The 200 Hour Burrito

By | March 1, 2023
The 200 Hour Burrito

In a world full of speed we lack Patience we want our packages now our Workout results now our food right now So today let's change that pace a little Bit So we're making them the longest time to Burrito that we can what can we take a Long time with I want to extrapolate it As much as possible if there's a recipe That takes four hours how do I make it Take 12. so we're going to separate out The elements throughout as much time as We can put it all together in one Burrito and we'll see if the taste is Even worth all that time and effort with All that being said let's make this Shall we believe it or not this burrito Actually has the capability of going Beyond 200 hours but I decided to take It easy on you because well I love you If you want this to time out well you Must do this recipe in order first thing Hot sauce only five ingredients if you Don't count the first you need one pound Or 450 grams of red Fresno chilies or Red jalapenos slices into rough rounds Ideally you want them evenly sized but Obviously you're gonna eviscerate it in A blender so you know whatever once They're sliced place in a bowl toss with One tablespoon or 14 grams of kosher Salt make sure those two measurements Are as accurate as possible this is at a

Three percent salt level that means that Take the weight of the peppers and AKA 450 grams multiplied that by .03 and I Got 14 grams this is the secret formula To a safe and proper ferment once your Peppers are toxic put them in a bag for Vacuum sealer and well vacuum seal them And let that sit at room temperature for Seven days we have another hot sauce Recipe that uses a submerged brine Technique so you can do that Sans vacuum Machine we're now sitting already at 168 Hours but wait we got another thing that If you don't do today will ruin Everything preserved lemons do this the Same day and I'll explain why in a Second in a medium-sized Bowl combine Three quarters of a cup or 216 grams of Kosher salt and 3 tablespoons or 36 Grams of granulated sugar whisk those Brothers together you'll need seven Meyer lemons start by cutting off a Small piece of each stem than with a Knife stirring at the top or bottom of Each lemon cut them into quarters Without cutting all the way through you Need to leave a little nub at the end to Keep them attached repeat with all your Lemons then once that's done fill your Crevices with your salt sugar mixture Well Josh that's so much yeah that's Right you really want to fill these bad Boys up don't worry about it being too Salty once it's done drop that into a

One quart mason jar and repeat that Process adding a light spoonful of your Salt sugar mixture every so often until Your jar is completely filled with your Seasoned lemons use a dowel or rolling Pin press bad boys down you want their Juices to create a brine that just Covers the lemons so either add more Lemons or you can squeeze more lemon Juice in there once it covers top with a Little extra salt sugar mix cover with Cheesecloth and a piece of kitchen fine So the little creatures that live in Your kitchen cannot hop in then leave That out for yes seven days at least you Can also take these lemons way longer You can age them up to a month sometimes Longer alright moving on arguably one of The most untraditional albeit best Carnitas I've ever made in my life first You'll need the most beautiful four Pounder 1.8 kilo boneless pork Boston Butt would just take a second to admire This by the way wow anyway slice that Into one inch thick slices season each Piece generously with salt to taste You're gonna need a cinnamon stick just One but it'd be a whole lot cooler if You charred that bad boy with a kitchen Torch or an open flame to give it that Extra pop your pork nice and evenly into A sous-vide bag add your charred Cinnamon stick one lime sliced into Rounds one bay leaf one large orange cut

Into wedges any orange you want you Could do blood orange you could do Karakara I don't care 10 whole garlic Cloves yes 10 because Mama did not raise No vacuum seal that bad boy up and Gently lower into its little hot tub for Naughty pieces of pork at 185 Fahrenheit For 16 hours we're now at 184 total Hours now the timing of this next one Needs to be done specifically the day Before eating we're talking beans you'll Need one pound or 450 grams of dried Pinto beans Place those in a Medium-sized bowl and add just enough Water to cover them about one inch above The level of your beans cover with Plastic wrap and allow those to soak Overnight for a minimum of 12 hours We're now sitting at 196 hours but trust Me we're just getting started we're Nearly ready for cooking day but first We have to address the sourdough Tortilla in the room hey wait a minute Who let you in here I told you to stop Finally something the ogs of this Channel have asked us to show for a While I know who you are thank you and I'd always kiss you good night if you Want this to be sourdough you'll need a Sourdough starter that's fully matured For a minimum of 12 hours so make sure To feed your sourdough starter the day Before so it's nice and ready for what's Next the day of cooking so we now stand

Already at 208 hours let's go back to Our slumbering beans drain the water From your Pinto be and transfer them to A large Dutch oven cover those with two And a half quarts or two and three Quarter liter of fresh water bring to a Boil over medium high then reduce the Heat to low simmer for two hours adding Water as necessary and once the beans Are nice and soft drain them and leave Them to the side in that same pot add Half a pound or 225 grams of rough Chopped bacon set to medium cooked Stirring often for four to five minutes Until the bacon is crisp Then add a mixture of the following two Jalapenos sliced seeds and all okay Don't be a whiny baby you can handle it One yellow onion diced five cloves of Garlic rough chopped add that all to a Pot and saute for about two minutes or Until fragrant and the onions begin to Turn translucent add one and a half Teaspoons or two grams of ground cumin Two teaspoons or eight grams of smoked Paprika one tablespoon or 15 grams of Light brown sugar 2 chili to arble stir And cook for 20 seconds then add your Beans a 14 ounce can of diced tomatoes One 12 ounce bottle of Modelo dark beer One tablespoon or four grams of finely Chopped fresh oregano and a generous Splash of water bring to a boiler over Medium high then reduce that brother to

Low and simmer for 15 minutes now just Remove that from the heat then stir in a Third cup or 15 grams of finely chopped Cilantro beans done there's obviously Some wait time during that so while it's Going you can start your rice you'll Need two cups or 380 grams of medium Grain rice washer rice end of story add Your rice cooker around equal parts Water 2 cups for 480 milliliters close The lid and turn it on while that's Cooking add to a small pan a quarter cup Or 60 milliliters of vegetable oil and 5 Cloves of garlic thinly sliced turn the Heat to medium low and allow that to Slowly come up and begin to to fry after About two minutes remove from the heat Once your rice is done season it Generously with salted taste now add two Tablespoons or 30 grams of your garlic Oil and your well fried garlic as well As two and a half tablespoons or 28 Grams of lime juice and the zest of one Lime optionally you can add one Tablespoon or 11 grams of preserved Lemon peel Josh how do you Oh I'm so glad you asked Josh you just Grab a piece of your preserved lemon you Cut the flush off and well finely chop The peel that's it next are blackened Salsa here's a little secret to this one In a large pan add one cup of 240 Milliliters of vegetable oil three Quarter ounce or 18 grams of chili to

Arble and one ounce or 28 grams of Guajillo chilies both of which have been Seeded heat that over medium for three To four minutes or until fragrant and Some dark spots appear add 10 cloves of Fresh garlic and here's the kicker 15 Cloves of black I know if you were to make this like I Do then you'd make your own black garlic Which takes another 168 hours but you can easily buy this at The store or online so I'll let this one Slide because I love you anyway one Tablespoon or 15 grams of light brown Sugar two tablespoons or 29 grams of Vinegar two teaspoons or 4 grams of Ground cumin lightly stir and let that Sit remove from the heat until cool then Transfer to a blender and blend it on High until as smooth as you like don't Forget to season The Taste with salt and That's your salsa moving on to the very Important preserved lemon Pico this is Why you made the preserved lemons medium Sized Bowl three Roma tomatoes seeded And diced half a red onion very finely Diced one serrano chili seeded and Finely diced three cloves of garlic Grated three tablespoons or 34 grams of Preserved lemon skin ideally brunoise or You can dice as finely as you can the Juice of two limes a little bit of salt To taste two tablespoons or eight grams Of finely chopped cilantro mix that all

Together and while that's it it took 7 Days or 168 hours of lemon prep but Those little pops of flavor will make This an unforgettable picot to finish Our hot sauce requires almost nothing Your bag of chilies should now be puffed From the fermentation cut your bag open Put your chilies in plus any liquids That were released from the chilies Obviously if you brine your chilies Don't add that liquid because it'll be Too salty follow with two tablespoons or 30 grams of sugar a third cup or 80 Milliliters of white with distilled Vinegar salt to taste and optionally Half a teaspoon or 0.5 grams of xanthan Gum which just prevents it from Separating you can also add garlic if You want that flavor but honestly this Hot sauce is simple because it's Incredible in its pure Natural State Finally back to our sourdough tortillas Medium sized Bowl add one and a half Cups or 225 grams of flour 1.5 teaspoons Or 9 grams of fine sea salt half a cup Or 120 milliliters of warm water a third Cup or 86 grams of fully matured Sourdough starter mix it all together Until you get a rough dough and then Knead for three to five minutes we're Going to get a smooth Supple dough this Can be made without the sourdough Starter but then it wouldn't be a Sourdough tortilla anyway cover that and

Let it rest for 30 minutes then separate Into five to six pieces roll into light Balls and working with one of your balls At a time nice roll into 11 to 12 inch Tortillas begin heating a 12 inch cast Iron skillet over medium high until Hotter than a quarter left on a beach Chair in the Sun one at a time add a Tortilla and cook for 15 to 30 seconds Or until it begins to puff and lightly Char flip and cook for 15 to 30 more Seconds I mean it should look like a Tortilla kind of like this then just Repeat with all of your tortillas now For a very special moment remove your Pork from the sous-vide pop the bag open And just take a moment and enjoy the Lusciousness the greatness of this art It's not just meat it's a fine poem so Yeah roughly shred your pork with its Own fat spread onto a foil and baking Sheet drizzle the whole thing with some Of its own fat and juices from the bag And pop into an oven set to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 8 to 10 minutes or until Crispy but still juicy and fatty don't Leave it in there too long or it will Dry out pay close attention we just want Little crispy bits here and there for an Assembly that took a grand total of 212 Hours tortilla down followed by a light Smearing of your blackened salsa your Beautiful fried garlic Citrus rice the Most tender of Carnitas preserved lemon

Pico burracho beans freshly grated Monterey Jack cheese or whatever cheese You like some hot sauce to your heart's Desire it's not that spicy you can Handle it and carefully wrap it up Nicely into a beautiful burrito run your Knife through the center to cut it open And let's find out if this is worth it Probably one of the longest I have an assessment Assessment alien flavor you've never had Before but that's not what I'm Experiencing that's different about this It is how consistent every single thing Is it just is perfect the texture of the Meat zero dryness it's perfectly moist It melts in your mouth in a way that you Just cannot get from a traditional Carnitas I'm sorry tortillas got way More depth to it because it's fresh the Preserved lemon adds this like freshness You would never find in any other Burrito anywhere in the world get a Little pops of it here and there oh You're shooting like oh this is a really Good oh it's a really good breed Citrus Deep inside of your your mouth I'm gonna Turn your camera off I could go on and On about this burrito this was the last Burrito on Earth this is what I would Eat but you could still have a delicious Burrito without putting in all these Hours but you'll never have any other Experience like this so was it worth it

Yes it's worth it but I don't think any Of you are gonna do this but if you do Make this please tag me DM me on Instagram post it in the comments put it On the Reddit or in the Discord Discord's in the description this is a Lot of commitment and it's well worth it In my opinion the biggest benefit is That you learn a million other things But you want to know what else is a huge Benefit b-roll