Whisky Skin OR Whisky Toddy? Not Really A Cocktail – Cocktail… Cocktails After Dark

By | March 8, 2023
Whisky Skin OR Whisky Toddy? Not Really A Cocktail – Cocktail…  Cocktails After Dark

Welcome Friends welcome back to the Kitchen welcome back to cocktails after Dark we're going back to the Jerry Thomas bartender's guide Um my copy is from 18 I should know this Off by Heart by now 1887 first published In 1862. and we're going to do something Today called The Whiskey skin and There's two recipes in here for the Whiskey skin the Scotch whiskey skin and The Irish whiskey skin Um And as we make this I'm sure a lot of You are going to say well that's just a Hot toddy there are toddies in here as Well if you go back a few pages the Totties are essentially the same sort of Thing but they leave out The lemon peel the skin And they add in a component that is Usually nutmeg in most of the recipes in Here so I've got two bar glasses and I've got a pot of hot water so the first Instruction is to rinse our bar glass With hot water So I'll rinse these out I suppose this is just to get them Warmed up a little bit Now Lump of sugar in the bottom of each Glass I'm going to fill each glass Halfway with hot water Okay now so there's two recipes in here

Scotch whiskey skin Irish whiskey skin I'm gonna make both It calls for a small wine glass of Whiskey Um I'm going to take that as two ounces a Wine glass is generally three or four Ounces depending on which cocktail book You're reading from I'm going to say a small Wine glass is two ounces and so I'm Going to use the glenfidic 18 single Malt It says I should use Glenlivet or an Eyelet whiskey I'm not sure about an Isla whiskey in This for me anyway and then for this one I'm going to use an Irish whiskey Glendale And so In goes two ounces of Irish whiskey Each of them gets Piece of lemon peel or skin And I'm just gonna I'm gonna Spritz over The top five hey Jules hey friends Spritz over the top Are we doing a hot drink in with the yes And you get you get a spoon I get a Spoon so I guess that means that you're Supposed to stir in the Oh that has that wonderful lemony yeah Toddy the hot hot water just drinks but It's not it's not a toddy okay it's a Skin it's a skin okay but it brings that

That yes the warm uh water and the warm Liqueur liquor all just the aromatics Just it's already at my nose the Aromatics are huge aren't they like I Don't have to wait so you've got some Seed no this is cork ah the Glenlivet Cork disintegrated and I tried to get it Out but you know yeah you get some back In the bottom let's give it a little bit Let me just there you go It's just cork it's okay Oh There's something very comforting yeah I Mean it's about it It's so subtle I know I really love it You know it's the irony of course is That I'm so accustomed to this Particular drink being made from honey Honey yes definitely I'll totally admit That I missed that honey flavor because That's just what I'm accustomed to but It is a lovely it's snow butts it is a Lovely lovely it is a it is that warm I'm you know by the fire Whatever it's warm it's lovely it's Pleasant it's there's a paper mache Moose hanging over the fireplace Staring at me as I enjoy my whiskey skin Yeah Yeah and so I could see that I mean this is not a particularly smoky Whiskey at all Glenn fittich it's I mean I think it's kind of funny we we talk About often how we use a lot of small

Batch local things that are you know Number three or number two or number one We've got you know vodka because there's So many new distilleries in our Neighborhood this is batch number 3055. but Nick has been at it for a Little longer for a little while and I Have to imagine batch 3055 Is there's more whiskey in that batch Than every distillery in Ontario makes In a year Probably probably and I imagine it's not Much different than 3054. be exactly the Same probably not much different exactly There could be a lot of difference Between three and four and five of some Of the other ones we've tasted but I Really like both of these I think I Think both of these whiskeys the Irish Whiskey works really well in it too it Is the Simplicity of it simple it is Just a a lightened whiskey flavor with a Little lemon and a little sugar there's That um that whiskey liqueur what is That called I see you thinking but I have no idea do We have some stand still I'll entertain you for a while I have no Amazing facts to tell you I don't even Know where that would be in the cupboard Here it'll take them a while give them a Moment Sorry perhaps I'll just sit here and Drink some more

About Themey There you go So this is something where You could make this And add this drambui and the drambui is A whiskey liqueur and it brings all of Those other flavors and I think that Would be really good in this I mean this Is easy in lieu of this you would uh in Lieu of the sugar oh yes yes as part of The whole mixture and I think it would Be really great and now you're making up Glass anyway Glenn now you're making up Glenn cocktails exactly so the whiskey Skin it is toddy adjacent But it's not a toddy but it is a toddy Depends on how one defines it yeah you Know where are you on the scale of Semantics Where is Glenn on the scale of semantics Let's talk shall we I'm pretty far to one side on semantics Anyway thanks for stopping by we'll see You again soon