Homemade Cranberry Condensed Milk Bread

By | February 27, 2023
Homemade Cranberry Condensed Milk Bread

Thank you Welcome back beautiful family today I Want to share with you a very delicious And perfect bread for your coffee a Cranberry Buttery bread that I know you guys are Going to love but first things first my Apron is on my hands are clean and I am Ready to show you my ingredients This cranberry delicious buttery bread For your coffee these are the Ingredients A pinch of salt baking powder vanilla Extract dried cranberries milk eggs Unsalted butter at room temperature of Course the non-stick baking cream that You already have on my channel condensed Milk and all-purpose flour let's prepare This amazing and delicious cranberry Bread at home so let's get started I want to start first With my baking dish I am going to add The non-stick baking cream that you Already have on my channel go to the Playlist and look for non-stick baking Cream I am sure you're really going to Love it because your bread will come out Really easily it's not going to stick to The sides at all and of course Golden Brown from Every space look at this I'm adding a

Little bit of parsnip paper so that it Is easy for me to remove the sweet bread From the center look at this Of course I am sure that you're going to Fall in love with this amazing non-stick Baking cream only one step And your baking dish will be nice and Ready For any kind of bread or cake and here I Want to start by sifting my dry Ingredients first this part is very Important you want to make sure that you Sift your dry ingredients so your bread Comes out fluffy and delicious I am Adding two cups of all-purpose flour two Teaspoons of baking powder half a Teaspoon of salt and I'm going to Incorporate it really good before I add The dry cranberries I'm going to add one cup of dried Cranberries when everything is nice and Coated I am going to put it aside and I'm going to continue with the wet Ingredients This bread comes out delicious Crispy from the outside but yet fluffy And moist from the inside I have three Room temperature eggs To this I am going to add The vanilla extract one teaspoon of Vanilla extract 1 4 of a cup of milk I am going to whisk It really good Making sure that it's nice and

Incorporated before I add two sticks of Unsalted butter remember the unsalted Butter needs to be at room temperature I'm adding two sticks of unsalted butter I'm going to incorporate it really good Remember that we are using condensed Milk we are using one whole can of Condensed milk And I think I need to transfer this to a Larger container so I can mix it really Good and of course I don't want to leave Anything behind of the condensed milk so I'm going to help myself with the Spatula and I am going to clean really Good the bowl Because the condensed milk really going To bring this bread really a delicious It's not going to be sugary it's got It's gonna have just the perfect Sweetness with this can of condensed Milk I'm gonna go ahead whisk it really good Making sure there's no lumps everything Is nice and Incorporated before I add it To the dry ingredients while you are Doing this you need to make sure that You preheat your oven always preheat Your oven before you put the mixture of A cake of a loaf of bread of any kind Of sweet bread that you are cooking I am Going to incorporate it really good I Turned on my oven to 350 Fahrenheit it's Gonna go in the oven for 50 minutes 50 minutes remember every oven is

Different just make sure that when you Put a Toothpick in the center of your bread it Comes out clean So once this is nice and Incorporated I'm gonna help myself with the spatula Making sure that I clean the bowl Completely especially from the bottom And now that everything is incorporated I am ready to put it into my baking dish Look at this This bread really comes out delicious Moist crispy from the outside and of Course I am going to enjoy this amazing Bread with a delicious homemade hot Coffee Okay it's gonna go in the oven for 50 Minutes remember every oven is different And here I have a rack I took it out of the oven it's been About maybe like 10 minutes and look how Easy It comes out from the baking dish Is really Golden Brown from the top and Even from the bottom everything Cooks Evenly Look my home smells amazing You know when you cook bread the home Really smells delicious Well here let me show you I am going to Slice Some pieces and like I said it's crispy From the outside but yet from the inside It's really moist

Soft tender Oh my gosh I can't wait to enjoy I can't Wait to really enjoy this amazing Cranberry sweet bread If you liked and loved this amazing Recipe I invite you to leave me a thumbs Up share this video on social media so Cookie with Gloria keeps growing I want To say thank you so much for all your Support Look how moist it is and soft Okay I am ready for the presentation I'll see you in a bit I am completely done with this amazing Cranberry Sweet bread this is the part I Really Love and Enjoy tasting my recipes excuse Me Um It's crispy from the outside but from The center it's really moist the Condensed milk gave it such a delicious Flavor Amazing you need to make this amazing Bread at home Mmm The sweetness is just perfect I hope my Friends who make this amazing Cranberry Street bread at home If you liked and loved this amazing

Recipe leave me a thumbs up share this Video on social media so cooking with Gloria keeps growing before I say I see You soon I wish you nothing but the best Peace And love I love you guys thank you for Being here thank you for being part of Cooking with Gloria I will stay enjoying This amazing cranberry sweet bread see You soon bye