A Taste of History: The Epic 1937 Sombrero Tequila Cocktail! Cocktails After Dark

By | February 15, 2023
A Taste of History: The Epic 1937 Sombrero Tequila Cocktail! Cocktails After Dark

Welcome Friends welcome back to the Kitchen welcome back to cocktails after Dark today we're going to do a recipe Out of this cocktail book this is the Cafe Royal cocktail book from 1937 Published in London England Filled with some incredible cocktail Recipes and it holds one of the very few Tequila recipes that you can find in This time period tequila Prior to like the late 1960s there Weren't a lot of cocktails that used it Um And if you're interested in Tequila I am I'm very interested and I've been Reading these books I read this one a While back Um how the Gringo stole tequila very Interesting story about the the the Change in Tequila over time and this is One that on the day that we're Filming hasn't been released yet this is An early Galley and it's called Agave Spirits Very interesting take on how Agave Spirits Mezcal turned into tequila And how tequila is changing how Mezcal Is made pretty much everything you think You know this is hyperbole of course Hyperbole everything you think you know About tequila Is a marketing story it's not truth so Um in the time period that this was Printed 1937 what they were really

Asking for when they said tequila was Vino Mezcal tequila and it could have Been any of the Agave spirits that were Made in Mexico so any of the mezcals That you would find from Oaxaca they Could have been asking for that rather Than that 100 blue agave tequila that we Now think of as tequila which didn't Exist in 1937. so a lot of blabbering About tequila we're going to start out With a 100 blue agave tequila in the in The spirit of what is available today And so that will be in this [ __ ] Mixing glass sorry And in this mixing glass we're going to Use A Mezcal Much more indicative of what you would Have found in 1937. Here on it's a pretty simple we've got Red Vermouth in the Italian style And white vermouth in the French style Foreign And I will ice and shake these one at a Time And Get a double strain Okay hey friends what have we got today So we've got a 1937 tequila cocktail Okay Um one made with a sort of typical Blue Agave And

A Mezcal which is more indicative of a Of a traditional From the time period 1937. Okay so um each gets a piece of lemon I Expect these to taste Very different completely different yeah Yeah Completely different okay Oh I can smell the Mezcal on this one That is a Smoky beverage which is pleasant and Lovely I might get a sip Oh yeah no I thought I'd have another One before I gave it up completely Completely different that that fabulous Smell of that particular like Oh yeah I'm guessing this one isn't Quite the same Wow Very different very different so not Unpleasant not unpleasant I wouldn't I Would but I would say they're different Very different drinks Yes Um This one has that that lovely Combination of the two vermers which is Always lovely something I really like And uh this is so in my mind A little bit smooth doesn't take a whole Lot of thought you put it in you drink It it's Pleasant you go this is really Nice this one takes a little more

Thought and energy but it's still very Enjoyable yeah it's yeah that's smoky It's got it gives it that bite Complexity the complexity is really Complex I would say bite like it's but I Don't mean it as a bad term Um interesting complexity you can fight Over this one well yes and so I mean This is this is a cocktail it's very Indicative of 1937. there's there's There's no Citrus Um so many of the cocktails from this Time period didn't have any sort of Juice component and today most tequila Cocktails contain a juice component of Some sort and soda water and all of Those sorts of things this is very Indicative it's all alcohol all alcohol They play really well together and I Think this is something that um Could really be explored with a whole Bunch of different Tequilas in this cows Not to mention different different types Of vermouths there are out there oh my Goodness yes So overall um this is a good cocktail Worth discovering more about I'll take this one for the team Thanks Oh yeah um thanks for stopping by See you again soon I'm enjoying my Cocktail So this book This guy

Um the the group of authors that did This they Um Where is it in here You don't have one of your little yellow Stickies I didn't put it on it's only One page back from from where I put this It's a made for television Heritage area He's talking about Jalisco and and where Tequila is okay made for television Heritage area as deeply historical and Authentic as the Corn Palace in South Dakota London Bridge in Arizona and Dollywood in Tennessee which are now Amongst the most widely visited shrines In North America if you wish to evaluate The success of the denomination of Origin for preserving the Integrity of Tequila look no further than the dubious Reputation of the most widely Distributed mixto Tequilas to put it Bluntly the sugar cane saturated Facsimile Tequilas have not survived Taco bellification Compared to other agave distillates Tequila has become what Velveeta cheese Food products are to the larger world of Artisanal cheeses Wow do not look kindly on Modern tequila I can see how why as you've been reading This book that you've been around the House just all sorts of random thoughts And ideas going out there yeah it really It really is a scathing look at

How single monoculture Blue Agave Has become this this giant corporate Entity and we're losing out on all of These incredible flavors So you've enjoyed the book this is a Good book I'm enjoying it Again thanks for stopping by see you Again soon