Gordon Ramsay Burns his Tortilla Cooking Breakfast with Richard Blais | Next Level Kitchen

By | February 16, 2023
Gordon Ramsay Burns his Tortilla Cooking Breakfast with Richard Blais | Next Level Kitchen

If there wasn’t a fire up here there it Goes a little bit of onion Sorry about that Welcome to Next Level kitchen where we Are going to give you our tips tricks And skills to get your cooking to the Next level that’s right Gordon and today We’re making one of my favorite meals of The day breakfast breakfast is essential That’s right we are taking your Breakfast to the next level with some Mexican inspiration but before we get on To the breakfast let’s talk about Something humble something delicious That we all use across breakfast yeah The amazing egg there it is there it is The egg gotta love them every Chef needs To know how to cook eggs multiple ways Yes favorite way what would it be oh man I’d like a nice a nice classic French Omelet to be honest yeah I’m more of a Soft scramble man because that was the First thing I learned to perfect in Paris soft scrambled eggs we serve for Breakfast lunch or dinner breakfast will Be done with scrambled eggs lunch wild Mushrooms and for dinner would you Believe uni also I love that I like this Little caviar on top maybe too there you Go yes yes there you go you ready yes Let’s go you’re familiar with Mexican Cuisines I am I live in San Diego so I’m A couple miles away from Mexico Huevos rancheros everyone loves huevos

Rancheros what does it mean the food I Like the farm of the ranch you know what You’re going to eat before you have a Lot of work to do during that day it’s Basically like your full breakfast Gotcha okay so in England we have a full English breakfast sausage eggs Tomatoes Beans that pudding white pudding and Toast and fried bread yes and and then Right exactly uh now I’m going to start Off with um some of this beautiful Smoky Chorizo okay I want to get it in there And get that oil out why the flavor Profile inside there is off the charts And this will help take any egg dish to The next level now you can see that oil Literally running out of that sausage Once you’ve got that going in with your Zucchini or courgette back home bell Pepper In and now it’s all starting to take on That amazing sausage fridge yeah so Listen you got chorizo I got bacon we’re Getting that salty sweet flavor going And then just right in my cast iron I am Going to cook the bacon and the potatoes Together I have my burrito that I’m Making I’m making a California Burrito So I got two big flour tortillas that I’m just gonna griddle and then I’m Gonna make some pico de gallo but I Gotta crack my eggs first are you how Are you gonna how do you crack eggs Gordon so we will learn carefully to tap

It always on a flat surface yes okay Because that way it stops the shell Going into the egg and sometimes it Breaks the yogurt how are you doing it Oh my gosh I’m not gonna do it that way I’m gonna just crack it on my bowl and Hope for the best and now all this Pressure’s on me so I’m gonna crack These eggs let’s see can I do the two Hand crack can you Believe it or not amazing okay there we Go we got our potatoes cooking we have Our bacon cooking I’m getting going with Our eggs over here and uh yeah we gotta Make some scrambled eggs I love that I love that now that sausage Has melted the flavor’s out so already The basic veg it starts To take on a league of its own it’s Already going up in the next level Flatten out the ingredients if you plan Out the ingredients like this and Utilize the whole pan what happens is Everything underneath gets really nice And crispy okay next I’ve got some Beautiful Chipotle hot sauce it’s a Really nice sort of way of just lifting Those vegetables again with a chorizo And it gets really nice and spicy Now are you doing a quick omelet or are You doing uh no I’m gonna cook the eggs In a separate pan I’m just going to Crisp up the potatoes and the bacon over Here and then I like my Scramble to be

Nice and fluffy so I’m going to whisk That get it nice and aerated nice and Fluffy and then I’m gonna cook my eggs In a separate pan are you using that pan I was going to use that pan okay I got One right over here no I got one right Here we’re good come on Peaceful beans Uh black beans and that’s going to give You that starch across this amazing Breakfast this is not really a breakfast For us this is like a sort of brunch Moving into lunch the time I spent down In Oaxaca honestly this was a staple Almost like a street food breakfast it Was that good think about the layers the Hot sauce the beans and now a little bit Of fresh coriander and then add chopped Tomatoes don’t flood it I don’t like This to be too wet in a way that it Becomes too soupy so just three Tablespoons in Now give that a really nice mix up Um tortilla what do you do with that Tortilla okay the tortilla I’m just Gonna throw on my planche I have my eggs A little bit of brown butter nice and Softly scrambled I’m going to get all That texture getting from the potatoes Oh sorry you know it’s all right you go First I’ll go after you because I have To make a pico de gallo I need a sauce For this so pico de gallo or basically a Fresh salsa it’s gonna be a chopped up Onion and a chopped up tomato okay there

We go a little bit of chopped onion Right we have our tomato A little bit of lime here’s a little tip When I cut limes I like to cut them not In half like you want a lemon but I cut Them in thirds like this because the Cell structure of a lime is a little Different I get more juice out of it When I cut this lemon into thirds and This is just going to be the vinaigrette Sort of for my pico de gallo look at all The juice I get out of the lime right There Have that got our lime juice onion Tomatoes our pico de gallo coming Together my eggs are finished where are We out with the huevos rancheros I’m Getting that I’m getting this again Huevos huevos rancheros love that plus We’ll get my eggs crispy these are not Soft Sort of cooked eggs they’re sort of firm And crispy something quite nice about That beautiful Crispy Edge again super generous on the Seasoning listen you like spicy food Right I love it okay so I’m gonna use Most of this jalapeno over here not Going to use the seeds Using the seeds makes it a little Spicier love that okay please Are coming along Do you have any chili there I have some Paprika there’s a little bit of uh

There’s a jalapeno right there if you Want yeah perfect that’s good it’s a hot Paprika literally go on the top of those Eggs and literally let that sit there I’m absolutely finish off beautifully by The way I love this pico de gallo Because people think they have to go out And they have to buy salsa four Ingredients in a bowl you chop them up Roughly a little bit of lime juice and We have this beautiful pico de gallo Right here okay my sauce is done my eggs Are done my potatoes are cooking I gotta Get my tortilla just cooked a little bit Here to roll up my burrito so you Mentioned the lime finishing my uh Farmers eggs huevos rancheros As well and just to give that little bit Of fragrance in there okay is there is There anything you can do by the way Honestly this is uh this is one of our Favorites here you know that seriously Fantastic Wow that’s good All right that’s very good right Um what’s the secret of rolling a gray Burrito wow to me as you want that that Tortilla to be nice and pliable right so Steamed or even if you’re home popping It in the microwave but look I barely Cooked it just a little bit of char Almost just kissing each side of the Plancha love that so that we just barely So it’s so it’s pliable if it gets too

Crunchy we can’t roll our burrito gotcha So here we go I’m gonna double double Stack this I’m going big I’m going next Level over here Gordon I’m going to Start adding all my ingredients to my Burrito wrapper I’m dying to see how you Roll this amazing burrito okay I mean Listen we’ll see how I can do it I’m Gonna load it up I think the key to a Good California Burrito is to just get All of the things all of the stuff the Eggs the potato the bacon the chorizo Whatever you’re doing getting it in There I’m gonna add a little bit of my Cheese right on top of the hot eggs yes Because we want that to melt a little Bit of salt and then I’m gonna top it With some pico de gallo and some Avocados gonna make it nice and Cooling That look at that fresh flavor in there Let’s just see if I can roll this up a Little tip when you’re dicing avocado Leave it in the Shelf okay hit it with a Little touch of lime juice okay and then Very carefully get your finger there and Rub that so it stops from oxidizing and Then just crisscross very carefully with Your knife okay one way turn it upside Down and go again and all you’re doing Now is sort of dissecting that inside And I’ll show you how we finish our Beautiful Farmer’s eggs I love that yeah I love that’s four mistakes way more Rancheras

Another little tip for the avocado is How to get that how do you get the Actual pit out of there gotcha be very Careful but with your chef’s knife You’re just going to get in there take The pit out with your knife there you go Um okay traditionally it’ll be finished With uh Little Cotija which is basically a Salted cheese so so I’m gonna use feta Fat is perfect salted ricotta you know The thing I love about global Cuisine is It’s on the sit every culture’s got a Salty crumbly cheese in this case it’s Cotija or feta if you want Tia thank you Is that thing rollable I don’t know I Don’t know I’m going big I mean I I Don’t think so let’s see let’s see is it Rollable yeah no you got it Gordon Listen this is like you tucking it in Have you yeah you got to tuck it in you Gotta go with the big you got to get Your hands in there I’m eating this so Don’t worry if my hands are on this you Gotta give yourself a fold there you go You gotta fold it up on the side so you Lose an avocado on the side not a big Deal I love that that’s how you do it I I can’t believe you doubted me for a Second look at that okay listen as I say In Scotland that is well packed And if you want you can put it on the Plancha get it nice and crispy but I Think I’m ready to Plate I see you

Plating already I’m just starting so I’ve sort of crisped up my tortilla I’ve Got my beautiful veg and tomatoes spicy Tomatoes Now from there as you saw I finished out A little touch of lime zest I want my Eggs super crispy the beans have been Sort of amazing crisped up so I’m just Gonna Drop them around the outside And the most important thing here is That this thing is sort of almost like a Little pick a mix when you dive into This you quite love it you struggle on Where to start the eggs Beautiful crisp eggs sit on top they’re Crispy but they’re still runny and That’s the secret okay I told you about The avocado I’ve sliced that take a Spoon and look as you go inside all These little bits of avocado just break Off because you’ve diced them up and We’re just scooping that out over Your eggs oh fantastic now listen I’m Going to give not that you need it Because you have millions of followers But a good social media tip is if you Want your burrito to get extra like Scored in I’m going to slice it in half And then you gotta do the social media Fold where you take the burrito Stack it on top of each other and this Have you noticed that only social media Influences present their burrito like

This look at that it is the shot okay I’m gonna plate it Now once the avocado is on just get some Of that beautiful feta and just crumple It and that’s going to give you that Nice saltiness over the finish and Honestly This is a breakfast to die for not only Have we elevated your breakfast to the Next level but trust me that’ll keep any Farmer anywhere in the world happy with A beautiful huevo wow rancheros That looks delicious great job seriously Really good job Indeed now that’s how You take and elevate your dish to the Next level now to get the ingredients And more details on today’s recipes Check out the description below and be Sure to subscribe for more amazing Recipes from this genius and this genius Too well done good job