Cheap And Healthy Burrito Bowl, That Anyone Can Make

By | January 25, 2023
Cheap And Healthy Burrito Bowl, That Anyone Can Make

In our last healthy video I made the Promise that I was going to get shredded By July 4th and we're still on but I Gotta make a gourmet burrito bowl for This price that is but cheaper So today we're making a gourmet burrito Bowl or just a burrito bowl whatever you Want to call it I say it's Gourmet Because we're actually cooking it and Putting effort in it look I don't need To explain to you what a burrito bowl is This is a complete meal in one and it's Not that hard super love being said Let's make this shall we look let's be Honest this isn't about better episode But Chipotle is getting expensive so I Looked at the schematics and scrutinized Each element of the burrito bowl the Rice the beans the meat and all the Other toppings distilling them down into Their Bare Necessities not only are we Breaking down this price but we're also Keeping this incredibly healthy with a Full calorie breakdown at the end first Let's talk pickled red onion it's only Four ingredients but one giant Leaf into The Gourmet category at least a little Bit very easy get yourself half a red Onion and yes you will use the other Half in a different part of this video Now that's economical brother so I said Batboy thin on a mandolin or with a Knife place the slices in a large heat

Proof jar or container then in a medium Saucepan add one cup or 240 milliliters Of water one cup or 240 milliliters of White silk vinegar and one tablespoon or 10 grams of salt place it over Medium-high heat bring to a boil and Then immediately pour your hot liquid Over your red onion make sure the onion Stays submerged then just sit at room Temp until completely cool they will Turn pink and it's kind of cute moving On Rice you make me say it again three Cups or 600 grams of white rice and yes You're gonna rinse your rice of its Starch until the water runs clear and You're gonna pop it in a rice cooker I Know it's about cheaper and you might Not have a rice cooker but listen at Some point you gotta prioritize the car Nah a rice cooker now you've got it Anyway combine that with equal parts Rice and water in the rice cooker close The lid and turn it on while that's Cooking on to the next chicken first in A medium-sized Bowl empty the juice from One can of Chipotle peppers in Adobo Please fight the urge to go to the Comments and tell me oh there's poopy on His hands very childish of you okay Anyway remove the peppers from the can Finally chop them and add them to the Bowl along with two and a half teaspoons Or eight grams of kosher salt add 4 Cloves of garlic rated mix it together

Until thoroughly combined and then You'll need six boneless and skinless Chicken thighs look I know it's not Perfectly macro friendly but it's Permissible and the calories are right Around here per chicken thigh I'm still Still on my get shredded Adventure okay I haven't forgotten anyway pop those Into a bowl toss to go thoroughly and Let it sit for at least 30 minutes in The fridge or up to overnight let's Knock out these black beans normally I Don't use canned but it's at an easy one And done price point so you're gonna use A can of black beans very sorry about That medium-sized pot set over medium Heat add in just enough vegetable oil But ideally pan spray if you want to Keep those calories low add in one diced White onion salted taste let's run or Chili thinly sliced and one roma tomato Rough chopped saute that for 2-3 minutes Or until the onion begins to soften add In one can of black beans that have been Drained then add in one cup or 240 Milliliters of chicken stock you know Like good chicken stock none of that Wawa and season a taste of salt Bring it to a boil then reduce to low And simmer until the vegetables are Softened and the stock is reduced by About 25 cut off the heat and finally Stir in four cloves of finely chopped Garlic done the beans come out at around

90 calories per serving more on that Later now you know the Chipotle corn Relish and it can be so much better if It wasn't just charred corn relish and Instead was Foreign On the cob directly over an open flame Or a grill and let it sit until all Sides are lightly charred about one to Two minutes per side and once that's Done pop two jalapenos directly over the Flame and this time Char the whole got Dang thing I mean you want that little Paper looking sure then wipe off the Char using a paper towel remove the Seeds if you don't want it too spicy Give your jalapenos A Nice Dice add the Two medium sized Bowl then remove the Kernels from all of your cups Add to a bowl and remember that other Half of the Red Onion it's time for a Money saving move one ingredient in two Different components of the meal one is Raw and one is pickled I mean come on We're in technique mode right now anyway Give that other half of the Red Onion A Nice Dice and add that to your bowl Finally add two and a half tablespoons Or six grams of finely chopped cilantro Salt and pepper to taste and one to two Tablespoons or 10 to 20 grams of white Distilled vinegar stir until combined And well that's it look at that corn Relish clocking in at around 72 calories

Per serving we're looking good so far And now it's time to wrap it all up Listen I did make a spicy garlic Mayo For those of you who are not on a diet So it is optional but if you're on a Diet like me uh you won't be including This small bowl one cup or 200 grams of Mayonnaise half a teaspoon or two grams Of onion powder 8 cloves of garlic Grated season the taste of salt three And a half tablespoons or 42 grams of Hot sauce pick something you like okay And whisk until combined boom that's a Spicy meat Bowl except it's a mayonnaise Now to wrap up your chicken you'll Simply heat up a grill pan or a regular Pan or a grill or whatever over medium High reset bad boy up with cooking spray Or vegetable oil and sear your chicken For two to three minutes per side then Either lower the heat to medium and Continuously flip until your chicken is Done or you can finish it in a 375 Degree oven for 15 minutes but either Way just make sure that internal Temperature is 165 degrees Fahrenheit Chicken coming in at 210 calories per Serving nice and easy if you want the Calories lower then stick with pan spray When you're searing it now for the rice To be macro friendly you just pop it out You serve it right away again an Alternative if you don't give a What the calories or the fat or the

Carbohydrates are add two and a half Tablespoons or six grams of finely Chopped cilantro then you could add two Tablespoons or 28 grams of unsalted Butter the zest from one lime and the Juice from said same lime that you just Zested mixed together until well Incorporated and that's your rice Without the butter you're looking at 105 Calories per serving and I also would Like to take this time to argue that White rice is superior to brown rice in Every single possible scenario don't ask Why rice is better now we assemble first Off uh it's a rice bowl so put a bowl Down rice in your bottom dice your Chicken up add it to the Bowl followed By your corn relish then your pickled Red onion optionally some finely grated Monterey Jack cheese again if it's macro Friendly you don't add that brother First cilantro since we already have it Optionally your spicy mayo oh and don't Forget the beans like I did you know I Get it there can but they're still Worthy of a little bit of love here and Look it's beautiful but remember our Price breakdown here's what you need for The cilantro rice the Chipotle spiced Chicken dies the corn relish the pickled Red onion the black beans and if you Don't care about the macros here's what You need for the spicy garlic mayo and Of course other toppings if you have a

Good mix of ingredients on hands it's Gonna cost you around this price all in Hang on if you don't have any of the Ingredients then it's gonna cost you This again all in but as usual you Divide that by six servings and you end Up with a cost that is more reasonable Than anywhere else you're going to get a Bowl and it's healthy too so what does That mean you get an average of 488 Calories 36 grams of protein 60 grams of Carbohydrates and 18 grams of fat per Bowl it's macro friendly if I ever seen Anything I know nor is watching this With a big old smile and his picks Popping but we're only missing one thing The taste test what Burrito bowl so the Mayo completely Optional if you're on a diet like me Pointy is this total is up to this price With this caloric intake not bad Obviously you can do chicken breasts More protein you can eat more and less Fat It's breathable what the hell do you Want me to say the beans are excellent a Little bit of spice garlicky the Tomato Just kind of refreshes it up a little Bit it's nice now the corn I'm gonna dig Around this Mayo because it's not macro Friendly for me this is the key you mix All this up you get all of these flavors But the thing that brings it all Together is this lightly spicy sweet

Crunchy relish that not only belongs in There but makes it the bowl that it Should be you want to make a burrito Bowl that's Unforgettable and still Keeps you on diet for the goddang new Year then this is the bowl for you but You want to know what else is the bowl For you b-roll