Strawberry Coconut Melo Melo

By | February 13, 2023
Strawberry Coconut Melo Melo

Thank you Welcome back beautiful family today I Want to share with you a very delicious Dessert strawberry coconut jelly dessert From my favorite place mellow mellow but First things first my apron is done my Hands are clean and I am ready to show You my ingredients To prepare the strawberry coconut jelly Dessert from my favorite place Melo Melo This dessert is perfect for Valentine's These are the ingredients I have Unflavored gelatin granulated sugar Frozen strawberries or if you have fresh You could use fresh Coconut water coconut Cream regular milk condensed milk And let's get ready and make this Amazing dessert at home I want to start here first with the Unsweetened gelatin I have half a cup of Coconut water and I'm adding two Teaspoons of unflavored gelatin we are Going to put it aside and we're going to Let it Bloom this mixture is going to be For the strawberry mixture well here I'm Going to put it aside and I want to Continue with the unflavored gelatin Here I have one half a cup of coconut Water and two tablespoons of unsweetened

Unflavored gelatin and here I'm gonna Mix it really good I am going to put it Aside and let it Bloom while I start First with the frozen strawberries of Course you could use fresh strawberries But here on hand I have frozen Strawberries I'm going to add the frozen Strawberries I'm gonna add two Tablespoons of granulated sugar and I am Going to take it to the stove on low Heat I am going to cook it about for 20 Minutes until it's nice and soft and I Am ready to smash it well here I have The mixture of the milks I have the Coconut cream and it's six ounces I am Going to add regular milk 16 ounces Coconut water 16 ounces and of course I Am going to add The condensed milk one can of condensed Milk and two tablespoons of granulated Sugar the combination of the condensed Milk and the granulated sugar makes this Dessert delicious but yet not too sugary Or not too sweet You are really going to love this Amazing strawberry coconut jelly and Here the strawberries are already Releasing the liquid they're getting Nice and soft we're gonna keep them There on the stove on low heat and now I Am ready to just be whisking and Whisking the mixture of the milks so That they don't stick to the bottom of The pan you want to make sure that you

Don't walk away you don't step away once It's getting nice and hot you are going To add the mixture of the unsweetened Gelatin remember we used two tablespoons And now I'm going to whisk it really Good after it's Incorporated I'm going To put it into a sifter and I'm going to Transfer it to this bowl where I'm going To let it stand so it comes to room Temperature look at this this is really Creamy of course I'm going to add one Tablespoon of the coconut extract this Is going to elevate the flavors and it's Gonna be so creamy and here I'm just Going to go ahead and put it aside I'm Going to let it rest for just a little Bit while I start crushing all the Strawberries getting them nice and Crushed And once they are really crushed I am Going to add the mixture of the Angelic Unsweetened gelatin remember we used two Teaspoons and to this I'm just gonna Incorporate it really good of course I'm Gonna take it off the stove and now I am Ready to add one teaspoon of strawberry Extract color and flavor this is very Potent the flavor the aroma of this Extract is so penetrated that I'm sure You're going to love it look at this it Really changes the color and the aroma Is really penetrated and now I am ready I am ready to add this mixture into Glass containers

Yes you need to use glass containers Because this is going to preserve it for At least one week Of course this dessert is not going to Last one week because it's really creamy Really delicious the combination of the Strawberry and coconut just perfect if You really love coconut like I do you're Going to love this strawberry coconut Jelly if you like and love this recipe Please leave me a thumbs up share this Video on social media be part of cooking With Gloria and here I'm pouring very Slowly the mixture of the milk you want To make sure that you pour it very slow So it doesn't mix and you could have Those the top portion with the coconut Mixture the bottom portion with the Delicious and amazing strawberry mixture Look at this I am going to do the same Thing with every single one I'm going to Put it in the refrigerator for about Four hours and then you are ready to Enjoy this creamy and delicious Melo Bello dessert of course when you Make it at home it comes out even more Delicious because you're making it with Lots of love for your beautiful family Just remember to pour the mixture of the Milk very slowly using this little Spatula so that it drops slowly into the Strawberry mixture on the bottom of Course make sure that you cover it so it Doesn't absorb the flavors and the

Aromas of your refrigerator well here After four hours I am ready to reveal How this looks from the inside it's not A Jello it's a jelly it's really Soft the texture is really soft and Delicious and creamy I'll see you in Just a little bit I am completely done with this amazing Strawberry coconut jelly dessert from my Favorite place Melo Melo this is so Creamy the combination of the coconut And the strawberry Perfection made at Home excuse me Mmm The texture is amazing The combination perfect Um You need to make this amazing dessert if You liked and loved this recipe I invite You to subscribe leave me a thumbs up Share this video on social media with Your friends with your relatives so Cookie with Gloria keeps growing don't Forget to push that notification button If you did leave it activated so every Time I make an amazing recipe yes you're Going to be notified before I say I see You soon I wish you nothing but the best Peace and love I love you guys thank you For being here thank you for being part Of cooking with Gloria like subscribe

And share and see you on my next amazing Recipe bye