Discover polenta gnocchi with creamy fontina sauce from Aosta | Pasta Grannies

By | February 3, 2023
Discover polenta gnocchi with creamy fontina sauce from Aosta | Pasta Grannies

Thank you We're in the beautiful Village of moje Close to the French border in the aosta Valley Center for Fontina cheese production Pharma Lorenzo keeps red spotted Valdostana cows which are typical of the Area They're indoors at the moment because It's so cold they produce great quality Milk but not in large quantities Lorenzo has about 100 cows and he uses Their milk to make Fontina Having added renison cultures the curds Form as the milk heats up Lorenzo gathers them in muzzling cloth And then dumps them into forms These are pressed to remove as much whey As possible The cheeses are left to mature for Between two and six months forming an Orange rind Questions The dop stamp guarantees the Cheese's Origins Fontina is an excellent melting cheese Renata buys some from the farm shop Renata pours some top of the milk cream Into a pan Seasons it with salt Flakes

And add some butter This butter is also made from milk cream Not the way She scrapes in plenty of nutmeg A long stick is needed to stir polenta This is Modern Well the butter melts in the milk the Ladies slice up plenty of Fontina They allow 100 grams per person Is Um Work well Foreign To the fire A ginger Clara Pan is heating water for the gnocchi Thorough makes a cheese sauce to dress The gnocchi by melting the sliced Fontina in more top of the milk My class Renata heaps wholemeal pretty Cauliflower into the liquid pretty Connie is a cross between wheat and rye She gives it a good stir to make a solid Mass Clara adds two whole garlic cloves to The mixture Renata dumps the polenta directly onto Her pasta bowl and covers it to keep it Warm She cuts a small piece of dough off at a Time and makes a rope with it She dices it into Walnut sized pieces

Renata rolls them down a wooden Fork to Create chubby ridged gnocchi She then places them onto a baking paper Lined tray Questions Foreign They can be Frozen at this stage for Later use You can of course serve the polenta Divine as polenta but turning it into Mouth-sized gnocchetti makes it more Inviting Use stone ground recently milled flowers For the best nutty flavor Foreign Foreign The Fontina is now a delicious sauce So you've got this lovely cheese and Garlic and it's just really rich and I Quite like to eat it by the Spoonful It's absolutely delicious Renata adds the gnocchi to simmering Salted water When they bolt to the surface give them A minute more and they're done Renata heaps them into a baking tray and Clara ladles over the sauce This is a great cold weather dish Bon Appetito Wow Good morning click on the Subscribe Button for regular helpings of pasta Grannies Foreign