Homemade Fish and Chips recipe

By | February 8, 2023
Homemade Fish and Chips recipe

Thank you Welcome back beautiful family today I Want to share with you a very delicious Recipe delicious easy and with Ingredients that you might already have At home fish and chips a very easy Recipe that I know you guys are going to Love but first things first my apron is On my hands are clean and I am ready to Show you my ingredients Fish these are the ingredients I have Black pepper garlic powder Lowry seasoning panko Two eggs all-purpose flour milk Fries and of course the tilapia fish This is everything we need so let's get Started I want to start with the all-purpose Flour I want to season it and I am going To add one tablespoon of black pepper One tablespoon of garlic powder And one tablespoon of Lawry's seasoning I am going to Incorporate it really good because Remember you want your fish to have Those amazing flavors once everything is Incorporated put it aside And you are ready for the wet Ingredients Well here I have two large eggs to this I am going to add two tablespoons of

Regular milk and I am going to whisk Away until everything is incorporated And everything is light yellow and you No longer see the milk once you no Longer see the milk then you know that This is incorporated really well let's Put it aside now I am ready to prepare The panko the panko I am going to add The seasonings I am going to add one Tablespoon of the garlic powder one Tablespoon of black pepper one Tablespoon of the Lowry seasoning and Then I am going to incorporate it really Good Remember this part is very important you Want to make sure that everything is Well seasoned when you have everything Ready All the display ready then you are ready To put your gloves on And have one hat wet and one dry I am Going to start adding the all-purpose Flour first Coat the fish really good and then I'm Going to add it into the wet ingredients And finally into the Panko crumbs This part is very important always have A wet tent and have a a dry hand look at This in this case my right hand is going To be dry and my left hand is going to Be wet This is the part that takes longer Making sure that you really cover really

Good with the all-purpose flour and the Seasoning your fish and once it's Covered completely you're gonna put it Into your wet ingredients making sure That it gets nice and wet and then Directly into the bread crumbs like I Said if you want your fish to be nice And crispy use panko it's really going To be really crispy and you are really Going to enjoy this amazing recipe yes It's a very easy recipe but it comes out Delicious and very crunchy look at this Just make sure that you leave one hand Wet and one hat dry and here I am going To continue Doing the rest This is the last one and as you can see I used all of the egg almost all of the Panko breading And of course I am ready on the stove I have a pan With vegetable oil getting nice and hot Let me show you I have all the Fish covered and coated with the panko And of course I have a rock on the Bottom because after they're nice and Crispy I'm going to put them on the rack To get the excessive oil out Don't overload your pan with the fish Strips make sure that you leave some Space you don't want to bring down the Temperature of the vegetable oil I have It in high heat let me show you when you Add your fish into the oil let it cook

For about three minutes when it starts Getting the rims of the fish nice and Golden brown then you are ready to flip It over and leave it on each side for Three minutes Look at this You are really going to love this fish And chips recipe easy delicious And of course it's homemade That's even better Well here once they are nice and crispy From both sides then you are ready to Remove and put it on the rack this part Is important because you want to make Sure that you take all the excessive oil Out and this is the only way to do it so They keep themselves nice and crispy Just put it on the Rock let it rest For a couple minutes and of course Finish the rest Of the tilapias Like I said don't overcrowd your pan Cook a couple at a time until you're Done when you're almost done frying all Your tilapias and they're nice and Crispy then you're ready to start air Frying your fries Yes you heard me right I am going to put My fries in the air fryer I'm not gonna Fry them in vegetable oil Let me show you I have the fries here These fries have already all the Seasoning I'm just gonna add them into My airfryer

I'm going to cook cook them 200 Celsius for 25 minutes And they're gonna come out so crispy and Delicious that I know you guys are going To love them I hope you make this amazing recipe if You liked and loved this recipe leave me A thumbs up share this video on social Media and enjoy my recipes of course 15 Minutes after I'm gonna shake them a Little bit and I'm gonna put it one more Time until they're nice and crispy of Course I'm gonna make a dressing I have One cup of mayonnaise one cup of ketchup I'm going to use one teaspoon of black Pepper one teaspoon of garlic powder Two tablespoons of Lemon juice and the one cup of ketchup And I am going to incorporate it really Good until it turns into a very light Pink This dressing goes well and delicious With the crispy fish and it goes really Perfect with a very crispy fries My mouth is already watering I can't Wait to enjoy this amazing fish and Chips Look at this I am sure that once you make it you're Really going to fall in love with it I'm Going to transfer my crispy fries I am ready for the presentation and I Can't wait to enjoy They're nice and crispy and delicious

I'll see you in just a little bit don't Forget to leave me a thumbs up and share This video so cooking with Gloria keeps Growing I'll see you in just A little bit Can't wait to enjoy Fish and fries this is the part I Really Love and Enjoy tasting my recipes And I made this amazing dip still nice And hot but this is the way I love to Enjoy my crispy fish excuse me Just amazing and with these fries nice And crispy and yeah They were not fried in vegetable oil This is the best part Um If you liked and loved this amazing Recipe I invite you to subscribe leave Me a thumbs up share this video on Social media with your friends with your Relatives so cooking with Gloria keeps Growing don't forget to push that Notification Bell and if you did leave It activated so every time I make an Amazing recipe yes you're going to be Notified before I say I see you soon I Wish you nothing but the best peace and Love I love you guys thank you for being

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