Maria makes spaghetti ‘alla chitarra’ with lamb sauce | Pasta Grannies

By | January 27, 2023
Maria makes spaghetti ‘alla chitarra’ with lamb sauce | Pasta Grannies

We're in Abruzzo and the tool typical of Abruzzo is this it's lakitara and we're In pretoro and this is Giovanni yesi and He's one of the very few uh Katara Makers left in Italy and what he's just Told me is that there are two different Styles of kitara This is the one that's typical Of terrible and this one is typical of Where we are at the moment in pretoru The chietti province can you see it Slightly wider and we're about to go and See Maria make her kitara With Sugo dianello lamb lamb sauce and This is the style that she'll be making Vero see perfect Okay grazia Kitare are typical of a Bruto Giovanni likes to use Beach to make his Katara frames but you can commission any Wood you like He makes about a thousand every month These brass nails are an important Component for stringing the Katara The wires have to be very tightly strung To cut pasta dough effectively Giovanni sets up two different cutting Widths the grooves keep the wires in Place There's somebody 87 year old Maria lives up the hill from Giovanni in the center of potoro

Sonos It starts by making the lamb sauce Maria places a couple of lamb steaks in The pan And adds a sliced onion Half garlic clove And a pinch of salt She covers the meat and leaves it to Cook Maria is using 500 grams of zero zero Flour Farina Foreign Having blessed it she makes a well and Sprinkles it with salt She cracks in five eggs Maria scrambles the eggs before Gradually incorporating them into the Flour piano Maria's husband Varina is happy to watch Me Cuatro Hello Diploma in summer Um Foreign Foreign She wants it to be smooth and quite firm For use for the Katara Maria checks her lamb and pours in a Glass of white wine to deglaze it Foreign

It she pours in some passata to the lamb These herbs come from her balcony Foreign She adds a celery stick a carrot green Pepper and a bunch of parsley and basil Okay Maria cuts a dough in half for easier Rolling Maria rolls it to about three Millimeters thick Uh Foreign Slapping the dough on the board as one Rolls it is considered the sign of a Good spolina or pasta maker Varino used to have a staircase Factory The pasta sheet should not be larger Than her rolling pin Keeping the spoilia rolled around her Pin Maria slices along its length This forms pasta strips the same width Which she cuts in half Arena Maria places a pasta oblong on her Guitar and uses a rolling pin to press The pasta through the metal wires It's a lovely process to watch the Ribbons form and fall beneath

Foreign You can hear why it's called the kitara Which means guitar in Italian Maria adds a square-sided pasta ribbons To simmering salted water She ladles some sauce into a serving Bowl Foreign Only takes a couple of minutes to cook Maria checks it and adds some more salt Sugar Pasta past and make sure it's well Coated with the sauce Cling to the pasta and not form a puddle With ER silence as he eats lunch tells us how Delicious Maria's pasta dish is A little grated pecorino is optional Bon Appetito Click on the Subscribe button for Regular helpings of pasta grannies