Slow Cooker Beef Stew Recipe – How to Make Flavorful Beef Stew in the Slow cooker

By | February 9, 2023
Slow Cooker Beef Stew Recipe – How to Make Flavorful Beef Stew in the Slow cooker

Welcome to cooking with Claudia today I'm showing you how to make beef stew in The slow cooker this is a delicious Comforting dish that is so easy to make Let's get started We're using a chuck roast for this Recipe make sure your roast has a good Amount of fat marbles running through it Because that's going to make the meat Very juicy and flavorful start by Cutting up your meat into chunky cubes Just like I'm doing Once the meat is all cut up go ahead and Transfer it into a large mixing bowl Season the meat with salt and black Pepper to taste we're also seasoning With some oregano garlic powder Onion powder cumin and some chili powder Mix everything together very well once Everything is mixed in we're going to Sear the meat so heat up some oil in a Pan over medium high heat once the oil Gets very hot and Smoky Place half of The meat in Sear the meat for one minute on one side Then you're going to turn them over and Sear them for another one minute on the Other side we want the meat to have this Golden brown sear on both sides this is Going to add so much flavor to the beef

Stew take the meat out of the pan then Set aside for later keep in mind the Meat is not fully cooked yet next you're Going to sear the remaining half of your Meat Once all the meat is seared go ahead and Place them into your slow cooker Next in the same pan we're going to Saute some vegetables I went ahead and Cut up an onion a red bell pepper some Celery and carrots throw the veggies Into the pan then season with a little Bit of salt and black pepper Saute the veggies on medium high for About four to five minutes or until they Begin to get caramelized then add some Garlic and freshly chopped parsley cook Everything together for one more minute Then take the veggies of the heat then Add to the meat inside the slow cooker Next we're going to make the sauce for The beef stew melt some butter in the Same pan over medium heat add some flour Whisk the flour in with the butter and Cook for about 30 seconds just to cook Out that raw flour taste then add some Chicken broth stir the chicken broth in Then cook until the sauce thickens just Like that then add some tomato paste mix Everything together very well until the Tomato paste is well incorporated then Add some Worcestershire sauce some red

Wine we're also going to add a little Bit of this better than bouillon roasted Beef base this is really good for beef Stew last we're adding some brown sugar To balance all the tartness in some of These ingredients mix everything in and Allow the sauce to simmer for a few Seconds for all the flavors to come Together then pour it all over the beef And veggies in the slow cooker Give the slow cooker a little shake so The sauce can settle in well last for Some fresh flavor we're adding fresh Rosemary and fresh thyme place the slow Cooker lid on and let this slow cook for 8 hours on low 10 minutes before this is done slow Cooking you're going to remove all the Herbs they finished their job of Flavoring the beef stew the last Ingredient we're adding are some sweet Peas stir everything in place the lid on And let this finish slow cooking for the Remaining 10 minutes When this is done slow cooking you can Skim off any excess oil this beef stew Will have your home smelling so good Look at the sauce I really love how Thick the sauce is this is such a Comforting dish and I think I'll pair Best with some cornbread on the side or You can also serve it over some mashed Potatoes

The meat came out so tender and Flavorful if you guys try this dish let Me know how you like it I'll leave all The ingredients and measurements in the Description box