Cookbook SIGNING AND SELLING | Cooking With Brenda Gantt 2023

By | February 8, 2023

Hey y'all I've got something great to Announce we're gonna have another book Signing and I can't wait and it's gonna Be in South Alabama And it's gonna be in Foley the only Where that is foley is down at the Bottom of the state kind of over a Little bit in Foley Alabama and listen I'm gonna tell y'all all the details but Anyway uh I'm gonna be signing books That you bring me and we're going to be Selling some um of my second book which Is Linger around the table y'all and I'm Excited to be there and so my Girlfriends are going to be there at Another little area in that area where I'm signing they're going to be selling Books too so you can bring the book or That you already have and I'll sign that And on the inside of that book put a Little piece of paper a little sticky Note or something say it and just print Who the book is to are going to it's Like if you're going to do it for your Daughter then you want to put your Daughter's name in there if you're gonna We want it for yourself then put your Name in there and uh then I'll then I'll Um sign my name and everything and it'll Be addressed to you and so that'll be a Good thing anyway here's where it's Going to be in Foley it's kind of like Right downtown It's not a huge town but it's got you'll

Love it okay it's gonna be at Stacy's Soda fountain this is actually called Old Time Whole time remember we used to have a Solar fountains you'd go sit up there at The little thing and have one that was a Good time but anyway and it's gonna be Uh February the 20th which is a Monday And y'all should be off it's kind of a Holiday So you should be off and that'll be a Good thing it's going to be from 11 O'clock to two o'clock let me make sure That I've said everything oh and here's The address in case you want to put it In your phone One two one West Laurel L-a-u-r-e-l Avenue in Foley Alabama And so Um anyway I would like for you to bring uh oh I'm Gonna write down what for you to do and So you look at that and then you'll know Uh what you need to do and then I I I Want to do cash only because we're not Gonna be making change and doing all That and I don't want to take checks it Might be bad or whatever and I don't Even know you uh I know that you think That I know you and you think that you Know me but we're fixing to meet in Person then we will know each other

Won't we uh but anyway so I want y'all To come and we're just gonna have a good Time together and Um I hope that everybody will be you Know Excited about it as I am to meet you and To get to sign your book that you've Ordered or if you don't have a book and You've been wanting one then you can buy The book and I'm gonna put that in the Price of it too and uh from 11 to 2 At Foley Alabama Y'all like the new necklace Isn't that cute This lady sent me a thing of jewelry for Me to make jewelry trees out of because It had the earrings to match but one of The stones were out and I thought I'm Not tearing this thing up to make the Jewelry tree I love it too much I'm Gonna wear it I'm going to fix to go to Line dancing so I put it on I thought it Might look kind of line dancing I don't Know oh goodness but anyway uh would you Please tell your friends and neighbors And would you share this because there May be some people uh in the Florida Panhandle or in Mississippi that want to Come it could be people from North Alabama or maybe Georgia I don't know Where all y'all are coming from but I I Can't wait for it to happen I know that So having a book signing and a book Selling in Foley Alabama on February the

20th from 11 o'clock AM to two o'clock P.M And three of my girlfriends are gonna be There helping me I need some help don't Oh the last book signing I had um Banks And William my two grandchildren helped Me they sold the books while I was busy Writing but anyway Um I'll write everything in the up there At the top And uh I think that the old time Um soda fountain Stacy's old-time soda Fountain has already put their little Flyer in but I'm a little behind so I'm Gonna put mine in for y'all okay love Y'all bye-bye