Delicious Hazelnut Cake Recipe

By | February 17, 2023
Delicious Hazelnut Cake Recipe

Thank you Hello my friends welcome back to cooking With Gloria today I want to share with You a very delicious hazelnut Cake that I know you guys are going to Love but first things first my apron is On my hands are clean and I am ready to Show you my ingredients To prepare this delicious Hazelnut cake these are the ingredients Butter sour cream vanilla extract baking Powder eggs of course the star the Hazelnuts granulated sugar milk All-purpose flour and of course our Non-stick baking cream that you already Have that amazing Recipe on my channel so let's get Started I want to start by preparing my Hazelnuts of course I am have I have Boiling water I'm going to add the Hazelnuts that have the skin already I'm Adding the baking soda on the top and of Course you're gonna have all the Ingredients in the description box I'm Just gonna whisk it in I'm gonna cook it For about eight minutes After the eight minutes you're gonna see It nice and bubbling and even the water Is going to change color Let Me Tell You Why you wanna You wanna soak in hot water boil them in

Hot water so that it's easy to remove The skin of the hazelnuts and here I'm Gonna put them through a sifter and I'm Going to add cold water and I'm going to Be cleaning one by one this is the part That takes longer cleaning your Hazelnuts and getting the skin Completely off your hazelnuts look at This it really doesn't take too long but You want to take this extra step once They are nice and clean and you put them On the towel and now they're dry you are Going to bake them at 375 for 10 minutes You could Bake it for eight to ten minutes you Decide every oven is different so here I Have a a bacon dish that I lined with Non-stick paper and I'm going to go Ahead add my my hazelnuts I'm gonna put It in the oven and I'm gonna let them Get nice and roasted so the aroma and The flavors really wake up Look at this they're nice and clean okay I have preheated my oven I'm gonna go Ahead They are nice and crispy nice and Roasted and now that I have everything Ready I'm gonna go ahead and take one Whole cup of the hazelnuts I'm gonna reserve it because that's the Cup that I'm going to use to decorate This delicious and moist Hazelnut cake I have my eggs I'm adding My sour cream adding the butter I'm

Going to add the milk I'm going to add The vanilla extract the sugar and once I Have all the ingredients in here I am Going to whisk it Making sure that everything is Incorporated It doesn't take too long just remember That all your ingredients need to be at Room temperature so that your cake comes Out fluffy moist tender amazing and here I have my dry ingredients I have all I have the all-purpose flour The baking powder and I am going to go Ahead and whisk it really good until There is no more dry ingredients The texture of this mixture is thick It's not too runny but believe me your Cake is going to come out fluffy moist Tender and amazing and now of course I Want to show you my non-stick baking Cream that I use all the time it really Lasts a long time in the refrigerator There's no need to butter your pan and Then add all-purpose flour this is a one Step baking cream non-stick baking cream That is going to release your cakes your Cupcakes anything that you bake is going To release very easily Nothing is going to stick to to your Baking dish well here I'm adding all the Mixture in here I'm going to tap it a Little bit to get the bubbles of air out I have preheated my oven to 350 Fahrenheit it's gonna go in the oven for

About 30 minutes remember every oven is Different Once this is done let me show you I'm Putting a little stick in if it comes Out clean that means it is cooked Through and now let's reveal look at This look how golden brown it is it Didn't stick to the pan nice and fluffy And now I am ready for Prepare the decoration I'm going to go Ahead and add the granulated sugar I want to go ahead and add the Granulated sugar in medium Heat And you start seeing that it starts Getting nice and clumpy it starts Dissolving the sugar You could see the crystals Don't leave the pan make sure that you Are whisking at all times because it Could burn your sugar could burn very Easily once it's at this point then you Are ready to start adding Your vanilla extract and then you are Going to add your hazel nuts And just cover them completely making Sure that they're nice and covered and Now turn off your stove and let's Decorate our cake Once you make this amazing and delicious Hazelnut cake you are going to continue Enjoying it with your beautiful family The aroma in my kitchen is amazing And to tell you the truth I can't wait To dig in and enjoy it if you liked and

Loved my recipe I invited to subscribe Leave me a thumbs up share this video on Social media so The family of cooking with Gloria keeps Growing and of course I'm gonna add the Extra syrup right on the top And now I am ready for the presentation I can't wait to enjoy it I'll see you in Just a little bit I am completely done with this hazelnut Cake yes this is the part I Really Love And Enjoy tasting my recipes I wish you Guys were here to taste it with me Excuse me Um The cake is so moist The flavor of the hazelnut really crispy The flavor's so penetrator that I'm sure You guys are going to love it When you cook with love everything comes Out amazing Make this delicious and amazing hazelnut Cake if you liked and loved my recipe I Invited to subscribe leave me a thumbs Up share this video on social media with Your friends with your relatives so Cooking with Gloria keeps growing don't Forget to push that notification Bell And if you did leave it activated so Every time I make an amazing recipe like I did today yes you're going to be

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