Gordon Ramsay Cooks Up a Stunning Smash Burger | Next Level Kitchen

By | March 9, 2023
Gordon Ramsay Cooks Up a Stunning Smash Burger | Next Level Kitchen

Because the platform is on the way Gordon Fell asleep okay Come to the next level kitchen room we Are taking your skills to the next level By teaching you the amazing basic tips Great Tricks and skills to really Elevate your cooking that's right and Today we're doing a dish that I think Everyone is familiar with the burger uh Trust me these are three major proteins You've got the beef the chicken the Turkey in fact that turkey burger Reminds me the last time I was in your Restaurant and it was exceptional oh I'm Glad you said that because everyone was Terrified cooking for you so first off Is the beef this is an Angus ground beef And it's an 80 20 split what does that Mean it's 80 beef and 20 fat over to Here this is a a ground chicken fast and It's made with the thighs the drums and A little bit of the breast these white Bits there are the fat which is crucial And then one of the most popular today The turkey burger again legs thighs and The breast and great content of fats Yeah super popular but also hard to cook Because it's so lean are you ready young Man let's go yeah you're the best all Right Burger Win oh my gosh competition Again I'm gonna do a Smash Burger okay The essence of these burgers Is the quickness let me tell you that

Why because it's relevant today and Every Top Chef in the country are making Smash Burgers why you get these amazing Sort of thin patties and it's sort of Just above a sort of a golf ball size And then you roll them and then from There you smash them in the pan Richard What are you doing oh man listen so I'm Doing a turkey burger and again turkey The trick with turkey the trick with Turkey is that it's super lean so I'm Gonna actually season the ground meat Before I start cooking it I'm and I'm Gonna make an Asian inspired Burger so I'm going to add some of my favorite uh Asian ingredients a little bit of sesame Oil to the ground turkey again this is 99 lean so I want a little bit of fat And a little bit more flavor in there I'm gonna add a little fish sauce don't Be afraid of fish sauce people think oh It's gonna taste fishy it just gives you A little bit of umami Umami is the Flavor that makes your mouth water and It's prevalent in so many different Cuisines that we love of course I'm Going to add some salt I'm always Seasoning from up high so that my salt Gets all in whatever I'm seasoning I'm Going to add a little black pepper and Again continue along the Asian Vibe here I'm going to add some chopped green Onions some scallions and then I'm gonna Grate in ginger and garlic so I have my

Grater I'm just going to add that right There get a little bit of garlic into my Mixture and a little bit of ginger root Ginger and garlic works so well together A matter of fact any Asian dish usually Starts with ginger garlic and scallion I Got that in there I'm gonna mix it up What are you doing over here Gordon okay So these Smash Burgers as you've seen Okay these are literally cooked with About three or four minutes but the Secret behind here is getting this beef Flat so I've got my pressed I've lightly Old it I've seasoned it I've got my Little Pate nothing smashed yet and I'll Show you why into the pan And now we're going to smash them okay Basically we're gonna smash them and We're going to press down so on With the first one and just leave that On there for about 10 seconds to go nice And thin but Watch What Happens okay Lift that off And look that burger is smashing the pan And that's where the original Smash Burger comes from again in nice and hot And just push down So the whole cooking sequence takes Place twice as quick but what we do get Is the most amazing flavor of these Burgers now Thin and crispy okay so it's a quick Cook Richard how you cooking yours I Love that because you also got two

Patties you're gonna get twice of What's Called the my yard reaction or the Browning of proteins it's going to be Twice as delicious I'm not gonna smash Mine but I have to be really careful Because turkey can dry out very very Quick so what I've done is I've turned My turkey into these patties now here's A little weird thing for me I like to Make the Patty wider than the bun it's Going to be on because that lean meat is Going to shrink a little bit so I want To have my burger sort of Encompass the Whole circumference of the bun so I have My turkey patties now it's time to cook Here's a tip I like with any Burger as Well is I take a tiny little knife and I Poke holes inside of the ground meat so That it doesn't turn into a meatball Meatball and burgers are related but They're not the same thing that's going To let air flow through the burger and Then I'm gonna of course I'm gonna cook My my turkey burger over here I'm gonna Put a little bit of cooking oil in a pan You want to make sure that your pan is Nice and hot but maybe not as hot as it Is when you're cooking red meat right When I'm cooking poultry or seafood a Little less hot and then real simple Just like Gordon's it sounded so good Over there I'm gonna take my burger and Then just finally not talk finally not Talking just do a little Burger ASMR

So look at that that is where that Crispiness comes from and what I'm going To do now is just literally press them Down again to get an even flatter and What this does it pushes a little bit of The juice out and then starts to flavor The outside of that burger okay it's a Heavy heavy heavy fresh And that's where that crispiness Comes from now from there I take From there take the gas off turn it off And just literally let them sit there Now I'm going to lay this up with a a Little bit of a Twist because I love cheese on my burger okay and I Get my big slice of cheese I put it into The pan okay you see that cheese melt Very very quickly and what I want to do Now is get a little bit of sort of salt Going in that cheese we're going to Caramelize that cheese and stick the Base of the bun on top of the cheese but The sauce This is beautiful okay I've got a Tablespoon of mayonnaise A nice teaspoon of hot sauce and look at That cheese melt now Richard so that's Going to caramelize get crispy I'm going To stick my bun on top of it okay so You're getting like triple texture going On you get all these textures working Which is absolutely fantastic I love That burger sauce I'm going lean and Meat I don't have all these sauces I'm

Just making a slaw over here and right Now I have some cabbage shredded up Beautifully shredded cabbage I got some Green apples and I'm gonna make a quick Slaw so I'm going to start it just right In this pan with a little bit of Sriracha I'm gonna I want some flavor in This turkey because it's so lean so I Have Sriracha I have mayonnaise by the Way Gordon I have this recipe where I Add Sriracha to ranch dressing do you Like ranch dressing I love rice I love Ranch dressing when I add Sriracha to Ranch I call it Sriracha I love that Love that now I've got some gherkins Going in my mayonnaise but watch this Okay I've got the hot sauce the Mayonnaise what's the sauce in there as Well just check my cheese out just for 10 seconds look at it It sort of it's going dewy it's Caramelizing and this is where the magic Starts this is where Burgers start to go Next level take your bun very carefully And stick that onto the cheese And just literally mop up That cheese and look what's happening to That base of the burger watch Richard Please because this this is gonna go Crazy I don't mind you using this okay I'm totally stealing this I don't mind You used it okay And look a beautiful melted cheese on That base so I'm going to toast the top

Because I want that texture in there I Want the egg fried beautifully before The egg comes out of the pan you've got To season that okay salt and I touch the Pepper and then from there put a little Bit of butter in that egg so it starts To get it crispy a raw egg and a burger Not good a crispy egg in a burger is Where you want to go but just just just Fill my bun Look at the top I mean beautiful come on Bingo right There I've never seen that before that That's impressive I know this is going To San Diego I know I know this is one Of those moments My Next Level Chef Where you're like am I going home we Should I might be going home now we Share we share we share we share right I Beat tomato just for that sweetness I Like these big chunky beef tomatoes Because it's the actual size of my bun Again a little season from there I never put white onion on a burger I Must prefer the Red Onion it's less Bitter and so much easier after you've Eaten it you haven't got the onion Breath okay right young man are we ready For some Next Level plating I think well You're ready for planning I still got to Make a slaw over here first I got my Turkey burger it's flipped over again I Want this Asian theme so I'm just gonna Smash a little bit of Ginger a little

Bit of garlic I'm gonna throw that in The pan with the turkey burger that I Just flipped and now I'm gonna throw in Some whole butter right because again The turkey is so lean I'm not gonna eat All of this butter I'm just gonna baste The turkey with it uh and here we go We're gonna baste this get this going That's a fortune while you finish that Off yeah you can you can go go ahead You're you're ahead you're ahead I had The simple turkey burger Next Level Burger watch carefully take my face the Crispy cheese base from there A little touch of that special sauce With those gherkins Next from there I've got my sliced Tomato a little touch of seasoning and Here's where the magic starts First of all My first Pate goes on I'm gonna flip my Egg And then the egg goes on top Egg nice and crispy on top now just look At those elements hear me out we're not Done from there I go on with my next Burger the thin Crusty beautiful Pate onions on and just A touch of that sauce And There you go I promise you I kid you not you can go All over the world for a beautiful Burger but this here is a Next Level

Burger coming to a Kitchen near you soon Yours if you follow me turkey burger Turkey burger we're almost done okay so I got my Sriracha I got my mayonnaise You need some help no I'm good I'm good Gordon I'm just I mean I mean oh over There you're going next level multiple Things here we go we got our slime just Gonna toss this around again red cabbage Uh green cabbage all these fresh flavors I'm gonna throw in some of these apples And I'm ready to play Gordon you played It already oh my gosh you're already Done is the platform coming I am the Platform on the way oh my god listen I'm Not toasting my bun because my meat is Cooked beautifully let's get this going Right here I got some cilantro can I do Anything no we gotta listen I'm good I'm Good just just let me know when that Platform's there here we go a little bed Of the cilantro turkey burgers going Right on top time for that slaw Super Fresh super healthy there we go we'll go Lots of lots of slaw keep it nice and Messy Lots really delicious serve it Open face because the platform is on the Way Gordon Fell asleep you better get your Burgers Okay okay finally serious right next to Yours look at that I don't know I don't Know I was late but they both look Delicious To get the ingredients and more details

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