Make Braised Cabbage Tonight! It’s A Keeper! – Glen And Friends Cooking

By | February 4, 2023
Make Braised Cabbage Tonight! It’s A Keeper! – Glen And Friends Cooking

Welcome Friends welcome back to the Kitchen welcome back to sort of a side Episode to the what was on sale at the Grocery store Um in a previous episode I talked about This ham that I bought Picked it up at the grocery store one And a half kilos which is about three Pounds and it was five bucks so I used It um in an earlier episode to make a Ham and potato soup and uh had some left Over use that at uh at breakfast Fried up some slices with some egg And tonight I'm just going to heat What's left and I'm going to make a side Dish to go with it a braised cabbage Now the cabbage in of itself is is sort Of interesting because It's cheap cabbage is cheap and I'll go To the grocery store and I'll buy a Cabbage And essentially what will happen is I'll Make cabbage salad the first night and Then it'll sit in the fridge for a week And then it'll end up on taco night Um shredded up really fine and tacos I Like it like that and then I'm left with You know a third to a quarter of a Cabbage in the fridge that I don't know What to do with and it usually ends up Braised the way I'm going to do it today So in this pan I've heated up some oil And I've got some salt and pepper on These wedges and so we're just going to

Fry them a little bit get a little bit Of color on each side and I've had People ask about this oil This is olive oil Um a friend of Julie's family in Petrina Greece owns the The Vineyard the farm what do you call Olive Grove owns The Olive Grove that grows These olives and then they send them to A co-op to be crushed and pressed and That's that oil it's amazing absolutely Amazing oil Okay we should have a little bit of Browning on the one side there we go Just a little bit so I'm going to flip These over and brown the other side Foreign On both sides so I'm going to pull them Out Just set them aside for a moment Uh take a look at your pan if it needs a Little bit more oil mine does put it in If it doesn't don't so a little bit more Oil I'm going to manage the heat turn it Down just a touch Don't want it to burn And I've got some cumin so I'm going to Put the cumin in And toast that Seconds it takes seconds and then I'm Gonna put in some tomato paste because I Really like tomato paste Oh smell of cumin and tomato paste

Heavenly I'm also going to toss in some hot Pepper flakes and so Let's mix that about I want to cook the Tomato just to add some caramelization To it And I'm using cumin and hot pepper Flakes You could use any herb or spice that you Like what is your flavor profile put it In here don't be beholden to what I like If you don't like cumin don't use it to Find something else that you enjoy and Same with the next I'm going to put in Some this is vegetable stock because I Have vegetable stock Um It's about a cup and a half I'm going to put the full two cups in You could use chicken stock you could Use beef stock you could use pork stock You could match whatever stock or flavor Profile you have to this to the main Dish if you're serving this with a roast Or chicken or something like that Go ahead and use that type of stock sort Of meld all of your flavors together to Feel free in the kitchen to do it your Own way so I'm going to bring this back To a bit of a simmer Not hypercritical to do that I'm going To put in some dry mustard again I like dry mustard Um are you on team Keens or team Coleman

Uh apparently last time I went to the Grocery store I felt like I was on team Keen so about that much And we'll just give that a quick stir Mix it in a little bit And then the Cabbage goes back into the Braising liquid Put the lid on Now of course you could leave this on Your stove top and just gently simmer it My oven is on it's hot it's ready to go I'm going to be putting the ham in there Anyway So I'm going to stick this in the oven 320 degrees Fahrenheit and I'm going to Let it go for three or four hours At that point the the Cabbage will be Falling apart now I've got lots of Liquid in mine and I also know that this Has a tight fitting lid so I'm not going To lose too much moisture but if you're Unsure Then uh Check it I mean check it check it check It check it and make sure that it hasn't Run out of liquid I'm just going to Leave that in the oven and we'll see you In a little while Okay oh soft that smells like a cabbage Roll but it doesn't look like a cabbage Roll I mean it's like a deconstructed Cabbage roll it's a deconstructed Because it's it's got the Tomato in that But it's it's um yeah it's just braised

Cabbage okay He's gotta like cabbage though Is it hot okay Put a thumbs up that's so good I love That Tomato tomato and cabbage go together Really well Then you add in Oh what else is in there then you said You added in cumin and hot pepper flakes And it's braised in um there's a little Bit of tomato paste And and uh Some stock some vegetable stock so all Those things really actually add flavor To the Cabbage it takes away from for Those of you who have cabbage that it's Like oh I don't like cabbage it's all Bitter but that's actually pretty this Is pretty sweet and and yeah yeah the Cabbage is just a vehicle to deliver all Of the other flavors it's amazing and It's going to go really well with the Ham that's cooking inside the house so Oh cool it's really good yeah isn't it Not actually I really like that yeah Okay so if you don't like cumin play With it a little bit add something else I mean you make this into something that You want to eat But cabbage is relatively inexpensive Um uh always available keeps well keeps Well and uh that is an amazing dish so Thanks for stopping by see you again