Homemade Chili With Brenda Gantt | Cooking With Brenda Gantt

By | February 16, 2023
Homemade Chili With Brenda Gantt | Cooking With Brenda Gantt

All right y'all I am going to make some Chili today I had a little bit of hamburger meat Left over right here from the other day That I Had made a hamburger or something and I Had a little bit of that left over and I Want to add some that I got last night At the grocery store I'm gonna that this in here is probably A pound okay and this one right here is Three pounds so I'm probably gonna use Two pounds of it Well it's actually almost four pounds Three and a half pounds I'm gonna use About this much of it About half of that Right here and what I'm doing is putting In my black Skillet and I'm going to uh Fry it up and drain it really super good Then I'm gonna put in all my stuff and That'll be a good thing It'll take and I'm gonna put it in this Pot right here when it gets through I Mean that's what I'm gonna actually cook It in I'm just frying it in here Oh wow Chili's real lazy to make and I've got a recipe for it I made it a While back and you'll just have to Scroll back and see how I made it that Day sometimes I make it big sometimes I Make it little But one thing for sure is I always make It all right we're gonna let that cook a

While and I'll be right back all right While our meat is cooking and it's doing A good job it's just cooking away Chopping it up I like to find big old Songs to make my chili I like pork to be Chopped up so I do it with the end of my Spatula like that anyway I'm gonna start Adding stuff in this pot because this is Actually what we're going to put it in And I'm going to add this which is a Tomato sauce and it's 29 ounces Now I'm going to add some these are Called light Kidney beans like kidney beans okay Let me get the taco doing up I'm gonna Add juicing off Like kidney beans I'm going to add four Cans of those Foreign All my granddaughters all of them Everybody everybody in our family likes Chili so there's four cans of your light Kidney beans and these were uh let me See what Um So I was trying to find the ounce for You No that's not it yeah it is it's a pound 16 ounces So I got four pounds kidney beans now I'm gonna add some petite diced tomatoes And it's the same size can as the Chili beans I like tomatoes in mine

Now I'm gonna cut up some onions all Right y'all I missed a can we're gonna Add five cans so when I went to the Grocery store to buy what I wanted And then I got home and I forgot I only Put four cans in there I'm putting five In there I'm gonna put five in there I'm gonna feel everybody here I think I'll drain that one Juice in there there we go now then I Got five cans of kidney beans in there Now I'm gonna cut up my onions I've got three pretty dye sized ones cut Two kind of big those kind of about Medium sized We're gonna saute these just a little Bit most of it's gonna cook actually in The chili itself You need some good onions in there That's for sure What do y'all put on top of your um When I was growing up We didn't put anything on top of ours Would you say chili and crackers Something like that we didn't have I Don't know Mama didn't ever offer the Same thing to go on top But one In the last few years I've eaten some Chili that has Um they do a dollop of sour cream on the Top And they do uh some grated cheese on the Top after you put it in your bowl

And it is good like that so sometimes I I do too I do that But these onions are going to make it And if it looks like this is not enough I bought a whole bag of them over there In my basket and I will get those out And we'll put another onion in if we Feel like we need it Guess what I'm doing I'm not even going To You'll have to listen and figure it out This Hannah said the other day do they Know when you're washing clothes I said Yes they do I had to get some new sheets I got one seat The others uh active uh where they took In on under the mattress It tore up I mean just got a hole in it I don't know why or I don't know how That happened But it certainly happened All right I'm gonna finish this up and Then We're going to drain our meat and we'll Set up one more like with a while I'm With y'all and then we'll drain our meat Yes I know this is a Christmas apron and It isn't even Christmas But it's what I grabbed What I grabbed Put these up sweet little cubes here you Know it's amazing how you know I told Y'all before that my contacts Protect my eyes and that I don't have

Any burning from onions you know some People absolutely can't cut them up they Cry the whole time because that's gas I Guess that that onion comes up and gets In your eyes But these contacts Protect that gas from getting in there I Guess I mean I don't know what else it Could be But I could cut up onions all day long And it doesn't do not one thing if I've Got all my contacts now if I go back There put on those readers you can bet I'd be crying Like a baby like a baby Baby All right I'm I don't I'm not gonna cut Up the others while you're watching Because it takes too long we got a long Video today all right our meat is done And so here's what we want to do and or Here's what I do and I'm sure you Probably do this very same thing honey The very same thing let me move you back A little bit So we can see good Well I brought in the spatula let me Throw it over here in the dishwater All right now then here's the meat and It is done It's not you don't want to fry it hard You want it to be soft because Chili's Supposed to be soft you're not supposed To find a large crusty meat in your

Chili all right what I do is I pull my Meat to one side like this so that my Grease Drains down to the opposite side Of the pan and I've got me a cup out Here So I'm going to Dip this Spatula thing I mean a ladle down in there and get That grease off of it So we won't have it in Our arteries Get as much as I can I'm just draining It really super good With it up like this if you push it to If you leave it flat and push it to one Side push the meat to one side it Doesn't do as good this way it's Actually draining that grease Oh Down to the opposite side you just Get it out see Throw that away Right now I've got just about it all out Of there that I could get Might be another teaspoon or two All right now I'm going to take this Water and put it at the top of that Kind of stir this around in that water And if if there's any grease that's on There on that meat And come off in that water because the Water is now hot Okay and we'll do the same thing over

Again and pull that water off And let it drain just a minute and we'll Pull that water off and put it to cook And that's called washing your meat or That's what I do I wash my meat All right see there's a big thing of it Right there all right then we'll get put That in there and that's just about Going to get any kind of Grease that's Left In that me I like to do it this way and that way When you eat your chili you know that You're getting something really healthy You're getting some good meat and those Beans are high protein and tomatoes and All it's going to be so good All right now we'll put this In my big pot over here that y'all can See Oh that is heavy I know that Foreign And I've got it turned on low and we're Going to put our onions in this same pot So we don't have to mess up another pot That's what we're going to do All right so I cut up all three of these Onions And we're gonna let these cook in here Just a little bit just to kind of get Them a little bit soft you don't have to Cook them too long because they're going To saute in there anyway I mean uh boil

Simmer in there anyway I think three is Going to be plenty I was debating wasn't put forward but I Think these were so big I think All right we'll turn it up just a little Bit to get it kind of hot And that'll help clean out this pan too And we won't have to wash as much All right so let's come over here to our Chili now let's touch on the other side Where you could see down in the chili Pot There While our onions are gonna get a little Tender all right now what I'm going to Do now is we haven't added any chili Powder Let me Stir It Up a little bit Look how good and thick that looks isn't That pretty We're gonna get these onions in there We're going to let this simmer most of The afternoon and have a little low low Boil And then tonight it'll be ready to eat It's lunch time now and that's why I'm Making it now that looks like about the Right amount of beans versus meat you See what I mean You're getting a lot of meat and a lot Of beans and which are both good for you All right let me get out my chili powder All right now I usually I don't normally

Measure chili powder but I am today let Me get me out of measurements please And I'm going to measure it because In the when I taste it I'll be able to Say to y'all put more or less or Whatever but I know that you're going to Want to know how much I'm putting in There aren't you y'all want to know All right here we go this is a Tablespoon I'm going to start with four One I buy this big thing of chili powder Because I like a lot too It's not chili without chili powder is It three And four all right we're gonna do that And then later on this afternoon it's Got to have time to simmer and do in Here and when it does later on this Afternoon I'll taste it and if it needs More I'll put it It definitely won't need less I can tell You It tastes good with that in it I have Not put any salt yet Or any kind of spices except for the Chili powder and the reason for it is This Those tomatoes and that tomato sauce all Have high salt content in it especially That tomato sauce And so that's why I'm not putting it in Yet because I don't know how it's going

To taste yet because of the tomato sauce So don't be in a hurry to Salt things Just salt it as you go okay All right our onions are Kind of Cooking up just a little bit here We're gonna put those in and then I'm Gonna move this pot over to here because This is the only big eye I've got my Back eye doesn't work This old stove has had it But That's what I'm cooking now Somebody asked me the other day why Don't you have a gas stove well I don't Know what I don't have a mama used Electric I've always used electric so That's why I got Electric But I like to use gas I mean I've used It before I've got gas at the Taco House All right so those are getting kind of Tender but anyway Um the reason that uh I hadn't gotten That new stove is because the a new Electric stove And I've told you this is because That uh top of the stove nowadays Whether it's the flat top or the eyes They tell you Um you'll be frying okra or something And everything's going good it's frying Good and your stove decides that it's Too hot so it cuts itself off So then your Oak was sitting in that

Grease getting soggy Well my stove doesn't do that because I It's the old kind it turns off when I Turn it off not when it decides it wants To turn off I've been eating some and then you wash Your machine decides how much water it Needs to be in there we'll know how much Water I want but mine won't let me put It it decides on its own it's got a Brain in there And it and I don't like its brain What about that what about those apples Tell her that what about those apples All right y'all it's time now to put our Onions over here they are not brown They're just uh kind of clear or glassy Little whatever you want to call it let Me get me a hot pad with a mover over This to here and we're then we're going To start our simmering process that's All it is to it you have just made Homemade cheese In a pot of it How many are you having for supper Tonight Get you out a box of crackers And have you a good time Foreign A big box of crackers and a big pan of Chili all right we're gonna put this Right over here because this is my big

Eye Since it's the one that works Okay come over here where you can see Down in it good I'll put you right up Here on it how about that Turn you right down there in it like That where you can see oh yes all right Now see our pan is full It's good thick Chili and I'm going to turn it down to About two or three And I'm not in any hurry For it to uh Cook any you know to be it because I'm Going to serve it till night time anyway I'm just mixing it up right now And I tell you what I don't like my Chili dry so What I did when I went to the grocery Store is I bought two Oh cayenne's of the Tomato salts but I Didn't put but one in there because I Wasn't sure how it was gonna look And If this simmers this afternoon and it Looks too thick for me and my taste I'm Gonna put one more can of tomato sauce In it Or if I need to put um More chili powder I'll do that Uh I'm gonna taste it hey y'all got a Taster too Okay anyway here it is and I'm gonna put A top on it and I'm going to tighten

These little knobs over here they just Twist look at that thing twisting Every Which Way I gotta go get my Phillips Head screwdriver and get it fixed All right y'all that's the chili And uh it is so good it's homemade it's Not expensive to make as a matter of Fact they didn't have any yesterday But if you're making for a crowd Go ahead and use that three and a half Pounds of your hamburger meat that you Had and buy a gallon just buy the gallon Can because it's cheaper of the light Pinto beans I mean light kidney beans You can make it with pinto beans And that is delicious and I do that Sometimes too I kind of change my beans Around but anyway three and a half Pounds of hamburger meat A gallon of your light colored pinto Beans they're either five cans of the The ones I showed you Um two cans of diced tomatoes try to get The petite so it'll be all in there Three onions three that we put in four Four tablespoons of uh chili powder And what else do we put that that's it That's it And then you're just going about your Business and let this simmer and you Probably could do it in your crock pot a Lot of y'all are crock pot cookers So you might want to do your hamburger Meat and your onions on your stove and

Then just throw it all in the crock pot With everything else but you'd have to Have a big old crock pot and then sit in A little one and this freezes real well Too so um and you can get you out some Sour cream and Cheese and all that kind of stuff and uh And eat it with that but it'll be so Good and it's homemade it's homemade Y'all you're gonna have to learn to cook Some homemade stuff You can't keep buying all this boxed Stuff You've got to conserve a little bit I Guess I have to