Delicious Broccoli Rice Recipe

By | February 6, 2023
Delicious Broccoli Rice Recipe

Thank you Welcome back beautiful family today I Want to share with you a broccoli rice That comes out delicious but first Things first my apron is on my hands are Clean and I am ready to show you my Ingredients Thank you Thank you Prepare this delicious broccoli rice at Home with lots of love these are the Ingredients I have chicken bouillon Tomato carrots a purple onion rice hot Water so let's get started I want to start first with the veggies I Have the red onion that I'm gonna cut in Small little squares Let me tell you this broccoli rice comes Out delicious amazing and it is perfect For the holidays the holidays are here Let's enjoy this amazing Broccoli rice with all these amazing and Delicious ingredients I have the red Onion the Tomato the carrots I have mini Carrots but of course you could use the Regular carrots this is what I have Handy the carrot is going to release the Amazing flavor with the rest of the Ingredients and this rice it comes out Delicious you could add turkey you could

Add Grilled chicken carne asada you decide But I am sure that once you make this Broccoli rice you are really going to Love the flavor and your family is Really going to love this recipe just Try that all the ingredients are cut Almost at the same size so everything Cooks at the same time I'm adding the Carrots in the bottom I'm adding the Tomato right on top and then the onion This rice is the favorite rice here at Home everybody loves this rice the Broccoli really Penetrates the rice really gives the Rice such a delicious and refreshing Taste of the broccoli Of course I have all the ingredients Here it doesn't take too long to prepare This amazing broccoli rice I have the Chicken bouillon that you could replace With just salt but the chicken bouillon Really brings up all those amazing Flavors and here I have a panerating Getting nice and hot I'm going to add About two tablespoons of vegetable oil Right after adding the vegetable oil I'm Going to add the rice I am not going to Brown the rice I just want the bright The rice to get completely covered with The oil Before I add the veggies We're gonna toss it around making sure That everything is coated so it doesn't

Stick to the pan and it separates very Easily when it's cooked Look at this Like I said it doesn't take too long but This rice comes out with so much flavor That you are really going to love this Recipe once everything is nice and Covered with all the veggies and the Vegetable oil I'm gonna add the chicken Bouillon remember that the chicken Bouillon is to taste if you don't want To add chicken bouillon you could just Add regular salt it's still going to Come out amazing and delicious always Remember to add hot water to your rice Never add cold water to your rice The reason that I'm telling you this is Because when you add the hot water it Really cooks faster and all the Ingredients are going to be Al Dente Especially the broccoli So I added the hot water of course You're gonna have all the ingredients in The description box so that you could Enjoy it with your beautiful family for The holidays once you see it boiling From the center Then it is time to cover it Lower the heat to medium heat and then It'll be perfect and ready to enjoy After 10 minutes The broccoli is still a little bit Al Dente it's not overcooked it's not mushy At all

That's why you add the hot water into Your rice it doesn't cook too fast it Doesn't cook too slow it Cooks in about 10 minutes Look at the texture of the rice it Really pulls apart It's not mushy at all But the rice really absorbs the flavors Of all the veggies especially the Broccoli Well here this is done I am ready to Prepare the presentation plate if you Liked and loved this recipe I invite you To subscribe leave me a thumbs up and of Course be part of cooking with Gloria I Can't wait to enjoy it my home smells Amazing and I'll see you in just a Little bit I am completely done with this broccoli Rice this is the part I Really Love and Enjoy tasting my recipes Let's see how this came out I like trying everything Excuse me Um The rice really

Absorbed all those amazing flavors of The broccoli This is an amazing and delicious Broccoli rice Um This rice is perfect for the holidays I Hope my friends you make this amazing Recipe if you liked and loved my recipe I invited to subscribe leave me a thumbs Up share this video on social media with Your friends with your relatives so Cooking with Gloria keeps growing Don't forget to push that notification Bell and if you did leave it activated So every time I make an amazing recipe Yes you're going to be notified before I Say I see you soon I wish you nothing But the best Peace and love I love you guys thank you For being here thank you for being part Of cooking with Gloria I will stay enjoying this delicious Broccoli rice made with lots of love Like subscribe and share and see you on My next delicious recipe bye