Shrimp and Broccoli Chinese Food

By | March 3, 2023
Shrimp and Broccoli Chinese Food

Thank you Welcome back beautiful family today I Want to share with you a very delicious Shrimp broccoli recipe that I know you Guys are going to love but first things First my apron is on my hands are clean And I am ready to show you my Ingredients Thank you Thank you Thank you To prepare this delicious and amazing

Shrimp broccoli dishes are ingredients I Have water I have corn starch Onion powder Sesame seed oil low soy sauce sesame Seeds roasted garlic cloves black pepper Of course the star the shrimp half an Onion half a bell pepper and some Broccoli so let's get started I am ready to make the sauce I am adding Two tablespoons of water one tablespoon Of Corn starch I'm adding to this other Ingredients I'm adding the spices one Tablespoon of each spice and two Tablespoons of sesame oil Half a cup of soy sauce and three garlic Cloves we are going to make the amazing Sauce first I am going to add this Garlic into the sauce mix it really good And now of course I'm gonna start Slicing The broccoli look at this pulling it Apart you decide how big you want your Pieces But this recipe is delicious and healthy Foreign Make sure that you decide how big you Want your Florets I have the onion here I have the Bell pepper here I'm just gonna cut in Medium sized pieces My Pan is nice and Hot I'm adding one tablespoon of Vegetable oil I'm going to add the broccoli once you

Add your broccoli just add half a cup of Water cover it and when it is nice and Green after two three minutes you are Ready to remove your broccoli I am going To remove it and I am going to start Adding into the same pan one tablespoon Of vegetable oil and I'm going to add my Shrimp Like I said this is a easy recipe Very few ingredients but it comes out Amazing you're gonna add your shrimp Once the shrimp turns pink you don't Want to overcook it you want your shrimp To be just pink that's when you're going To add your onion your bell pepper You're going to incorporate it really Good and now we are ready to add the Sauce This sauce is going to get nice and Creamy and it's going to cover Everything Once you add it do not add any salt Because remember we added the soy sauce So here I'm just going to incorporate Everything after just three minutes the Sauce is going to get nice and thick And when you see it bubbling Then you are ready to add your broccoli Into the shrimp look at this Look how delicious this looks it's nice And and thick now we are going to add Our broccoli and we are going to Incorporate it don't overcook your Shrimp

Once you add your broccoli just Incorporate it really good when Everything is nice and covered you are Ready to serve this is a easy recipe That I know you guys are going to love Once everything is nice and Incorporated And coated with this amazing Sauce then you're ready to serve of Course I am going to add some roasted Sesame seeds on the top but this already Smells amazing Can't wait to enjoy Look how delicious It looks and everything is nice and Coated I am ready to enjoy This is my plate And of course I'm gonna be very generous Adding all these amazing Shrimp and broccoli I'm gonna add a little bit of the Roasted sesame seeds right on the top I love roasted sesame seeds it really Gives this dish an amazing flavor Okay I'll see you in a bit if you liked And love this recipe please leave me a Thumbs up can't wait to enjoy Foreign I am completely done with this amazing Shrimp broccoli dish I added of course some white rice and I Want to taste a little bit of everything

I am sure that once you make it you're Going to fall in love with it easy Delicious excuse me Um The broccoli is still Al Dente really Crispy but yet not overcooked I hope my Friends you make this amazing recipe at Home If you liked and loved this amazing Recipe I invite you to subscribe leave Me a thumbs up share this video on Social media with your friends with your Relatives so cooking with Gloria keeps Growing don't forget to push that Notification Bell and if you didn't Leave it activated so every time I make An amazing recipe yes you're going to be Notified before I say I see you soon I Wish you nothing but the best peace And love I love you guys thank you for Being here thank you for being part of Cooking with Gloria I will stay enjoying This amazing shrimp and broccoli dish Like subscribe and share see you on my Next amazing recipe bye