Upgrade Your Chicken Recipes with Gordon Ramsay & Richard Blais | Next Level Kitchen

By | February 12, 2023
Upgrade Your Chicken Recipes with Gordon Ramsay & Richard Blais | Next Level Kitchen

Well listen I’ll I’ll go second best Because I know I’ll come out on top when I’m finished I feel like you’re tricking Me Right so welcome to the next level Kitchen where we’re taking your kitchen Skills to the next level by teaching you The basic tips Great Tricks and more Importantly helping you elevate your Cooking throughout that’s right Gordon And what better way to kick off this Series than by getting deep into one of America’s favorite proteins chicken the Chicken it has to be one of the most Popular proteins anywhere on the planet Right the most delicious let’s head to The first level and walk through some Key things you may not have known about The humble chicken what’s your favorite Piece so for me honestly I’m gonna be a Thigh person a thigh and the Wings come You know I’m a great yeah there’s a lot Of flavor it’s on the bone that’s where The flavor is a lot of times so the Cheap cuts are the drums and the thighs And the wings the expensive cuts are the Breasts the breasts are very unforgiving So nine times out of ten skin side down Poached or even lightly floured so they Get a touch of color but they need Looking after them because they dry out Quickly this is true that’s true breasts Really really tough to cook because They’re super lean but they’re also

Really healthy for you they are very Healthy good point um I’m gonna cook a Dish you’re gonna cook a dish I know You’re gonna go straight for those eyes I feel like you’re tricking me I’m Taking the breasts I’m gonna take the Breasts I’m taking the breast Right I’m gonna do thighs this is a dish That I cook for the kids all the time Especially at weekends it’s a sticky Lemon sort of saute chicken with crushed Potatoes so super simple and this is a Real go-to staple at the weekend Especially with a full household yeah I Love it I love it because it’s really Forgiving right It’s juicy it’s tender and nine times Out of ten when you’re cooking chicken On the boat everyone panics about the Bone and it not been cooked props you Take your knife get the tip and just go Through and just gently go through and What happens now when we start to sear Those thighs all that heat goes through To the Bone and there’s no pink Especially for the kids right yeah I Love that and I actually don’t do this Sort of paringite bit right there so That’s something you’re teaching me I Appreciate that touch of oil okay I’m Gonna get the sticky bit in a minute First of all get that oil up okay skin Side down why it’s because that’s where All the flavor is so we go in whack up

The gas start off rendering that fat Down And then from there literally Keep them skin side down I don’t like Throwing away all that seasoning I’m a Big sticker once you’ve seasoned your Chicken get All That season into the pan Now they wash the hands So once you’ve got that nice little Sizzle and that’s it on there keep the Heat in the pan now we’re going to start With the sticky caramelized lemon get Your lemon And literally just nice long wedges We’re not taking the Pips out we’re not Gonna Zest it I want the lemon literally just In Getting nice and fragrant I love that Yeah that is a nice tip right there and I love that I love the fruit like sticky Lemon yeah it just sounds appetizing to Me yeah when my kids were growing up They call this the Posh chicken they Know it’s the cheapest cup they thought Because of the stickiness and how Anxious and delicious they were it was Past chicken that that is truly Next Level if you got your kids eating Chicken thighs bone in chicken thighs as Well absolutely now the breasts yeah so Let’s listen my kids maybe not as Posh But like you know living in California Super into fitness they want the chicken

Breast even though it kills me Gordon as A chef sometimes to cook a boneless Skinless chicken breast but that’s what I have right here now what do I love About chicken breasts is that it is lean You have to be really careful about it And you want to make sure that you don’t Overcook it so to not overcook it what I’m going to do is a technique called Butterflying the breast and what I’m Just going to take is my paring knife And then just make a little bit of an Insert into the actual breast fillet Right here to sort of open it up sort of Make it into this heart shape nice and What that’s going to do is it thins out The chicken you can see how thin it is Right now and it’s going to cook a lot Quicker uh and this is perfect if you Only have 10 minutes left you’re on some You’re on the bottom level you got 10 Minutes left you have to cook something Quick butterfly the chicken so of course What I’m going to do now is I have a pan Heating up and I want to season my Chicken I’m also serving mine Gordon With potatoes so we have some Similarities going on here I’m going to Toss my potatoes in like a salsa verde Uh and then I’m gonna make a quick sauce For that a little bit of salad but first Thing I’m going to do of course get my Pan hot it’s so important to get a pan Hot and then I’m going to season my

Chicken breast you gotta season from way Up top why do you season from up high it Gets the salt and the pepper all over The chicken it disperses the seasoning And that’s going to give us some tasty Delicious food so I got hot cast iron Pan and this is another tip that I love I’m going to use clarified butter or Ghee it’s butter that have the milk Solids removed so that the butter is not Going to Brown but it’s giving gonna Give me that golden brown sort of crust And that buttery flavor that I want how Do you know when to cook you saw Gordon’s pan he had to get it hot same Thing here even maybe more important for The chicken breast because it’s so thin And I don’t want to overcook it you can See and I’m looking at the pan I can see The smoke when it just starts to smoke That’s perfect I’m going to start Cooking my chicken and Gordon I’m going To send it back over to you here right Now that chicken’s got really nice and Colored okay I’ve turned it over so you Can see that skin caramelizing and now You can start to see that lemon Literally getting very sticky take your Knife again and just pierce the top of That skin closer to the Bone and this is Going to ramp up and speed up that Process now I’ve got garlic shallots a Little bit of thyme in there and now my Lemons start to caramelize okay

But I’ve got these potatoes they’re Leftover ball potatoes from last night’s Dinner and all I’m doing is getting them On a flat surface and pressing them down Because once I’ve seared that chicken Okay I’m gonna use the chicken flavor From that fat to cook these potatoes in So Shallots caramelizing nice and sweet Lemon doing this job Take the chicken out okay and with the Same fat now stick my potatoes in okay And what happens here is these potatoes Get really nice and crispy all that Lovely flavor the time the garlic the Slots lemon and potatoes trust me really Really really good I love that and a key Lesson there right is all of the flavor From the chicken like you just said are Now getting soaked up into those Potatoes it’s a one part meal pretty Unbelievable and fantastic let’s grab a Spatula over here see how we’re doing on Our our chicken getting nice and golden Brown now again with the chicken breasts What I don’t want is it to be super Super dark I want it to be just nice and Golden brown so I’ll flip the chicken And then I’m going to start basting this Right I don’t care if it’s the humble Chicken breast and it doesn’t cost a lot Of money I want to treat it like it’s on The third level even if it’s a bottom Level dish I’m gonna take my garlic

Clove and then just smash the garlic I’m Gonna toss some garlic in the pan I’m Gonna toss a cup sprigs of thyme in the Pan and then I’m going to throw some Whole butter in there why do I add whole Butter after the clarified butter Because now I want that whole butter Flavor that nuttiness of the butter and Now this is where you have maybe a you Know a six dollar chicken breast you’re Going to treat it like a sixty dollar Steak in a restaurant and I’m just gonna Baste this I’m just gonna baste this Chicken and get all that butter flavor In there it’s in a sort of butter garlic Jacuzzi okay I’m cooking this breast It’s almost done Gordon what do you got Going on over there I’ve just called the Chicken thighs into the oven for the Moment I’m turning these potatoes over And getting really nice and sort of Crispy now here’s where the magic and The sticky part starts going to Overdrive we call it a smashed potato so The squash so they get them really nice And crispy the starch is still in there Taking this dish to the next level I’m Frying my potatoes in all that delicious Chicken flavor And here’s how the chicken becomes a Sticky lemon chicken take a touch of soy Sauce That helps to make it really nice and Season give that nice dark richness as

Well A little touch of Sherry vinegar you Could use white wine vinegar Cherry with A chicken delicious just a touch from There a little bit of honey And literally A tablespoon of honey Beautiful And now you can see how this thing’s Coming together almost like a little Glaze a sticky soy glaze a couple of Tablespoons Of stock And then we get our chicken out the oven Keeping the momentum and now that’s Going to go back in It looks amazing over here I got the Boneless skinless chicken breast it’s Just about done I’m waiting for that to Finish the brown butter is in the pan Now I have to make my sauce because your Sauce is next level already and this is Going to be a super humble sauce it’s Just a salsa verde or a chimichurri it’s Parsley and it’s tarragon that’s what I Have on the board right here with a Little bit of garlic and then I’m gonna Get in here you can pop it in the Blender if you want but maybe you’re in The the basement level kitchen and you Don’t have blenders and you’re just Going to use your hands you’re just Going to take your knife and you’re just Gonna mince it up just like this

So rich is doing a really nice sauce I’m Gonna keep this light think about the Sticky lemon chicken in there so I got a Bit of arugula okay lemon zest every Time we got all these beautiful lemons And oranges at home we’re always zesting Take The juice fresh lemon juice and just a Sprinkling okay of extra virgin olive Oil give that a really nice light toss And then just mix that up Ruger is very peppery so it doesn’t need Pepper a touch of salt lemon juice lemon Zest and a nice light Coating of juice now just get some Really nice shavings of Parmesan And I quite like the sort of nice long Curls rather than just grated it’s a lot Easier to eat and also it doesn’t go Soggy how’s that uh beautiful breast of Yours yeah the breast is coming out so I Love this even though you know we’re not Gonna eat all this butter I’m gonna let The breast rest while I finish the sauce And then I’m just gonna pour over that Brown garlic butter and sort of let that Chicken breast sit in some of that fat And that butter because the breast Itself is so lean and then back over Here I’m just going to finish up this Salsa verde or this pesto this Chimichurri whatever you want to call it I’m going to call it delicious we have Parsley we have tarragon but if you like

Mint and cilantro and basil put in this Whatever you’d like I’m going to add a Little bit of oil there’s some vinegar In there uh Gordon I don’t know how you Feel about Capers but one of my favorite Ingredients of all time Capers bring That nice salinity the brininess to it And then uh listen I live in California I love jalapenos so we’re going to make This a little spicy we’re gonna add some Diced jalapeno and because parsley and Olive oil sometimes can be a little Bitter I’m just going to put a squeeze Of honey in there just to offset some of That bitterness and now I have my Dressing what am I going to do with it I’m going to toss my potatoes in it now You made those amazing smashed potatoes You got all that texture yes I’m gonna Do what I tell my chefs on Next Level Chef to do sometimes let a potato just Be a potato just the small little Potatoes have been steamed another key Ingredient that I’m going to toss into This sauce anchovy paste love that it’s Got a little bit of umami Umami is a Savory flavor it’s going to wake this Dish up not make it fishy my sauce is Almost done Gordon how are you doing Next little placing you know that you’re Gonna go down that little bit of Sophistication and that fine dining room I want to keep this very simple so Family style start off with a starch and

Just build out those beautiful crisp and Potatoes okay so they’ve been fried in That chicken fat so the flavor is Delicious a little bit of thyme on there It’s got a little bit of garlic on there It’s a great way of using leftover new Potatoes now give them some like I said And grab them properly and then look at This The chicken let that reduce down into a Beautiful glaze And then literally lift that over Place now you can see Just how sticky that is And the sauce is just almost like a sort Of cross between a Light Citrus teriyaki To the most amazing Beautiful almost like a little fresh Hoisin sauce I’m gonna keep the garlic in there the Lemon in there because all you do is Squeeze that lemon Over And then I’m going to drizzle some sauce I’m gonna use everything in my pan this Whole one pan Wonder It’s got that beautiful charm And then finally A nice handful of salad over those Potatoes that gives it the color the Freshness and there we have the Beautiful sticky lemon chicken thighs Richard oh my gosh Gordon I have to be Honest that is looking like it’s ready

For the top level over there sticky Lemon chicken I don’t know if I can Compete with you Gordon but I’m gonna Try over here we have these potatoes That were steamed uh in their jackets Here whole little baby potatoes with This salsa verde and I’m just gonna Plate these right on top of our boneless Skinless chicken breast I put a little Bit of the pan juices from the potato Into the chicken as well my favorite Little bits here some of the Capers and Some of the herbs I’m going to put on And then just like you did I have over Here some of these awesome little pea Shoots that I’m just going to clip out Of the window box out of their container Over here I love tissues for their Texture we have a little bit of Watercress salad and I’m not even going To dress it I’m just gonna barely toss It in the vinaigrette that was in the Bowl with the potatoes And then just I always like to do this I Like to tell my chefs let it fall like It sort of fell maybe from the platform From level three uh down to the basement Or more importantly maybe like it just Parachuted from the sky a little touch Of zest just to give it that little Touch of vibrancy that looks amazing oh My God I want to eat yours right now Honestly likewise great job bud well Done

You go that’s how to take your chicken Dish to the next level now to get the Ingredients and more details than the Recipes from today please check the Description below and be sure to Subscribe for more amazing recipes and Episodes from Rich to myself from The Next Level kitchen