stuffed shells You could enjoy them just like that or You could add some steamed rice and Enjoy these stuffed shells Once everything Incorporated look how Creamy this looks it's not runny it's Really creamy Here I am going to add the crop the Panko crumb bread I'm going to add it in Here it's really crispy You don't need to add any seasoning to The panko seeds Panko bread here I have My shells you could buy your shells at Amazon And then just stuffed your shells be Very generous with the filling Stuff I'm really good and then just add About a teaspoon Of the panko right on the top Start putting them in your baking dish

One at a time They're gonna go in the oven 450 Fahrenheit for 18 minutes until they Come out really Golden Brown from the Top and the panko is really extra crispy Look how easy this is This is a delicious recipe an easy Recipe very few ingredients that I'm Sure you're going to love once you have All your Shells stuffed really good then take it To the oven 450 only 18 minutes of Course every oven is different but when They come out you are really going to Enjoy them here I'm going to add oh just A little bit of the baking Spray on the top So that the panko gets nice and crispy And gets that amazing golden brown color Here I'm taking them out of the oven and Look at this They're really crispy from the top Really golden brown And I can't wait to enjoy my home smells Amazing I am going to enjoy it with Steamed rice And the steamed rice I am going to add some Soy sauce And chili oil sauce I'll see you in a bit Thank you

My friend I am completely done with this Amazing recipe Stuffed shells look at this I am going To enjoy it with some steamed rice Mmm Nice and crunchy from the top And the flavor amazing I hope my friends you could enjoy this Amazing recipe with cooking with Gloria Um When you cook with love everything comes Out amazing This delicious And easy recipe if you like and love This amazing recipe I invite you to Subscribe leave me a thumbs up share This video social media with your Friends with your relatives so cooking With Gloria keeps growing don't forget To push that notification button if you Did leave it activated so every time I Make an amazing recipe yes you're going To be notified before I say I see you Soon I wish you nothing but the best And love I love you guys thank you for Being here thank you for being part of Cooking with Gloria I will stay enjoying These stuffed shells made at home with Lots of love like subscribe and share See you on my next delicious recipe bye