1915 Maple Sugar Pie Recipe – Old Cookbook Show

By | February 26, 2023
1915 Maple Sugar Pie Recipe – Old Cookbook Show

Welcome Friends welcome back to the Kitchen welcome back to Sunday morning And the old cookbook show today we're Going to do another recipe out of the Toronto Queen City of Canada cookbook This was published in 1915. Um as far as you know it's Community Cookbook it was a charity cookbook Um By all accounts it was a failure as as a As a fundraiser Um and a lot of copies were left over And I believe that this is one of the Copies that were left over and what Happened was after World War one ended And the charity that was founded that This money was supposed to go into Um had moved on The leftover cookbooks they had a Section at the front that was removed And it would have been removed right Between these two pages so my cookbook Starts on page five And so the first four pages of this Cookbook uh were removed because they no Longer wanted to mention the charity and So today we're going to do Um maple sugar pie and I'm kind of Excited for this one seems like a cross Between Uh sugar pie Of course maple sugar and a custard pie So the first thing I need to do is heat One and a half cups of milk

Oh I gotta change the bag Forget what I was saying cross between a Custard pie and a sugar pie we need one And a half cups of milk to start with And so I'll put that milk into this Double boiler double boiler is almost Hot I am going to need a half a cup of milk For later that I'm going to mix some Cornstarch into so I'll put that in now Set that aside now we need maple sugar And so this is our homemade maple sugar Made from maple syrup from our own trees In our backyard that we tap And when I'm filming this uh it's time That I should be out there getting ready To tap the trees but we had a really bad Windstorm Last Summer And we lost a couple of maple trees and The other ones are severely damaged so I don't know that I'm going to tap them This year I'm just going to have to buy syrup and Yes if you're keeping track at home this Is an awful lot Of maple sugar In today's time period it's a pretty Expensive pie Now it might seem like there's a lot Going on here but really there isn't It's just a lot of little things uh but None of them are really all that too Difficult So the milk is heating up the maple

Sugar is is is measured out I've got Some milk here that I'm supposed to put Cornstarch in and it says two two Heaping teaspoons Two rounded teaspoons of cornstarch so I'm going to say that's that And I'll just use a fork Mix that in Set it aside and now I need to separate Two eggs so Since I'm whipping the eggs into like a Meringue Whites in the copper bowl Yolks in the glass bowl And I'll just give those a little whisk Okay so that's heating up we're gonna Add the maple sugar in at this point Stir It In And we're supposed to bring this pretty Much to a boil in the double boiler So Okay I'm gonna say this is hot enough Now Supposed to Stir in the milk that has the cornstarch Mixed in And cook this for eight minutes That smells heavenly Okay now we need to temper the egg yolks With the hot milk and this is one of Those operations that you know In cookbooks and recipes and stuff they Really try to scare you that this is Something really scary and difficult to

Do and it's going to lead to disaster it It isn't it really isn't the worst thing That can happen is you're going to spill On the countertop if you've got a whisk You've got some egg You just whisk And drizzle And drizzle And drizzle And that's it By the time you reach this point You're in the clear And you can go a little bit heavier with Your pore Now put that back on the double boiler And pour this back into the pot and Continue whisking and cooking Until it thickens up a little bit and is Smooth Okay I think we're good so I'm going to Turn the heat off I've got a pie crust Here in the freezer This is a butter pie crust you can find The recipe Elsewhere on our Channel I'll Try to link to it down below This just says pour into a paste lined Plate and bake Doesn't tell you which paste to use Totally up to you what pie crust you Want to use I decided that butter might Be good on this one now we pour this in And bake What temperature and how long who knows And in the oven I've got our pizza stone

And I'm going to set this pie tin Directly onto the pizza stone Foreign I'm going to start with a cook time of About a half hour so It's a metal tin not a glass plate And I'm putting it on the pizza stone And I found that I get a much better Bottom crust using this method and this Is an eight inch Pipe tin make sure I say that right Pi Tin and if you're worried about spilling It or having a bubble over put it onto a Rimmed baking sheet before you put it in The oven that way it's easier to clean Up Okay the pie is almost cooked and it Gets a meringue topper so I've got two Egg whites here in the copper bowl and I'm going to whip them to stiff peaks I'm going to whip them about halfway First and then we're going to add a Quarter cup of powdered sugar Okay so A little bit of powdered sugar And keep whipping Okay those egg whites are looking really Nice and thick and glossy So Get the pie out of the oven So this is one of those operations that Always kind of freaks me out putting Meringue on a on a blisteringly hot pie Right out of the oven even though I know

I'm going to put it back in the oven in Order to Brown the meringue it just Always seems wrong so Spread it out make sure I've got the Meringue touching oh Try not to spill all over the countertop But try to get the meringue to touch the Pie crust on the edge And I mean if you want to pipe it on go Right ahead pipe it on I'm just gonna Get it on here I'm one of those people That You know Well you know so here I am uh Making the top just a little bit raggedy So that it Browns nicely And back into the oven to Brown Crispy on the crust hey Jules hey Glenn Hey friends I'm meringue pie a meringue Pie now one of the problems I always Find with meringue pies Is that um I assume it's lemon no oh Is that I could tell that it wasn't just But I was speaking I was speaking by the Time you by the time you get it to the Table it's deflated it looked so good When it came out of the oven so it looks Kind of like a custardy pie like it Looks like it could be a pumpkin pie It's a maple Pie oh so I'm ready to taste but I'm Just wondering if you know meringue on Other custard pies might be good I

Probably would be good Um definitely would be good Okay Oh more That's really good Now that's um but you've gotta like Maple syrup like that's Like a really nice little maple syrup Treat how much maple syrup is in that to Get that flavor so that's a cup of maple Sugar Maple sugar which is probably when You're doing the sort of the Probably about three cups of maple syrup By the time you do the conversion to Maple sugar So no syrup then just the maple sugar Just the maple sugar Good thing we've got trees yeah exactly Yeah and Pi 10 Hot oven pizza stone excellent bottom Crust it is it's nice it's got a nice Crisp crust on it not soggy at all nice And crisp I know you just want to keep eating it Which is probably not a good idea There's a tiny little sliver okay Because we haven't had supper that's a Great pie if you ever find yourself with An over abundance of maple sugar Um I would give that a try it's Interesting though if you had different Flavored sugars

Wait I could just be a brown sugar pie Yeah you know it could be uh any any Brown sugar Palm sugar coconut sugar any of those Brown sugars it would be it would be a Great pie Thanks for stopping by see you again Soon