Fried Okra And Hoosier Sugar Daddy Syrup on Biscuits | Cooking With Brenda Gantt 2023

By | February 26, 2023
Fried Okra And Hoosier Sugar Daddy Syrup on Biscuits | Cooking With Brenda Gantt 2023

Now it's time to cook our okra for our Mother's Day dinner I got this okra add Winger's market yesterday and I cut it All up and I was gonna show you Um yeah all I did was just just cut it Like this Um In pieces about that big I don't know That's about a little less than a half Inch for sure And we're gonna do this exactly like we Did our Fried Green Tomatoes the other Day now if you can't get put a little Buttermilk on it just to do what let me See if I can test y'all's memory just to Get it wet we don't want to put Bush Just a little bit to get it wet so that All our toppings are going to stick to It okay We want to put pepper And salt Mix that up and now we're gonna put Cornmeal and flour in it now if you Cannot find any fresh okra you can buy It in the frozen section and but by the Plane don't buy it with breading on it You can bread yours when you get home Let me get some mayo and some flour to Put on it now let's see Foreign And then I'm gonna put just a little bit Of flour you can use self-rising flour Or plate it really doesn't matter it Really doesn't matter

Put that on it now I'm gonna stir it Around and make sure that it's sticking To it real good And it looks like it is see It's sticking to it and that's all there Is to it now we're fixing to fry it See if our grease is hot enough I'm gonna wait just another minute while We're waiting I did make another pan of Biscuits uh today I'm fixed to pop those In the oven on 500 Degrees so we're Going to have that with our Mother's Day Lunch All right that looks like it's beginning To get hot can you hear it Let's see Yes you can tell it's getting hotter so I'm fixing to put the other in there All right Put our okra in We're gonna have meatloaf Cream potatoes fried okra and biscuits Now um I'll turn it down just a little Bit The other day somebody was watching the Video of the biscuits And they make syrup And so he sent me some of it to go on Our biscuits or pancakes and he said you Can even make it put it in Um salads to like make vinaigrettes out Of it and y'all we have tasted the Strawberry syrup it is so good let me Wash the hands real quick

Uh anyway the strawberries syrup we have Ate known for pancakes And it was delicious we haven't tried The others there's uh 25 different Flavors that he's got His name is Um Eric And he's from Martinsville if any of you Are from Martinsville Indiana and so he Sent me some and uh we're gonna have That for lunch I'm gonna show you a Picture of it in just a minute but right Now we're just going to be busy frying Oprah Okay we'll carry it back up just a Little bit because you don't want oh and By the way when you're frying things Like this You don't want to stir too much because If you do you knock the coating off of Your okra or your Fried Green Tomatoes Or whatever we happen to be frying so You want it high enough that the coating Sticks on it but you do not by any means You want to stir it all the time just And when you do Stir It gently that'll Be good I have another friend that came Hello today I'm telling you everybody's Just trying to help me as much as they Can uh to to get this cooking thing Right they've sent me syrup and and then Somebody gave me this holder that you're That I'm using today and then one of my

Friends Sherry Kelly Um she lost her husband about a month or Two before I did And so she knows what I'm going through And she came to visit the other day and She brought this Chic crocheted made a washcloth And uh She said she ordered the thread it's all Cotton and it just washes so good I've Enjoyed it I don't know if you can see It uh up close but see She's selling those at the I think it's Called the southern Market out like You're going to the beach it's a really Cute little market out there and so She's selling them out there Anyway all right I'm gonna gently stir That just a tad And you can see our okra just cooking so Good While that's cooking I want to tell you A little story you know I love stories When my son Dallas was a little boy We had a vacation bible school at our Church and of course he went I don't Know how he was maybe second or third Grade something like that And they made fire extinguishers for Their mamas and this is my fire Extinguisher and what they did is they Took an old coffee can and got them some Holes and put inside and got some old Wooden spools and put on the top and you

Put baking soda inside of it and then if You catch fire in the kitchen you just Rinse your hand down in there and throw That baking soda on the grease fire and It puts it out well honey you you would Not believe how many times I have Grabbed this out of the counter And put out a little fire that I had Going here on the on my stove But this is a treasure this is this is One of my treasures in life you know I Told you about my biscuit cutter was a Treasure well this is another treasure Just because his little hands made it That's that's the reason Um I don't even know if they'd make ass Or coffee anymore I'm sure they do But this can let's see he is 40 47 or 48 I can't remember 47 or 48 and He made that in second grade so this can Is old it's old All right our Oprah's doing real good See I'm not going to Stir It much let me Let you look over here in it let me pick This thing up we'll just go over here a Little bit closer There we go see You see it frying up so pretty Some children don't like okra but all Mine do they they all look fried open And believe it or not they love boiled Okra sometimes I get the little tender In Okra just barely cut the end off of It so it won't fall apart and I cook it

In peas and uh beans and sometimes I Just boil it with a little butter Because everybody loves it Seems like I never cook enough of it But anyway we're gonna have when I take This up I'll turn the video off I know You're tired of waiting for my okra to Get done but um and I did want you to See my biscuits I may show you that in Just a minute let me see how they're Doing Everybody keep saying how long do you Cook your biscuits I said I don't know Y'all you go all ovens cook differently My my daughter's cooked slower than mine Does so I think you just have to peek in There is cook it on 500 and when they Get light brown and cut they've come up And they're getting light brown well Heck it's time to take them off Um Take them out of that oven All right these are almost ready they're Gonna be nice and crunchy and good I just want you to see at least one Batch of them Show them to you Anyway I was talking about that syrup Let me get one of them Foreign Texted and he's got a this persimmon Syrup and this one we've tried it's the Strawberry we've already tried it it was Delicious and a peach he gave he sent me

Five different ones And uh it says right here that they're All natural no preservatives And so but you do have to keep them Refrigerated once you open them but We're gonna have that on our biscuits Today all right our okra's ready let me Let you look at this how good this is Looking let's pull this over here just a Little bit or you can see real good all Right Well make sure you drain it put you take The towel down there see there how Pretty it looks And uh so if you're buying Oprah in the Frozen section but just the cut up okra Um get you some without the breading on It do your own breading I mean it's so Good like that when you do your your own All right All right that's it we're gonna we're Gonna cook these up So for lunch today for Mother's Day We're gonna have Um that Meatloaf the creamed potatoes The fried okra And the biscuits and what are we having For dessert nothing I did make sweet tea And if they want some dessert they could Have some of that strawberry syrup over A biscuit butter that's good enough for Dessert we're all got a fat and get Fattening up during this quarantine Anyway love y'all and have a great

Mother's day talk to you later