Easy Dinners Made In An Hour | Gordon Ramsay

By | March 5, 2023
Easy Dinners Made In An Hour | Gordon Ramsay

First a hearty starter a bruschetta with Ricotta and succulent griddle courgettes For my main I'm serving fragrant roasted Beetroot and Thyme risotto But I'll be in trouble with the kids if I don't do it but So I'm enlisting the help of my youngest Tilly to rustle up an indulgent Chocolate and lime mousse with crushed Raspberries So if you want to wrap the chocolate Start breaking up in Little Bits we're Going to make the most amazing white Chocolate mousse our first job is to Bring half of our cream up to the boil So Is That is double cream okay so that's Gonna make a really nice rich chocolate Mousse what's your favorite sort of Chocolate is it white melt dark I love white and milk I absolutely love milk chocolate Is it really here we go cream in So that goes in there now you can see What's happening straight away can't you It's melting really quickly melting Really quickly so okay oh excuse me at Least your jumpers white so you won't Spot it yeah In another Bowl add lime zest cold cream And whisk until it forms soft peaks the Lime cuts the sort of richness of the

Cream and that starts to make the Chocolate mousse taste a little bit Lighter Zenith you're absolutely right next add To the melted chocolate mixture Because I'm whisking it's just getting Lighter and lighter and lighter Have it all taste Nice yeah the line gives it a really Nice taste Tilly I need the rest for the Mousse I need some for my tummy no come on Chocolate mousse into the fridge Our next job is to separate out three Egg whites this is where I need you at Your absolute best okay because to whip Those whites it's going to be really Tough so we'll take it in turns 30 Seconds each okay you go first 10 seconds gone Come on silly 15 seconds gone 20 seconds gone come on you can do it 10 Seconds to go Five four three two one and change Excellent hold the ball right Go no wave Matilda You can't do that to me 30 seconds That's the best way of whipping up egg Whites Still not very happy in there so A contentious whipped egg whites will Make our mousse light and Airy and when

They've reached soft peaks we can gently Mix in our cooled white chocolate and Cream mixture Once the egg whites hit the cream yeah The chocolate sets the egg whites keep The cream nice and fluffy and you get This nice light mousse in the bowl now I Need you to crush some raspberries Please with some fresh mint Take your mousse Wow that looks really cool now look at That down the bottom there now Delicious In the door please our yummy white Chocolate mousse will take at least two Hours to set so we can crack on with our Mediterranean inspired vegetarian Starter griddle courgette Ricotta and Mint bruschetta for this recipe you'll Need a griddle pan an essential piece of Kit for that char grill look Cut thick slices of chapata bread Drizzle birth size with olive oil Season with a little salt and pepper And griddle each side until toasted Then slice a couple of courgettes Diagonally into half a centimeter thick Pieces drizzle and coat in olive oil and Season with salt and pepper Sear on a smoking hot griddle pan in Batches until all the courgettes are bar Marked on both sides

Next roughly chop mint leaves and Combine with creamy ricotta cheese Spread your toasty to your pasta with Dollops of minty Ricotta and top with Your seared courgette Super simple and super tasty Now we're going to make a delicious Beetroot risotto we need to get the Shallots Just slice them in half and then just Chop them like that okay okay now have You ever made a risotto Shallots please into the pan for Daddy Add a Sprinkle of salt and pepper along With a couple of crushed cloves of Garlic once you start cooking the Risotto it's really important to have Your stock Gently boiling away if we're adding cold Stock on top of the rice all the time it Just slows down the process Generally you cook a nice wide flat pan If you cook in a deep pan all the rice Sort of Cooks at different temperatures That's a vegetable stock You can't have different Chicken stock I made that mistake once Putting beef stock in the vegetarian Soup Now I didn't Matilda I'm positive I'm joking Throughout the time how nice is that Smell it smells delicious rice in that's A bit of a different rice this is

Arborio rice it's a perfect rice for Risotto now it's really important to Sear The rice if we were just to put the Stock in without sweating off the rice It goes all starchy so keep on stirring For Daddy No flambe on the risotto To go with our deep red beetroot theme I'm adding red wine Followed by the first Ladle of stock to Get things started now we're off What's happening to the stock Is reducing down and the rice is sucking It in that's right so the rice is Actually getting nice and plump One of risotto is live when it's like This now we can't stop cooking it we Have to cook it all the way okay ready For the next Ladle I'm ready good girl Here we go Ladle in So we have to make this for literally 20 25 minutes and we're nursing it all the Way Beetroots Pilton rub them a little bit of salt and Sugar yeah and a little bit of age but Vinegar in there roasted them I'm a Great My parmesan How's that Rice doing rice is doing good No No where you want to be now look at that

Nice glossy textured rice so beetroot I Want you to put two thirds of the Beetroot in there for me saving one Third for the top Good sprinkle the parmesan in there for Me please all over Again and then we're just going to get Some nice butter in there Butter gives the risotto a really nice Gloss look at that beautiful Let that come down let it come down First All right get your spirit in there Enough Daddy There you go good wonderful shaking Risotto should be like lava Just Flows out and then the rest of the Beetroot on top Some extra virgin olive oil I'll pick up the bruschetta you take That to the table Okay Let's Go Daddy This is my ultimate vegetarian dinner Delicious courgette Ricotta and mint top Bruschetta An anxious roasted beetroot and Thyme Risotto And put an indulgent white chocolate and Lime mousse with fresh crushed Raspberries for dinner it's a mega Rich Teriyaki salmon with a buckwheat soba

Noodle salad brimming with healthy Greens and I like aperol Spritz jelly For dessert first job the teriyaki Marinade for the salmon silly Gonna help Daddy with a salmon please Right Teriyaki delicious Sticky sweet salmon okay first of all I'd like you A little season on the salmon please With salt and pepper thank you all right I want you to slice the garlic one in Front two behind yep Oh oh get a bit faster in the old age Huh good girl Thank you right garlic in with the Ginger So we're gonna make a marinade Okay do you know what a marinade is it's What you coat something in that's right So let's start off with Soy sauce three tablespoons one Good Do it this is rice wine also known as Mirin One in What that is that's maple syrup it's a Bit like pure gold Beautiful a little touch of olive oil It smells really good I want you to rub The salmon in the marinade if you can Get chance to do this the night before The salmon actually changes color but It's fine even with 10 or 15 minutes

Before you start cooking it does the Ginger and garlic give it a different Taste You know what it helps improve the taste And we cook it I have this really nice Glaze on there okay right let's put that In the fridge to marinade and we'll Start the jellies To follow the teriyaki salmon a grown-up Light dessert Prosecco an aperol Spritz Jelly Start by soaking gelatine sheets in cold Water Poor Prosecco 100 milliliters of water And caster sugar into the pan heat until The sugar is dissolved then add your Gelatin sheets Leave the mix to cool top up with more Prosecco and a dash of the Bittersweet Italian aperol Pour into tumblers over orange slices And leave to set in the fridge All the refreshment of a spritz in a Perfect jelly form The Teriyaki Salmon's marinating time to Get on with the noodle and vitamin pack Veg and seed salad Noodles Now this color because they're made out Of Buckwheat okay and then we're gonna Drop them in So nice and careful if you slide them That way

And then you go like that in your hand And I'll show you there and then look Hold them like that and drop them into The pan okay got them yeah okay so hold On tight off we go Nice do they take longer to cook than Normally Take literally five minutes now what are They Sugar snap peas okay Really crunchy now Carrot And kale I'm going to show you a really quick way Of slicing carrot ribbons so you just Come down Um That's right off you go there we go Nice big long ribbons Sugar snap peas in yeah okay into the Noodles You've got two Oh thank you wake up daddy next kale now You know how good that is for you right Yeah kale in right how are the ribbons Good oh that's nice You okay if you like some salt and Pepper on your little bit count Ribbons go in Good girl I didn't forget any like you Did so excuse me and because we've Shaved them really thinly like this how Long do you think they're going to take To cook

About a minute oh it looks so yummy it Does look yummy doesn't it now we're Gonna drain The noodles That is beautiful see how the cows what Happens if you cook um the vegetables For too long would they just go a bit Hard they'll go soft and mushy okay And then We're gonna drop the noodles In but now I'm gonna make those noodles taste even Better I'd like you to put a little bit Of salt and pepper on there for me Please Next I'm gonna put a dressing on there Ginger Goes in I can smell that I can count you How nice is that A multi-season salad isn't it colors no Um Sesame Oh yeah that's right sesame oil a touch Will sesame oil over Okay rice wine vinegar a little splash Okay And then finally And it will touch of soy sauce and let You drizzle that in please One little final Ingredient what's that seaweed whose Favorite is that Jack's Holly's and mine Slice it into strips

Okay I'm gonna chop that Oh how is that good I want you to Sprinkle that on top of the noodles And I'll squeeze the lemon juice Oh excuse me It was I had a lemon shower today Sober noodle salad is ready now We'll get on and cook the salmon Doesn't it Boom let's go Right pan nice and hot what did I show You when you put fish in the pan which Way did you put in Puts it in and Skin down that's right and then there's The pan there and you put it in there And you lay away from you if you lay it Towards you what happens it will spit at You it will Splash that's right so take Your time good girl Good girl And the last one good girl very slicky Very slippy It's not so fresh nice nice A nice little bit of Ginger on there now A little bit of garlic it smells of a Mixture of all the flavors A nice color on the salmon Nice and crispy that's right I mean I'd like you to pour the rest of Marinade over for me please Nice Okay Now the Santa's gonna glaze now

Well done you're getting good at this Cooking stuff you know that would you Like to be a chef when you grow up yeah Really would like to have your own Restaurant one day I might have a bakery A bakery me and Jack are planning on Opening one together and you do the Paninis and make the coffees and I do The cakes and the cookies then it's Gonna have like scrambled eggs for Breakfast so you've already thought this Out yeah we were planning it the other Night and when we couldn't sleep and Who's gonna be the head chef and who's Gonna be the sous chef no we're not Gonna do that because we've both got Different rolls in it oh I see this is Well thought out yeah but there's We're Not gonna need anybody else apart from Me and him so no other people that was Nice sounds amazing You get the spoon here like this okay And just tilt the pan I'll tilt the pan You glaze the salmon for me please Yeah They my darling all right I'm ready Do you keep the ginger on top of it What was your favorite type of salmon When you were little Salmon fish cakes Oh I like those you like those How does that look that looks delicious I'd like you to carry that very Carefully over to the table okay and

I'll carry your noodles ready Let's go well done So I'm fascinated with this restaurant You and Jack are going to open yeah This is my ultimate healthy dinner it's Fresh home-cooked and full of goodness