Authentic Mexican Coconut Candy Recipe

By | February 10, 2023
Authentic Mexican Coconut Candy Recipe

Thank you Welcome back beautiful family today I Want to share with you a very Delicious Coconut candy perfect for Valentine's But first things first my apron is on my Hands are clean and I am ready to show You my ingredients To prepare this Delicious coconut candy Perfect for Valentine's these are the Ingredients unsweetened Coconut flakes Condensed milk powdered sugar and of Course edible color This is everything we need to make this Amazing candy so let's get started I want to start here with one package of Unsweetened shredded coconut It's dry look at this I have my gloves On because I am going to work condensed Milk into this shredded coconut I'm Going to add first the Powdered sugar and I am going to rub it In between my fingers to break it down Just like that look at this this really Takes time but let me tell you this Coconut candy comes out delicious and Moist and of course it's not too sugary It's perfect to make it at home instead Of buying it made already well here I'm Gonna be adding the condensed milk Slowly

So that I don't Overfill it with condensed milk to tell You the truth for one package of 17 Ounces of shredded coconut you are going To use one can of condensed milk when You try to make the balls you will see If the ball doesn't get nice and round And it falls apart that's when you know That you need to continue adding the Condensed milk in total I used 17 ounces Of shredded coconut unsweetened one can Of condensed milk one teaspoon of Coconut extract and now look at this you Could easily make the little ball it's Really moist and soft and now I am ready To get half of the mixture I'm going to Put this one aside and I'm gonna add Food coloring I am adding pink edible Food coloring I'm going to add it in Here That's why it's very important to have Your gloves on because if you don't have Your gloves on your hands your hand is Going to be nice and pink and that's Exactly what you don't want so here I'm Just going to incorporate it really good Once it's nice and Incorporated look at This this is how it looks This coconut Candy for Valentine's is perfect to make It at home and of course if you have Little ones bring them in the kitchen Have them help you make this amazing Coconut

Candy I am ready to spread the coconut On the sheet just like that this really Takes time because you want to make sure That it's nice and leveled so I am going To add all the white coconut flakes Right on the bottom just like that and On the top I'm gonna be spreading the Pink coconut mixture I'm going to be Spreading it a little bit just like that And then I am going to cover completely The white coconut that's on the bottom This is really time consuming but let me Tell you this coconut candy comes out Delicious I am sure that once you make It you are going to enjoy it after you Spread the pink coconut on the top we're Going to cover with Saran Wrap we're Going to take it to the refrigerator For one hour So that it gets nice and firm if you Like and love this amazing recipe please Leave me a thumbs up share this video on Social media be part of cooking with Gloria after one hour is nice and firm And we're going to remove it and now we Are going to get the heart cookie cutter And we are going to form our candy look At this It's nice and stiffed But yet it's still moist from the inside Look At this Very carefully I'm gonna get the heart

Out and look how beautiful this candy is This coconut candy for Valentine's is Perfect it's not too sweet And if you love coconut like I do you're Going to love this candy Well here I'm getting all those hearts Out And the rest of the coconut mixture that Is going to be left over I am going to Create little balls with the leftovers Of the coconut shredded coconut And look at this I have all my hearts Ready to go And I have the little balls of the Coconut mixture right on the side They look really beautiful And I'm sure you're going to enjoy them With all your beautiful family Look at this very easy to prepare and With ingredients that you could easily Find in your supermarket I can't wait to enjoy one I am ready for the presentations so I'll See you in a bit Thank you My friends I am completely done with These amazing Coconut candy of course I wrap some this Is how I save them in the refrigerator

I wrap them in Saran Wrap individual ones and I put Them in the refrigerator when I'm ready To enjoy a coconut candy why just get it And enjoy it but this is the part I love And enjoy tasting my recipes and the Scraps that were left over from the Hearts where I made those these amazing Little circles I hope my friends you make this amazing Candy at home excuse me Um It's moist and delicious And to tell you the truth they are not Too sugary But the flavor of the coconut just Amazing if you have little ones at home Invite them in the kitchen so they could Help you make these little I hope my Friends you make these amazing coconut Candy at home if you liked and loved This amazing recipe I invite you to Subscribe leave me a thumbs up share This video on social media with your Friends with your relatives so cooking With Gloria keeps growing don't forget To push that notification Bell and if You did leave it activated so every time I make an amazing recipe yes you're Going to be notified before I say I see You soon I wish you nothing but the best Peace and love I love you guys thank you For being here thank you for being part Of cooking with Gloria like subscribe

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