Decedent Desserts | Gordon Ramsay

By | February 19, 2023
Decedent Desserts | Gordon Ramsay

And you'll need all three for my next Recipe My take on classic chocolate brownies is Guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's Face and not just when they're fresh out Of the oven Blondies Stock up on these delicious blondies They'll keep for up to a week and it's a Great way of getting ahead if you're Expecting guests around First off melt the butter for the Mixture We've had hundreds and hundreds of Brownies the sort of white chocolate Version I.E blondies are amazing a Little bit more subtle keep a little Knob of butter For the end just to grease your baking Tray turn the gas down And gently melt that butter Sugar into the bowl Let's give that butter a little whisk Sort of makes the mixture a bit lighter Slightly fluffy Off with a gas A pinch of salt in the sugar then make It well in the middle Sort of whisk you see It's already gone nice and blunt Love it Give that

A really good mix And the secret with the butter be Slightly warm sort of it melts the sugar And nice and smooth lovely A teaspoon of vanilla extract in Next lightning whisk in two whole eggs Just give them a little beat This is such a delicious recipe yeah It's so simple whisk in the eggs looking For that nice sort of Rich texture Smooth paste You can see why we call these blondies Beautiful next teaspoon of baking powder Baking powder in then half a teaspoon of Baking soda Aerates the mixture and gives it that Little tartness you'll see this sort of Rise instantly the minute they hit the Oven And then your flour whisk with one hand And just Slowly add half the flour first Get that all mixed up make sure that Mixture is really nice and smooth Check it occasionally No lumps half a flour in And then the other half in you'll feel It sort of almost nice and firm And that's why it's so important to add The flowering stages this stops the Mixture going lumpy it should be just Dropping off the Whisk Beautiful Change over from a whisk to a spoon next

I want some texture some nice sweet Chewiness to the blondies dried Cranberries they bake beautifully but it Gives the Blondie a really nice sort of Chewy sweetness in the center next and White chocolate I'm not gonna grate it let's chop it up Just slice it like little bits of Shrapnel I want the chocolate my little Matchsticks dotted around Now chocolate in lovely fold that in I Want a nice even distribution of those Wonderful dried cranberries Don't over mix it I want to break up Chocolate Nice even mix of cranberries and Chocolate See the chocolate there'll be parts of The chocolate in the oven that will Actually melt it'll be like little pools Of white melted chocolate in the center Now baking tray A small little knob of butter And a grease baking tray and line it Some greaseproof paper and just over Extend it Shiny side out dull side hits the bottom Of the tray in Chris proof allows me to maximize on the White chocolate inside the mix no grease With paper the chocolate can melt and Almost stick to the tray so the paper is

Just a really nice insurance policy Secondly won't that rise and that sort Of crispness now with the mix get your Spatula all the way around I don't see Anything left in that bowl position the Ball over your tray Nice and carefully Don't leave that slice in the bowl Nobody's licking that one and then just Take the back of a spatula go into the Corners push and come back into the Middle Turn the tray around let it work to your Advantage Try and get it evenly positioned in the Tray If it goes in even It Cooks evenly Make sure you smooth out the top of the Blondie with the back of the spatula And then into the oven it's going to Rise it's nice and crisp On that soft gooiness in the center Make your blondies at 180 degrees for 35 To 40 minutes That smells incredible Look at that crisp Edge on the outside In that sort of soft gooey Center leave That to cool down and it's going to sort Of firm up and wrinkle but it'll stay Nice and gooey in the center once it's Cooled down take it out and start Slicing

Mouth-watering blondies a fantastic easy Treat to have on hand for yourself or to Share In great bacon as with all cooking Sometimes less is more Look and taste spectacular when they're Done well And it doesn't come any simpler or more Stylish than my next dish wonderful Baked cheesecake for me food always has To be impressive but when it comes to Desserts often you see Sponge sugar or Wild decorations remember simple is Always the most impressive this Cheesecake is so straightforward yet so Delicious Now cream cheese leave it out of the Fridge for five or ten minutes go nice And soft trust me your arms will be Thanking you Sugar in this cheesecake is the New York Cheesecake because it's baked so there's No base start creaming the cheese and The sugar Spending the amount of time I do in the States if there's one thing they know How to do out there is the most amazing Impressive cheesecake Rich delicious but So simple work the bowl Lift the ball to your advantage Really whisk Whisk whisk whisk Lovely Nice and creamy now

Get your eggs Add the eggs to the mixture bit by bit Doing it this way it's more efficient a You're incorporating a lot of Air B the Mixture doesn't separate The last of your egg Of course you can use electric mixer but Why go to the gym we can just make a Cheesecake a day Cheesecake a day keep the Bingo Wings Away Now a couple of tablespoons of flour Give it a whisk stop something going Lumpy Now I want to scent that cheesecake I've got the freshness zest of the lemon In there I want to sort of tart it up Even more fold in some fresh raspberries So just mix them through be careful to Crush them Then Grease the cake tin with butter This will ensure your cheesecake slides Out beautifully Get your mix Fall in Now take your cake tin and just Tap it Mixture hits the bottom of the cake tin The Raspberries rise and you've got Raspberries at the top the middle and The bottom and also stops all these Little pockets of air trapping Underneath the mixture and the cake tin There's no holes

In the cheesecake now into the oven 180 Degrees for 35 to 40 minutes Foreign Slightly soufflaid up Pull off That's the color I wanted on top And look at it It's one of the simplest yet the most Stylish cheesecakes anywhere Beautiful Slow cooking isn't exclusive to just Savory dishes it's a clever way to Transform fruit into wonderful desserts Giving them an amazing sticky Jammy Intensity Invest a bit of patience and my next Recipe pays off big time Indulgence and bursting with flavor Caramelized figs with ricotta slow Cooking can also take desserts to a Whole new level A gentle long cook can really bring out That wonderful Rich sticky sweetness and That depth of flavor in fruits These are black figs they are suited to Slow cooking roasting better than the Green figs because this outside skin is So durable this is an amazing way of Roasting figs and it's so easy yet so Delicious lay your figs out in a rows Take some Rosemary and just peel that

Down look at that really nice fragrant Stem get your scissors trim the edge Almost we've got a bit of a sort of Sharp Point bring your three figs Together And just thread the top of each fig Nice and gently Rosemary works Wonderfully with sweet dishes as the Figs roast in the oven the stock will Impart a lovely subtle flavor useful Dust the figs with icing sugar then coat Them with a generous splash of Blossom With vinegar leave them to sit there for Five minutes they sort of marinate I Know it sounds odd to use vinegar in Your dessert but trust me it gives the Dish a fantastic sweet and sour taste I'm gonna make a really nice caramel Four or five tablespoons of sugar now Flatten that out and get it nice and Even when the sugar is even caramel Cooks evenly It's changing now you can see it melting From the outside in the one thing you Don't do is shake the pan rapidly And sit almost like sort of a lake Defrosting and it's hitting to the Center it's bubbling it's still not dark Enough yet It's getting there Turn the gas down and stay in control Let the sugar melt until it turns a dark Amber color the secret behind any good Caramel is just stopping it from

Overcooking Lovely Take that off the gas not with butter in There Gently whisk in The butter is cooling the camel down You'll see it changing color to like a Cafe Olay Next add a lug of the balsamic vinegar Beautiful For that nice dark richness Of a camel a little touch of water in There That way the camel doesn't go too thick Now put the camel back on the heat take A fix and sort of place them in gently Lovely And then just added all that lovely Little marinade Don't waste that It's amazing stuff there Icing sugar and Balsam and vinegar There's something so tasty Based those figs because the skin gets Nice and crispy on the outside and the Fig sort of just absorbs the caramel Delicious So easy Now into the oven 190 for 10 minutes Almost doubled in size Now look at the color on them They smell

Is incredible onto your plate They're a lot heavier because they've Actually started absorbing that camera Now douse the figs with caramel And serve with ricotta cheese the Freshness of that ricotta goes Brilliantly well With the figs I'm gonna finish that now It seems zest and then some little Nibbed almonds And the rich creamy Jam texture of the Fig With a ricotta Brilliant that is an amazing way of slow Roasting fruit Taking figs to a completely new level