Easy and Authentic Tandoori Chicken Meal At Home

By | March 8, 2023
Easy and Authentic Tandoori Chicken Meal At Home

Everyone knows butter chicken and tikka Masala Really you're gonna skip out on one of The greatest of all time let's learn Together Today we're making a traditional Tandoori chicken I know I say oh Traditional most of the time we hit the Mark every once in a while it's like Yeah maybe not so much but we try this One we're going all out I bought an Actual tando and it was extremely Expensive but I'm doing it to do justice You think I have the uncle Tito for no Reason you're God right I'm gonna Flex It we've got every element we need to Make the greatest tandoori chicken of All time as well as an alternative if You don't have a ton door so with all That being said let's make this shall we All right pal we're not just slapping This chicken and goodies on a grill like All the basic Tandoori recipes out there I bought an actual Tandoor am I Pronouncing this right by the way please Let me know I did this for you but don't Worry I'll give you alternatives on how To make this without a Tandoor let's Begin with our prized possession Yes starting with half a cup or 112 Grams of water around 95 degrees Fahrenheit add 2 tablespoons or 25 grams Of sugar two and a half teaspoons or

Nine grams of instant yeast whisk all That together until dissolved then add Half a cup or 112 grams of full fat Yogurt finally whisk in three Tablespoons or 45 grams of vegetable oil And one and a half teaspoons or 11 grams Of fine sea salt in a large bowl add two And a half cups or 380 grams of bread Flour add in your yeasty yogurty creamy Juices nice to your bread flour and mix By hand until you get a rough dough Different flower brands are going to React differently okay so it might be a Little dry might be a little flaky and If it's feeling a little then you may Need to add additional water about a Tablespoon at a time until you get a Nice cohesive dough need that for about Three minutes by hand or until your Dough is beautifully smooth and Extensible roll into a light bowl grease A medium sized Bowl plop that brother in There cover with plastic wrap and rise At room temp for one hour or in the Fridge overnight you want it puffy Festively plump and nearly doubled now Since your dough is extraordinarily Naughty punch it down teach it a lesson Once it's degassed pop it onto a lightly Floured work surface and if slide your Dough into eight even pieces for those That are extra like me and you want it To be exact then you want it to be 87 Grams per piece of dough give or take a

Few grams shout out to the metric system I really appreciate the rest of the World that uses it roll each piece of Dough into a light ball and rest for Five minutes now flower Works surface And a piece of dough roll that out into Eight inch circles using a floured Rolling pin should look something like This if the dough is resisting you're Rolling please just let it rest another 10 minutes before you keep going the Dose saying no just give it a break Anyway once you've rolled out all of Your pieces of dough place on a plate And use pieces of wax paper to separate Each piece now a very quick luscious Garlic butter well clarified butter to Be specific in a small sauce pan melt a Quarter cup or 60 grams of ghee until Hot but not searingly hot we're not Frying over here 200 degrees Fahrenheit If you're a stickler there as well Josh What is key I don't know what that is Okay ghee is clarified butter you can Buy it at the store or you can make it And we've done it before you're welcome To use regular butter if you don't have It or you can't find it Josh what's the Problem with using regular butter well I'm glad you asked because butter Contains a little bit of milk solids and Water then it may have the tendency to Add a slight bit of sogginess to your Naan is it permissible of course but

It's not perfect and Joshi loves perfect Cut off the heat and add three cloves of Very finely chopped garlic let that cool Slightly and then add one tablespoon or Three grams of very finely chopped Cilantro now for the moment of truth how Do you cook in a Tandoor well we're Gonna learn together all right because Uh this is actually my first time ever Using one so here we go reminder the Alternative if to this is coming but why Not enjoy this moment okay the stunt Door wasn't cheap so please enjoy first You need a nice hot wood coal base Inside your Tandoor the goal is to get The park closest to the coals around 600 Degrees Fahrenheit and taper to around 400 degrees Fahrenheit towards the top Then you need a non-pillow also called Agati am I pronouncing that right I'm Trying okay I'm trying for you stretch Your knot over your non-pillow I don't Want to go to sleep on it then quickly Plant your naan directly on the surface Of the inside of your tondor really make Sure to press against the wall so it Adheres and sticks nicely and watch this Good Lord beautiful mountainous terrain Erupts from the non getting it closer to The coal base thus Browning the face of Your non as it gently falls into my hand While I nearly burn the ever loving Out of myself it's very hot in there in Just a few brief seconds it's done

Immediately brush that bad boy with your Clarified garlic butter while it's still Piping hot so it absorbs every last Ounce of flavor and now on for the Non-ton-dure homies you're gonna Recreate the Tandoor by heating a medium To large cast iron skillet over Medium-high heat until hotter than a Metal park bench sitting in the open sun Get a roll piece of naan slap it in There once it's puffed nicely about 30 To 40 seconds simply flip and cook on The other side for another 30 seconds Immediately brush with your garlic Butter pull it out and that's it keep Those bad boys warmed Autumn plate in The oven or covered with foil listen This next part is extremely important And no it's not the chicken it's the Rice not only is Uncle Roger watching The people Rice is one of the greatest things to Grace this Earth so please begin with One cup or 200 grams of aged basmati Rice which you irrefutably must wash do Not negotiate with yourself once washed Heat one tablespoon or 15 grams of ghee In a medium sized pan over medium heat Once hot add in your rice and a pinch of Salt to taste toast stirring often for About five minutes or until you start to See some light golden Hues intensify From the rice pour that into a rice Cooker along with one cup or 225 grams

Of water of course at this point you can Add cumin seeds if you like close the Lid turn on the rice cooker and let it Do its little thing if you got a Sojirushi it's going to play that good Old-fashioned twinkle twinkle and you'll Be given the gift of lovely fragrant Rice now we must run through two very Important sauces before we get to our Precious chicken Tandoori and thankfully Both can be done in 10 minutes first all Right in a medium-sized Bowl add one cup Or 140 grams of full fat yogurt the zest Of one lemon two tablespoons or five Grams of finely chopped fresh cilantro Half a seedless cucumber finely diced a Generous pinch of ground coriander a Generous pinch of ground cumin the juice Of one lemon and salt to taste was Together and that's it it's Tangy salty And more refreshing than the finest Hydration supplement on the market Moving on to Green Chutney again stupid Easy in a blender add one Bunch or 80 Grams of fresh cilantro 1 cup or 15 Grams of mint leaves 3 cloves of garlic 2 tablespoons or 25 grams of roasted Peanuts two Serrano chilies rough chop a Quarter inch knob of Ginger peeled one Teaspoon or one gram of ground fennel Powder the juice of half a lime top your Lid and begin blending on medium speed Adding water as needed to loosen and Just as soon as it starts to Vortex

Blend on high speed until as smooth as Possible season it takes with salt mix It in and place to the side for your Tandoori chicken yes it's time ideally You want to start this the day before But you can do it the day of if that's All you got in a large bowl add one and A half cups or 336 grams of full fat Yogurt a one inch knob or 23 grams of Grated Ginger 5 cloves of garlic grated A generous pinch of fresh ground black Pepper one tablespoon or 15 grams of Lemon juice 2 teaspoons or eight grams Of coriander powder pause let me just Explain there's a lot of spices in here That's okay chill out and don't forget To subscribe I hope you're having a Fantastic day anyway one and a half Teaspoons or 13 grams of garam masala Powder one and a half teaspoons or 9 Grams of cumin powder 2 tablespoons or 34 grams of kashmiri chili powder 2 Table spoons or 40 grams of kosher salt Optionally which you see this quite a Lot in traditional recipes about a half Teaspoon of red food coloring whisk that Bad boy in and then finally whisk in two Tablespoons or 30 grams of paprika half A cup or 120 milliliters of vegetable Oil and whisk that brother until Homogeneous now let's talk chicken leg Quarter the iconic piece of chicken for Tandoori chicken Chicken leg quarter well that's what

Happens when you remove the chicken leg And the goddang drumsticks attached to The thigh it's iconic it looks great and You can always cut it apart after Cooking now the next part is a little Unusual for us because I love the skin But you're gonna need to wriggle your Little thingy under the chicken skin and Carefully peel it off all the way should Come off quite easily actually repeat With four total chicken leg quarters Plop those into your marinade coat those Thoroughly every little crevice and Ideally marinate covered overnight in The fridge or you can cook them right Away it's fine they just won't be as Well flavored now for the tondor method You're gonna need one of these big Tandoor skewers secure your chicken Running down the thigh bone and then out The drumstick repeat with all your Chicken pieces you may only be able to Fit three depending on the depth of your Tondor which means you'll have to do a Separate one it's fine then create a Stopper by wrapping a long thread of Cooking twine at the base of your last Chicken leg quarter be sure to tie off Your twine by the way so it's not it Then pop that bad boy into your Tandoor And let it roast for about 15 to 20 Minutes moving it around to avoid Burning until it reaches an internal Temperature of 165 Fahrenheit and it's

Nicely charred in randomized spots the Other alternative would be to well cook This on our ripping Hot Grill or a grill Pan heat up whichever the two over Medium high until it's so goddang hot You want to pull your hand back just Looking at it now grease those grates or Grill pan generously with oil add your Chicken and sear for two to three Minutes or until nicely colored and Charred flip and sear for two three more Minutes now if it's on a grill close the Lid to your grill lower the heat or you Can toss your grill pan in an oven set To 375 Fahrenheit and cook for 8 to 10 Minutes or until an internal temperature Of 165 Fahrenheit is achieved all that's Left to do is get sauces and ramekins Plate up your rice gaze upon the Glistening naan pop on a plate get Everything looking beautiful add your Chicken leg quarter shingles on a plate Feel free to add some thinly sliced White onion and lemon wedges maybe a Little fresh bundle of cilantro why not Pop's nice and now we taste test we've Unveiled the mystery of tandoori chicken And here it is wow You're not gonna get in Get a tondor right I burned myself here Was it worth it Yeah Jesus if you could smell this right Now you need to wear two layers of Underwear I know this is about the

Tandoori chicken but this naan is like The main course it's like buttery flaky It melts in your mouth The Chew is like I can't even think of a term that Solidifies how good it is obviously the Rice is buttery it's toasty you get the Fragrance from the Basmati normally what I do is I put a little lemon on this Take a little piece of the chicken off There you can put it with the knot or You can eat it straight up there's a Certain Char that you will not get Anywhere else it's juicy it's tender You'll like a nice chicken leg and this Is obviously one of the best ways to Have it period the one thing that we Could Walk Away Learning is that if you Take the time to do things the right way Then you might just end up with Something really dope but you want to Know what else is dope b-roll Oh