1938 Apple Sauce Cookies Recipe – Old Cookbook Show

By | February 19, 2023
1938 Apple Sauce Cookies Recipe – Old Cookbook Show

Welcome Friends welcome back to the Kitchen welcome back to Sunday morning In the old cookbook show we're going to Come back to this cookbook Um I really like this cookbook the town Crier recipe book 300 lucky low-cost Prize-winning recipes price 50 cents Sent in by a viewer thank you very much For sending us this book Um Published 1938 so End of the depression just before World War II starts and it is put together By the town crier family Flower company Or the Midland flower Milling Company of Kansas City Missouri Um they are recipes that are called from Recipe contests and then tested tested Tested and put in this book and so um An Incredible Book of recipes The recipe we're going to do today let Me find it here is called applesauce Cookies Um I like a really good cookie I like Applesauce I like a spice cookie let's Make applesauce cookies so we're going To start out by creaming the butter And I'll get the butter into the stand Mixer there we go Get that on Now the recipe has later on two add-ins Uh Nuts

And raisins And the recipe specifically tells me to Mix a little bit of the flour with the Nuts and raisins Um I gotta tell you I've tested this Over and over and over and over and over Again And it's pretty much a waste of time This does not affect whether the add-ins The raisins the nuts whatever sink to The bottom that's total myth for some Things though uh That are really sticky like peel like Candy peel it can keep those from Clumping together by putting flour on Them they don't stick together so they Do get distributed more but for the most Part Flour not flour there's a whole lot of Other things going on in a cake batter Specifically that could cause the fruit To either fall or not fall to the bottom Anyway that's my little rant That's still creaming together So the butter is pretty soft let's get The sugar in there and we'll cream Together the sugar and the butter And while that's creaming together we'll Deal with the dry ingredients so I have The flour Baking soda Cinnamon Cloves And some nutmeg now

Um a common comment I see in the in the Comment section below the videos is Someone will say I really love that Recipe but you had me right up until you Put cloves in or cinnamon or nutmeg or Whatever spice it is that we're putting Into the cake for the cookies or Whatever You know you can leave it out right if You don't like clothes don't put them in Substitute something else If you think the rest of the cookie Seems like a really great idea and you'd Love to have it but you don't like one Of the spicing ingredients one of the Flavoring ingredients Leave it out it's really not that Difficult Don't overthink it Exchange it for something that you do Like so we'll mix that together okay so Rereading the recipe I realize I was supposed to put the soda in the Applesauce It'll be okay it'll be okay Um soda's mixed in with the flour Instead of the applesauce It's gonna come to the same end it's Going to be fine so now I'm going to put The applesauce Into the stand mixer and we'll mix that Together you'll notice Um no egg in this in this mixture no Vanilla in this mixture

Um You know admittedly there is quite a bit Of spice and nut and and fruit so it's Not an inexpensive recipe for 1938 but Anyway where was I going with that the Applesauce is going to do some of what The egg would do So just like every other cookie we've Ever made Spoon in the flour Spoonful at a time Don't put it in too quickly as one Spoonful mixes in add the next now the Flower's all mixed in in go the nuts and The raisins And That's it Okay so we'll portion these out onto a Baking tray It's quite a loose Quite a loose dough I don't know how much they will spread The dough could probably use uh 15 or 20 Minutes in the fridge just to kind of Stiffen it up a little bit before you Bake it and while this tray is in the Oven that's probably what I'm going to Do Last one And into the oven For about 20 minutes at 350. Hey friends hey Glenn hey Jules Applesauce cookies Applesauce cookies that sounds good I Mean sorry I'm staring at watching what

You were doing I was wondering what what You know we got some nice what is that I Thought applesauce Or caramel water dropper frog oh that'd Be really good oh I'm a little bit Jealous a little bit there on that I'll Pick that one later then I'll look for One that has some wow caramelized Applesauce It's giving me ideas That's what we need right Glenn having More ideas so these are eggless Okay Um the applesauce I guess takes that up And and adds all the moisture to it so As you can see I keep hovering waiting For the clue that says it's okay for me To taste them What's inside oh Nuts and spices and raisins and Applesauce It's not a crisp cookie no it's a soft Spice cookie soft soft spice cookie yeah It's nice job it's a nice nice set of Spices in there And the applesauce keeps it nice and Moist More like little cakes Than than what in North America we would Now call a cookie Oh those are really good I like those All right Glen improved so It's a really good cookie

Change out the spicing a little bit if You want to um make it into something a Little bit different mm-hmm Thanks for stopping by see you again Soon