Shrubs Or Drinking Vinegar…. Way Tastier Than They Sound!

By | February 25, 2023
Shrubs Or Drinking Vinegar…. Way Tastier Than They Sound!

Welcome Friends welcome back to the Kitchen today we're going to be making Shrubs and this could fall under the uh The old cookbook show or it could fall Under cocktails after dark Um because I will use these shrubs in Cocktails but the history of the shrub Is certainly reflected in our old Cookbooks especially our old cookbooks From North America Canada and the United States in the 1700s for this style of Shrub there is a separate group of Shrubs that appear in England and Europe Much earlier but those are more Rum based or brandy based fruit punches Or Rum or brandy flavored with fruit This is called the drinking vinegar and It is a way or was a way to preserve Fruit flavors for drinking later in the Winter and into the springtime And you use sugar and vinegar to pull Those flavors out and preserve the Flavors so the first one we're going to Make is this one when it is an orange And ginger shrub so first off I'm going To put the ginger into this mason jar Forgot to get my funnel out I have a Funnel I know Okay so in goes the ginger next in I'm Going to put some sugar some regular old White sugar cane sugar Okay I got the sugar in Now I've got some lime juice so Freshly squeezed lime juice

And two oranges now I have Uh taking the zest off of the oranges Peeled them I'm going to put the zest in And I tried to get as little pith on the Back of the zest as possible And then I peeled all of the pith off of These oranges And it's going to break them up you can I'm going to muddle these you can cut Them up if you want to But I find that just muddling them is Going to be fine so in goes the orange Now for this one I'm going to use apple Cider vinegar in fact I'm going to use Apple cider vinegar for all three of These You need a cup of it now this is Unfiltered Raw apple cider vinegar And I'm using it because it's from a Local producer in stainer north of Toronto I like the flavor I gotta tell you it is much more Expensive than this Vinegar right here apple cider vinegar This is like a tenth of the price And I got to tell you You don't really notice much of a Difference and for everybody out there Who says that you know apple cider Vinegar has these magical healing Properties Um Go ahead and use it if that's what you

Think I personally don't think that I would Probably use this more often than not to Keep my costs down and just have a bowl Of of yogurt to get my probiotics so I've got a muddler and I'm just going to Break up the oranges Okay so we'll just set that one aside For a moment and we'll move on to the Next one this next one is blackberries And basil Funnel okay so I'm gonna start out got The sugar goes in much easier with the Funnel definitely And some basil and I'm just going to Stick the basil in I'm not really going To treat it much because we will be Going in with the muddler and I've got Fresh blackberries Um These are very expensive especially Right now in this time of the year here In Canada so this gets a little bit Pricey The next one I'll show you a bit of a Hack okay and that's all the Blackberries I need now I need A third of a cup Cider vinegar And a third of a cup Of balsamic Find the flavor of the basil and the Balsamic Go together

Extremely well so same thing vinegars go In And we give that a muddle to break up The blackberries That's good And move on to the next one Same thing starting out with some sugar In goes the sugar And this time I'm going to use frozen berries and this Is a mix of uh cherries blueberries and Blackberries And the Frozen They're much cheaper Um and you know what they work just as Well as fresh in this application so That's about a half a bag Of the berries and cherries And I'm going to use two-thirds of a cup Of vinegar and I'm just going to use the The No Name Apple cider vinegar There we go two-thirds of a cup And I'm going to rinse out The fruit bag Quite a bit of flavor in there It goes In with the muddler Foreign that's it I'm going to put the Lids on And just sit them here on the back Counter for five ten days Every day I'm going to come in and I Will give them a little bit of a shake

Just to move everything around inside And they will macerate the vinegar and The sugar will pull all of the flavors Out of the fruit and Infuse that liquid With the flavor There's no who There's no need to burp these these jars There's no fermentation happening There's no alcohol being produced There's no CO2 being produced it is Simply vinegar pulling the flavor out of The fruit so you don't need to burp it There's no alcohol involved none of that Just sit these on the back counter and I Will see you in a week Okay so I have to admit life got a Little bit out of hand these have been On the counter for probably almost two Weeks at this point Um not a big deal it's gonna be fine I Mean you really don't have to do this Next step You could leave all the fruit in here And just pour off the liquid strain off The liquid as you need it as you're Mixing a drink or as you want to drink It or mix a cocktail It's not a big deal The Next Step though Is I am going to strain out the solids And just keep the liquid so a couple Different ways Of course uh sieve fine mesh sieve This is one of those bags that they use For making almond milk or oat milk great

Thing about this type of bag is that you Can get the solids in there you can give It a really good squeeze and get Everything you want with these ones you Get in there with a spoon you just sort Of mix it around so Let's get this done I think I'll do the orange in this one Since there's quite a bit of solids Really does smell incredible in here so I'm going to finish straining these out Get them into little bottles that I can Keep them in long term and then we'll Get Julie out here and we'll do a taste Test Okay so to start we're just going to Taste these straight up with a little Bit of soda water so Ice in each glass And I'm going to start out with two Ounces of shrub in each glass so this is The mixed frozen berry This is the Blackberry and basil I think It smells the best And I'll get a clean Clean [ __ ] for the orange because it's So much different than the other two And we'll just top that up with a little Bit of Seltzer water And last one Hey friends hey Glenn hey Jules That's a so we've got three shrubs they Need a little bit of a stir this is our

This is our homemade seltzer water I Guess it's Seltzer because I didn't put Any salt in Those are the traditional the subtle Names subtle so can I start with this One flip it over oh very good that works There we go Okay so Orange and ginger orange and ginger Blackberry and basil oh Blackberry basil Uh mixed frozen fruit from the frozen Fruit aisle so it's blackberries and Yeah it's whatever all right I like the What you got version I'm gonna start With that okay so here we go Hmm It's a little bubbly It might have a little bit too much Pressure in that uh okay so the beauty Of making your own at home In a keg Is that you can bump the CO2 pressure There's a lot of bubbles in there I'm Running that at 45 PSI so you get a lot Of the carbonic acid The bubbles do disappear rather quickly Though because there's a lot of Nucleation sites With all the ice in it yeah well the all The ice and there's I I strained it but I didn't strain out all of the bits That's like like a Tangy juice yeah it's pretty good I like that one with the basil That was nice too that was very good

That Ginger makes it really refreshing That one is very juice like Mm-hmm Okay so I would drink any of them I like all of Those and I think so but they're very Different right like this one this one Feels very sophisticated it does it does This one's really refreshing and this One you know the kids would like it it Also changes me too it also changes with Which uh which vinegar you use yeah that Would you can you can vary the amount of Fruit to vinegar ratio you can vary the Sugar ratio there's a lot of leeway with This to play with it and dial in your Flavor so the flavors you can vary these Flavors infinitely you can take a flavor That you really like I used all berries And oranges and stuff like that you Could use other types of berries like Tomatoes Yes you could make a very Savory version Yes yes and with tomatoes it would be Absolutely incredible and then you make That into the best Caesar ever Right Um cucumber Yes cucumber would be very refreshing Any of the melons would work incredibly Well in this so cucumber watermelon Cantaloupe all of those would be would Be great depending on what your flavor Preference is so don't feel that you

Have to say oh I'm going to do this Exactly like Glenn did it no Take what you've learned well no but Seriously I'm laughing because you know That's always a good point don't do it Exactly how Glenn did it do it like I Did it just take the idea that you're Mixing sugar vinegar and some sort of of Fruit And play with it until you get something That you love this is a great starting Point mind you Really enjoyed it with this one thanks For stopping by see you again soon