Uncle Roger Actually Like A Fried Rice Dish??? | Next Level Kitchen

By | March 2, 2023
Uncle Roger Actually Like A Fried Rice Dish??? | Next Level Kitchen

No one wants to see you at home like Topless waving down the smoke alarm hey Some people might want to see that All right everyone welcome to Next Level Kitchen where we're taking your cooking Skills to the next level by teaching you The skills and techniques to make some Next Level dishes and today we're going To show you how to take a dish that many Of you are familiar with and take it to The next level fried rice oh my gosh Fried rice a favorite in my house a Staple in so many cultures in Asia and Around the world and we're going to show You how to do it in a walk or a pan and Aisha hopefully Uncle Roger will approve Of these dishes but first let's talk About the actual how we cook it a wok a Pan how do you like to do it Um you know think it depends on the type Of fried rice right there's Thai fried Rice Chinese style fried rice I'm gonna Kind of do my Cali Korean Vibe of a Fried rice so I see you're using a wok I'm actually going to use just a Standard sort of larger saute pan the Almighty hex clad oh I like it almost Like a non-stick too so like that's good People think you have to cook in a wok You don't have to cook in a wok Um but I do have one from our beloved Basement level kitchen the blazeman look At this thing it's all wobbly I don't Know where we found it but I'm gonna try

And walk it up today all right so I'm Gonna get into my dish over here I'm Doing a prawn fried rice right uh prawn Fried rice so real quick I have these Beautiful whole head-on prawns I like to Just sort of rip off their legs it's Kind of barbaric perhaps but that's why I like to just peel it to get the tail Off of these peel them pretty easy again These are fresh right so they're Sticking a little bit to their body but Really easy if you get a shell on shrimp Or prawns very easy to pull the shell Off of them and then you could use this To flavor or sauce or something down the Line exactly but what I'm left with this I got my my prawn bodies over here I'm Going to chop those up here's my tip About cooking in a wok uh is that you Just got to get all your mise and place Done and ready to cook because it all Happens sort of at the end what are you Making yeah so I'm gonna make a uh sort Of Korean inspired fried rice this is For me I think fried rice is an Opportunity to use potentially leftover Ingredients in your fridge right I have Some beautiful sausage I have some Kimchi that you know I may use for a Soup uh you know it's over fermented so I'm actually going to use it in the Fried rice today you're going to use Some garlic a little ginger I have some Eggs kimchi fried rice yes next level

For you to taste it there it is so I've Actually had some leftover rice that's Really key ingredient to fried rice is Using day old rice right so this rice is Nice and granular it's not stuck Together it's not hot so it's going to Be perfect for my fried rice okay I'm Over here and I'm getting again all of My ingredients together because Especially when you are cooking in a wok Or you're making fried rice it happens So quick at the end that you don't have Time to run to the fridge to grab your Your Ginger your garlic your carrots or Whatever it is so I just shredded some Carrots I think it's easier that way Using some technology I smashed some Garlic over here and then I just want to Sort of rough chop it just get in there Chop up some garlic look at the camera While you're doing it Don't look at the camera while you're Doing it because you probably don't have A camera in your house right now you're Sure maybe you do maybe you're making a Tick tock but man I think in this day And age most people have some pretty Extensive setups in their home awesome Another tip I have over here it looks Like you're using ginger as well I like To barely I don't even I barely peel the Ginger I just peel around the sides and Then I just take a grater you can shop This but I feel like it's a little easy

For the ginger to just use a grater and Then when I'm done that's all I need About equal parts ginger and garlic I Can just put it back in the fridge wrap It in a wet towel and this is how I Don't use all the ginger exposed that Flesh to the elements in your fridge so You got chilies over there I do have Chilies I love a spicy dish Um I also actually love that you said to Save the ginger like that because you Can actually germinate that ginger in Your fridge and make a little new Ginger Tree are you germinating Ginger we make A ginger a new tree you can like Sprout It oh my gosh it's a root Um so super sustainable tip uh so yeah I Had I do have some uh Fresno chili here It's one of my favorite California Chilies I also have some pork sausage I Love the texture that comes off of this Style of sausage and what I'm gonna do I Think you know when you're dicing Ingredients right and how you are Breaking these ingredients down it's Really important to think about mouth Feel right you don't want big chunks of Ingredients and small grains of rice Right uh you know that would lend to a Different style of fried rice and for me I want everything to sort of be around The same size so I'm going to what we'd Call a small dice I love that tip I love That too ingredient all right so I got

Some chilies over here I'm not copying You but I have I have some carrots I Have some garlic ginger and scallions Pretty much I feel like like kind of the Trinity is garlic ginger scallions or Onion ginger and garlic right and uh Totally if you don't have scallions use An onion use a shallot whatever you have And By the way you said uh germ you're Germinating Ginger and you're using Alliums I suck up a chef or something Your next level by the way we're gonna Do the fast forward where that Ginger Tree Grows All right I got my prawns I'm Gonna chop up right so you're are you Almost ready to jump in the pan over There uh yeah so what I like to do I Mean before I start cooking I think you Know you noted it it's really important To have all of your ingredients ready Although sauteing is really just the Part that and the element that brings These ingredients together right so I Have my saute pan preheating I'm going To say it's about a medium-high heat all Right I also love the fact that most Fried rice dishes you'll have a little Bit of scrambled egg in there yes you Don't need it but for me it's a little Extra protein if you're trying to stay Healthy right my kids by the way one of My kids doesn't like eggs at all wow so Like I have to sneak it into the meal by

Like just making it in fried rice she Doesn't realize that there's she does Now wait does she she realize it now she Realizes it now because I'm saying it I'm gonna just actually fry my egg and Place it on top so I get that runny yolk That kind of hugs all of those rice Grains so I get a little bit of that Crispy egg on the outside with the Creamy yolk going to be really delicious I love that and uh so here's a key to me I do have this Wok that I'm hoping is Seasoned it's from the basement I have a Little bit of sesame oil I'm gonna put In here a fair Little right because I really I'm really Hoping nothing's Spanned totally and you want us to be Really really hot that's the key to I Think good while cooking and you can see Right now coming off of this you can see The smoke that means that the pan is Ready and I'm going to start my cooking Are you going to start your cooking love It kind of that jumping hot out yes yes Jumping which is the word saute by the Way which means jump is what saute means So we want this to jump in the pan so I'm going to start uh with a little bit Of my carrots in here I'm gonna start cooking there and here's The great thing about the wok and I can See because I have it hot nothing's Sticking and now I'm just gonna add all

The other ingredients based on how long They're going to cook I'm going to put My prawns in there I'm going to add all Of my aromatics the chilies the garlic The ginger and then this is where it Gets fun right like this is where it Gets fun nothing's sticking that's Because the pan was hot and you can Smell the ginger in the garlic Am I getting too excited about this and You're doing the same exactly again yeah Layering the in the aromatics right Controlling the heat for me I really Want to drive the flavors out of these Chilies and the Beautiful sweetness Coming off of the sausage I'm going to Hit it with a little bit of fresh garlic And I don't want my pan too hot because The aromatics can tend to burn but I Definitely want them to caramelize and And cook and showcase their amazing Flavors so I'll hit it with some ginger As well as garlic And again it makes for super easy Cleanup when you can go directly Straight into that pan get a little Bicep workout and uh the aromatics are Absolutely stunning on both of these Both of these are going well I'm also Going to add a little bit of peas tip on Peas these are frozen peas straight from My freezer and I just let them defrost Because they're just about cooked love It and I don't want to overcook them if

You're going to add a pea it's going to Cook really really quickly so just a Little bit of peas in there love it love It love it love it and then again Jumping in the pan and you get the Flavor if you are cooking in a wok it's Called the walk a you get the flavor of Sort of the tin absolutely the iron of The pan going all those ancestors love That yeah so I've started to build this Sort of first initial layer of my fried Rice and again you know I use the term Aromatics and that comes in a few Different forms right this is that first Base layer right this is the foundation Of the rice that je ne sais quoi when You say something you're like why is it So delicious it's because there was time Spent in developing the flavor of the Aromatic right so garlic ginger chilies That beautiful pork fat starting to Render out and now What I want to do is I want to push all Of my aromatics to one side of the pan And really that's going to allow so you Have this beautiful golden color coming Off that's from the capsaicin in the Chilies right color is always flavor say Some we're going to need like to have Someone like explain all of these words The the spice that's in chilies right 100 yeah and also the color and the uh And the Beautiful aromatics and aroma so Now I'm going to go in with my rice and

I want to allow that to caramelize a Little bit I one thing for me about Fried rice is I love the texture right a Little bit of caramelized bits a little Bit of crispiness it's fried rice yeah It has to be fried it has to be 100 I Love that you're keeping the aromatics On the side over there exactly kind of Dual cooking you're getting ready to do The toss what you got going I have I Made a little well in the wok again I'm Trying to get the same thing naisha's Doing a little bit of the texture the Actual rice frying so I have a well in My Wok now and here's some of the eggs And I'm just going to take that that Little scrambled egg mixture go right Into the middle this is my favorite part Right here you know what I'm I'm going To add a little bit of salt because I'm Going to add soy but Soy and salts are a Little different absolutely that's what I always tell our chefs because you can You not absolutely taste it when there's Not seasoning in every single layer of The dish right you can and again soy is Salty but they're totally different Things 100 percent And there it is a little scrambled eggs Now Getting ready to toss this around Breaking up those eggs You got the sausage in there too yeah so That pork fat is starting to render out

The pork is in sausage is becoming Crispy and and chewy almost and the Chilies have developed they're they're At maximum capacity of flavor right now Garlic's caramelizing Ginger is just Becoming so happy and lovely in this pan Now the rice is doing its thing right Dual uh cooking here in one pan and it's Starting to take on those flavors slowly Right this is when you can start to Multitask at this stage you know you're Pouring your little glass of wine or You're calling a friend and that is That's the ultimate multitasking 100 Right so for me I mean I just I feel Like fried rice if you're not ordering Takeout it's an easy weeknight dinner Right after work Um and a great way to use up ingredients So at this stage once that Rice starts To caramelize I hear these beautiful Popping sounds that's telling me that It's starting to become golden brown and Delicious on the opposite end of this Rice and now I just want to go in And start to build on the Umami and go In with a second layer or second Installment of flavor right we have that First layer of aromatics and again the Soy as Richard has in his is going to Help caramelize my rice right so I want To do a little bit of a drizzle not too Much Right a little bit of soy a little bit

Of fish sauce right and that's going to Play with the natural Umami and the soy And also the Kim you got some big Flavors you got fish sauce right again Which is like you're not tasting fish You're just getting that genese Hua that You were saying that I don't know what That is that makes food delicious it's Called Umami absolutely in a different Way to add salt I'm just gonna add a Touch of sesame oil right I'm gonna keep That flavor of the Sesame and again just Notice I haven't really moved the pan Much I want that caramelization I want Those notes to hit a little bit of chew It is a little bit of crispiness and a Little bit of freshness by adding Scallions at the very end so I'm going To slice some scallions I'm going to get Fancy and cut them on a bias you can cut Them however you'd like all right how You finishing up over there yeah so I'm Just gonna drop my egg straight into This pan and that's going to fry up and While I plate my fried rice that's going To be cooking simultaneously I think uh It's really important to sort of Multitask when cooking you're going to Leave the egg like nice and beautiful Like that I am going to leave the egg Nice and beautiful like that so what I'm Going to do now is allow this rice to Caramelize on the opposite end and then I'll just start to fold in a touch of

This kimchi juice and the kimchi itself And just start to fold these flavors Together right and I'm thinking about Balance Thinking about balance So folding in There it is That's that okay that little bit of the Char that you're getting from some of The ingredients from the pan itself So you know we always say it color is Flavor There it is I'm really I was impossible With that the egg is looking so luscious Right now oh so luscious so I add in a Little bit of scallion Fresh scallion I'm ready to Plate over Here love that can't wait to taste it Richard okay so there we go plating a Little bit over here you can say I got All of that you know I can see the Individual kernels of rice which is what I'm looking for I have some more of Those scallions I like the flavor of the Bulbiness of the scallions I'm going to Add a little bit on there and then Because I do like it spicy even though I Had some chilies in the dish I'm just Gonna add a little bit of chili oil Right on top or you can do just a little Dish on the side because I do like it Spicy and obviously so do you oh I love Spicy Touch more soy

And we're ready to Plate fantastic if This is a dish I make a lot actually I Love to use over ripe kimchi in Applications like this because generally It's something that you eat uh straight Away but Uh the softer more fermented kimchi Lends itself really great to things like This I love the fact that you got those Little bits of the sausage in there you Got all these deep fermented flavors yes And presentation wise you're taking it To the next level leaving that egg and That yolk that's going to be able to Gush all over that oh tell me about it Okay so Yes you know as you've made such a more Traditional if you will fried rice Um You know with that scrambled egg so Beautiful I've actually chosen to uh Keep the egg on top So I get a little bit of that creaminess From the yolk and what I will do here Is more but wait there's one more Wait for it there it is oh my gosh my Truck Naisha Arrington taking it to the Next level let's see bottom level maybe Top level two delicious dishes I don't Know Uncle Roger What do you think Hmm not bad not bad both of you Uncle Roger have to say I prefer niece Naisha Fire rice because she's using all of

Uncle Roger's favorite ingredient the Kimchi the sesame oil the fish sauce so Much Umami nephew Richard fire rice not Bad also but little too basic and don't Put peas in your Fried Rice High yeah You want vegetable you go eat salad only Green in fried rice should be scallion But amazing job both of you Uncle Roger Approved for you