Authentic Mexican Chicken Stew

By | February 1, 2023
Authentic Mexican Chicken Stew

Thank you Welcome back beautiful family today I Want to share with you a very delicious In this amazing tomato sauce that I know You guys are going to love but first Things first my apron is on my hands are Clean and I am ready to show you my Ingredients To prepare this delicious chicken gisado In this amazing tomato sauce these are The ingredients tomatoes one Chile Serrano optional half an onion one bell Pepper two chili pasilla pots two Baileys I have garlic clove Mexican Oregano chicken bouillon Mexican oregano Salt black pepper garlic powder All-purpose flour tomatoes and of course The chicken this is everything we need So let's get started I want to start by First preparing this amazing sauce I Have my frozen Tomatoes here I'm going To add one cup of water and I'm going to Take it to the stove and high heat And now I am ready to prepare the Chicken this is with bone in I am going To go ahead and start adding Mexican Oregano black pepper salt two Tablespoons of all-purpose flour and Garlic powder one tablespoon of each With the exception of the all-purpose

Flour two tablespoons I have it pan with Vegetable oil nice and hot and I am Going to sear the chicken from both Sides it's gonna take about four minutes In each side well this is cooking I am Ready to continue getting the veggies Ready I have here the Chile pasilla Parts that I'm going to remove the stem All the seeds I'm going to rinse them Out really good because the pastilla Chili pot is going to give such an Amazing flavor to the sauce I'm gonna Add it here into the tomatoes and then I Am going to continue with the potatoes I Am going to take the skin off I am going To cube it You decide how small how large you want Your cubes of potato And I'm going to continue with the rest And here let me show you that I am Flipping over the pieces of chicken Just like that you want to sear them Really good To obtain all those juices in there That's why we're gonna sear them and now I have the bell pepper here that I'm Going to cube I just want the bell Pepper to release the amazing flavor Into the sauce So I'm gonna Cube it I have the half Onion here of course the onion is going To release the amazing flavor and all The veggies are ready to go now let's go

And let's prepare the amazing sauce I'm Gonna add the tomatillos The tomatoes I'm gonna add the pasilla Chili pot I'm adding the spices one Tablespoon of chicken bouillon half a Teaspoon of Mexican oregano Black pepper And the two garlic cloves we are going To blend completely This is nice and smooth we're gonna just Leave it there and now I'm ready to Remove the pieces of chicken they are Really nice and golden brown from both Sides and now I'm ready to add the Potatoes I'm going to cook it for about Four minutes so that they really obtain All the drippings of the chicken The potato is going to absorb all those Amazing flavors I'm adding a little bit Of salt a pinch of salt a pinch of black Pepper and now I am ready to add the Bell peppers and the onion once you add This just cook it for another two Minutes three minutes max and then you Are ready to add the sauce You don't want your potatoes to be Crispy which is one thing to absorb all The amazing Stripping of the chicken Once this is done make sure that you add Your two bay leaves And you add the amazing sauce we made Earlier I'm gonna add just maybe like half a cup

Of liquid into the blender cup so the Cup so that I could take everything out Of the blender cup this sauce really Comes out delicious and amazing And now when it starts kind of bubbling You're ready to add your chicken your Chicken inside once you add your chicken You are going to cover it let it cook in Medium Heat For about 10-15 minutes and when it Starts really boiling all around you are Ready to taste it to see if you need to Add a little more of salt or chicken Bouillon but when it's bubbling make Sure that you taste it you want to make Sure That the taste of the sauce is perfect If you need to add a little more salt or Chicken bouillon this is the time to do It so I'm going to taste it To my tasting I hope this is amazing perfect I'm going To cover it one more time I'm gonna add my chili Serrano and I'm gonna cook it for Another 20 minutes in medium Heat After the 20 minutes you want to check Your potatoes you want your potatoes to Be Al Dente not overcooked But when you put your fork inside it Comes apart so that means this is done What I'm going to do I'm just going to Cover it turn it off and get ready the Presentation plate of course I am going

To enjoy this delicious and amazing dish With white rice You have many recipes of rice On my channel and here I'm going to add Of course a little heart of rice And now I am ready to add the chicken The potato my mouth is watering the Aroma has invaded my kitchen and I am Ready for the presentation if you liked And loved this recipe leave me a thumbs Up subscribe to my channel be part of Cooking with Gloria look at this this Looks amazing and it's going to taste Delicious This is the authentic Dish from saguayo Michoacan you are Going to love the taste the texture and Of course it's mouth watering My friends I am completely done with This amazing and delicious For your guisado I hope my friends you Make this amazing recipe of course I Want to get a little bit of everything And like I love spicy food well I'm Going to enjoy my serrano chili excuse Me Um Amazing I hope my friends you make this Delicious Mexican recipe if you like and love this Recipe I invite you to subscribe leave Me a thumbs up share this video on

Social media with your friends with your Relatives So cookie with Gloria keeps growing Don't forget to push that notification Button if you did leave it activated so Every time I make an amazing recipe yes You're going to be notified before I say I see you soon I wish you nothing but The best Peace and love I love you guys thank you For being here thank you for being part Of cooking with Gloria I will stay enjoying this amazing recipe Like subscribe and share and see you Soon bye