Mastering Cooking Techniques | Part One | Gordon Ramsay

By | January 24, 2023
Mastering Cooking Techniques | Part One | Gordon Ramsay

Packed with cooking tips information and 100 recipes to take your life on right Now it’s all about cooking with chili For me chilies are an incredible Ingredient in The Cook’s Arsenal capable Of transforming dishes adding excitement Heat and a wonderful taste I’m going to Show you how to get the grips with their Intense flavor first up red mullet with Sweet chili sauce Is about being adventurous and having The confidence to go off peace and being A little bit more daring so when you Start combining peanuts chili flakes and This amazing fish red mullet trust me You’re in for an amazing treat We’re going to make a really nice light Sweet chili sauce First off your chili off with the top in Half And those seeds inside are very powerful Incredibly hot But full of flavor garlic Two cloves of garlic Slice the garlic nice and thin So it helps the puree Chillies in the pasta water garlic in The salt and it will touch Sugar In And then start grinding Push down first

Salt and the sugar Really helps to puree the chili and the Garlic Sauce always a base To a chili sauce two tablespoons in A touch of rice wine vinegar Fish sauce gives it the saltiness the Vinegar gives it a nice acidic wake up Three tablespoons Of olive oil Nice Mix that up beautiful look at the colors Incredible now spring onions I want the Texture And the crunch spring onions in Coriander slice it once In Fresh lime And that goes brilliantly with the red Mullet just really wakes up the chili The garlic and reminds the sauce that We’re serving with fish now taste Hmm Wow that’s delicious look at that Beautiful No longer that chili sauce sits there The better it gets now for the peanuts And chili it’s going to coat the top of The red mullet Peanuts in Salt In that helps to really grind the Peanuts down some beautiful dried chili

Flakes creates a nice sort of warm heat I’m using fresh chili for the sauce but Dried chili flakes for the coating which Will really crunch up when cooking just A little bit of the coriander Mix the coriander in to the peanuts and Look I like them quite textured I don’t Want them too small as a powder Otherwise they’ll burn but crushed Lightly to coat the fish with the chili And peanut seasoning in a separate Bowl Beat two eggs along with a splash of Fish sauce Take your fillet lay in your red money Dip it in shake up your peanuts And then in and make sure you push that Down Cover that red Monet Oh beautiful Now make sure that Pan’s really nice and Piping hot if we put the fish in and the Pan’s cold All those wonderful peanuts and chili Just going to slide off the fish so we Need to sear it in and get it nice and Crisp in and lay away from you Beautiful Hand starts getting a little bit too hot Get your olive oil And just Place Another teaspoon of olive Oil around the outside so it starts to Heat up as it hits the center and it Really helps to stay so much more in

Control And turn Nice and gently You want that nice sort of toasted Sauteed crispness which adds A really Lovely flavor Tilt the pan and just baste The top of the red mullet with a really Nice piping hot olive oil we’ve got that Really nice roasted Crunch and it goes Brilliantly with that soft sweetness of That fish inside gas off and just leave Them sitting in there and finish with Lime and just go over each one Now and take them out In the sauce Touch on the bottom And the tail of each fish Now to round that off Serving some fragrant rice Broccoli Amazing and there you have a delicious Peanut encrusted red mullet with a Wonderful sweet chili sauce cooking with Chilies isn’t all about blow your head Off heat this dish uses the exciting Taste of a chili but has a deliciously Elegant and subtle flavor As you become more confident using Chillies you’ll find they can transform Your cooking chilies are a great way of Making dishes exciting and vibrant here Are three quick recipes that are full of Flavor and come with a kick

First up pasta with tomatoes and Cherries and chilies For the spicy sauce slice Anchovies and Garlic Dried chilies great for keeping in the Cupboard to add a hit of heat on demand Then add the anchovy all to a hot pan And Fry the chopped ingredients Add half cherry tomatoes Chopped black olives and salted Capers Cook to combine the flavors In a separate pan boil dry spaghetti Another great store covered staple When the pasta is tender but still firm Drain add to the sauce with a splash of The water it’s full of starch which Gives a great silky consistency Then season with pepper and top with Basil Packed with big bold flavors and ready In under 20 minutes pasta with tomatoes Anchovy and chilies My next deliciously different chili Recipe is grilled corn with Chipotle Chili butter Foreign First the topping chopped coriander Then add softened butter Soak Chipotle chilies in hot water these Are dried jalapenos which have an Amazing Smoky flavor

Drain and chop Together and season Next fry corn on the cob in olive oil You want a really wonderfully charred Flavor When colored add water to steam through To eat smother the cobs in the butter And crumble over Lancashire cheese Easy to eat grilled corn with Chipotle Chili butter and utterly delicious Smoky Treat My final recipe is a chili classic Jerk chicken Foreign Start by making the intense jerk Marinade First Scotch bonnet chilies they may be Small but pack real heat and a fruity Punch Then chop garlic And fresh thyme For spice add ground cloves Cinnamon nutmeg And allspice Season with salt and pepper and combine With olive oil Next score chicken legs so the hot spicy Flavors get deep inside the meat

Rub thoroughly with the jerk mix and Marinade Add olive oil to a hot dish Brown the marinated chicken for 10 Minutes Then add Worcestershire sauce Cover and cook in the oven at 220 Degrees for 20 minutes Hot spicy jerk chicken easy to make and Finger Licking Good Three different chilies Three amazing flavors Three irresistible dishes Next five more of my 100 tips that’ll Make your life easier in the kitchen First up how to deseed chili to get the Seeds out hold it upright and just rub The chili between your hands the seeds Are incredibly hot you’re just releasing Them from the inside Tapping it down And then again just a final little rub Now cut the top off and then Just open up And look They come out like little miniature Smarties And there Cut the little bottom bit off Amazing Next a great tip for using spare chilies

Using string to tie together the stalks Then simply hang in your kitchen in just A few weeks you’ll get your very own Dried chilies great crumbled into dishes For adding heat on demand chilies are Surprisingly versatile if you love them In savior dishes my tip is to try adding Them to melty chocolate ganache for Chocolate chili truffles or sprinkled Over fresh fruit like mango or Watermelon a great tip to prevent Burning sensitive skin when working with Chilies to get rid of that spice and That heat on your fingers a little bit Of lemon squeeze a little bit of lemon Juice and that instantly gets rid of the Heat fresh lemon juice Spice up your drinks for a Mexican twist Add a dash of hot chili sauce to beer or Using cocktails to give your drink a Very different sort of Kick This is my ultimate cookery course 100 Recipes to stay your life on I’ll be Showing you an amazing spicy beef salad Take a little teaspoon of your dressing And just go over the beef but first The Secret of cooking fantastic food is to Start with great ingredients the more You know personally about where your Ingredients are from and how they Produce the better so don’t be scared Ask lots of questions and learn and when It comes to chilies there’s no one Better to ask than chili grower Joanna

Plum who’s been farming chillies from Mild to mind blown for over 11 years I Eat chilies all the time every single Day she grows over 60 Types on her farm And really knows her poblanos from a Habaneros People think that chilies are all about Heat actually it’s about Flavor as well Some are sweet some are aromatic and They can be used in so many different Dishes when you go shopping and you’re Looking for a chili what should you be Looking for what you want to do is look At the chili and it needs to be nice and Firm and glossy generally the bigger the Chili the milder it’s going to be the Smaller the chili the hotter and if it’s Small and wrinkly like this one it’s Going to blow your socks off another way To tell if a chili is hot or not is to Split it open and smell it if it’s a Super hot chili it’ll clear your sinuses The heat of a chili comes from an oil Called capsaicin and that is Concentrated mainly at the top of the Chili where the seeds are now when You’re cooking with a chili and you want The flavor of the chili but not too much Of the heat start with just using the Bottom of it as you get closer to the Seeds that chili is going to get hotter So if you remove the seeds that also Does remove some of the heat there’s Thousands of varieties out there because

They cross pollinate very very easily And that’s why the world’s hottest chili Is always changing Joanna’s right with over 200 types Available all with different flavors Aromas and of course levels of heat it’s Important to buy what you like here are My top chilies whatever your desired Kick At the mild end poblano these are great For stuffing have a delicate flavor and Often used in Mexican dishes Starting to get hot the jalapeno when They’re green they’re like spicy bell Pepper the redder they are the sweeter They are bird’s eye where they really Start to pack a punch long thin and Pungent they’re great in Thai Dishes and Are often green or red and at the top End the habanero these Lantern shaped Demons have a delicious fruity taste Under the firecracker of the chili World Another way to use chilies is to smoke Them and to make chipotle what it is It’s just a Mesquite smoked red jalapeno It smells fantastic you can almost get That like Smoky bacon sort of flavor out Of it so you would use this and anything That you would slow cook so you’re Eating a chili and it’s really too hot For you the best way to get rid of that Heat is to drink some milk or a dairy Product like yogurt whatever you do Don’t go for water or for beer don’t be

Frightened of trying new types of Chilies in your cooking experimenting With these amazing fiery beasts is a Great excuse for getting hot-headed in The kitchen They give you a natural high much like When you’ve been exercising so your Endorphins are released and you just Feel good chilies make you happy and They’re also an aphrodisiac South East Asian Chefs they’re brilliant Are balancing the hot spices of chili With sweet sour and salty flavors If you want a new Twist on a favorite Dish spice it up with chili My next recipe is super simple to make But have wonderful depth and complexity Of flavors spicy beef salad Chillies if you use them confidently They can really add a new dimension to The style of cooking but the real trick Is finding that balance of flavors that Really suits you because that’s the most Important part So this is the most amazing sirloin you Can see it’s got that wonderful marble For me the secret behind this is cooking It quickly season the steaks generously Salt and pepper Push that seasoning in to the sirloin Take the sirloin out the fridge Literally 20 minutes before you want to Cook them so it gets up to room Temperature they cook more evenly but

More importantly you can actually season Right inside the steak this little bit Of fat down here season that as well Because that is what we want to roast And get that really nice and rendered Olive oil in tablespoon roll that round As it starts to smoke in with the steaks Into the pan And lay away again into the pan and lay Away if you don’t hear that noise the Minute those steaks hit the pan don’t Put them in so the secret now is getting That color on the steak turning it once And once only and cooking it for two and A half minutes each side what I want to Do is to get that bit of fats rendered So it adds a lot more flavor just hold The stake down like that and that starts To melt the fat which makes it so much More tender there should be no white fat Left anywhere Turn them over really important to have That stake up to room temperature before You start cooking it so the inside is Nice and warm so he spend less time in The pan and more time cooling down Really important Now two fingers touch It goes in it says rare I’m happy for Them to be rare Because by the time I Let them rest I’m going to go back to medium rare It’ll continue cooking out onto a plate And let them rest

One Two Get my juices over Don’t waste that really important Next the spicy dressing take the seeds Out of a chili to reduce the heat by Rubbing it in your hands and tapping Until the seeds fall out cut it in half And just chop it In Garlic and chili Works brilliantly a Quick way of peeling it to get your Knife and just Slam it down pops out very very quickly In little touch of salt Rub Start going around in circles first You’ll see it pouring Nice clear that off Now we’ve got the heat in there from the Chili and that richness from the garlic Two teaspoons of palm sugar this is Where it starts to have that nice sweet Sour effect Fish sauce fresh lime this is a simple Fresh chili dressing and it was Something I fell in love with in Vietnam And Cambodia because it was just so easy Give that a little mix and dissolve the Sugar quick taste Wow right vegetables Great fuss-free way to get super thin Ribbons of carrot is to use a veg peeler When they’re that thin they take the

Vinaigrette so much better and radishes Just slice them down at an angle Lovely give another dimension of the Salad and use a banana shallot they are Incredibly mellow Very sweet Across Just chop up The shalom And mix that through I want some Sweetness in there now little Vine Tomatoes slice them in half tomatoes in Shallot radish carrots and tomatoes next Peel and sliced cucumber chopped spring Onions and Shred baby gem lettuce and Then finally get some fresh mint it’s Young mint so you don’t need to take all Those stalks off all you do is hold a Bunch upside down and then take it for a Little trim And just chop that once through Look at that nice minted salad a couple Of tablespoons of dressing don’t flood The salad with the dressing you can Always add but we can’t take it away now Really mix that dressing in there make Sure all that chili and garlic and palm Sugar wraps around that salad beautiful Onto the plate the steaks rested it’s Now nice and medium rare that little bit Of fat we don’t want to find that in the Salad just slice that off that serves Its purpose Kept that steak nice and moist

Slice going with the grain it’s almost Like slicing through butter and look Inside Beautiful pink you slice the beef too Thinly then it goes Stone Cold and more Importantly all the goodness runs out of It nice thick slices Get the beef and start placing it around The salad Take a little teaspoon of your dressing The rest of your salad Sit there on top and finish it off with Some toasted peanuts peanuts in Now there’s nuts are really toasted nuts On Get another pan and just A crush Once they’ve cooled down Just run them through with a knife I can hear how crunch they are another Texture under the taste of the salad And then from there sprinkle Finally take that just finish it with a Little Tablespoon of that sauce and there is One tasty very well textured spicy beef Salad Follow My ultimate cookery course Crammed with key lessons top tips and 100 recipes to stay your life on and You’ll literally be cooking yourself Into a better chef Many of these amazing recipes are on my

App please check out the app store for Details go on get cooking Right now it’s all about making it easy Making it easy for yourself in the Kitchen means using the time you have Effectively And the one thing that can really help You do that is your freezer My recipe for meatballs is so versatile It can be used to make a dozen amazing Dishes one of my favorites is meatballs In fragrant coconut broth Having a freezer of home-cooked Delicious food ready to go can be a real Lifesaver it means you never have to Compromise on Flavor these meatballs are Delicious but more importantly they Freeze so well First off get your pan on and start Sweating off the onions and your garlic This recipe involves making the Meatballs the classic way but the Exciting part Is actually cook them in coconut milk And it gives a really nice new dimension To a sort of soft Rich Sumptuous Meatball Chop the onion nice and finely giving Those slices very close together close To the slices the finer the onions Cut it back down at an angle slice down Just chop I want the onions nice and

Fine because I want some finesse to These meatballs The Secret of a really Good meatball is the texture getting That balance right Between the minced beef the breadcrumbs The milk And the seasoning a couple of cloves of Garlic slice of garlic really nice and Thinly Nice pan nice and hot a tablespoon of Olive oil quite generous with the olive Oil Onions and garlic in a little touch of Salt and pepper With your mints open it up a little bit And sort of cut it out that’s salt And pepper For me A good meatball is all about the the Softness the texture of that Rich beef And the way it sort of melts in your Mouth you can color it on the outside But you want it nice and soft and sort Of rich in the center mix that in Beautifully And then paste it back out again I’ve Got some really nice dried chili flakes I’m going to season the onions with the Chili flakes chili flakes in Cook that out for two minutes I’m gonna add some milk Take your breadcrumbs make a little well Three four tablespoons of milk that

Makes a sort of nice slightly doughy Texture but it lightens the texture of The meatball Place that in Add the onions your garlic and your Chili in there as well Nice put your hands in there and start Mixing them If you’ve got the right amount of milk And breadcrumbs it doesn’t mean binding With an egg Don’t make them too small Problem with making them too small is The fact that they dry out quickly just The size of a golf ball A little bit bigger Nice Getting a really nice tight squeeze that Stops IT from breaking up It always pays to double the recipe and Spend a bit more time making extra Meatballs so you can freeze a batch Ready for another time give the pan a Little wipe out Don’t wash out that pan we’ve got that Flavor from the onions the garlic at the Bottom look at that pan nice and hot Taste of olive oil in there Place them The top of your pan Nice and gently Sit them in the oil Get a palette knife and go underneath Them and just sort of

Tilt the pan and let the pan cook the Back of the meatball we’re going to add Some heat coriander seeds Slightly spicy and peppery just to give A really nice flavor to the coconut milk And next some cardamom seeds three or Four onto the board knife on And no touch of turmeric into the center Of the pan that’s going to give it a Really nice spicy flavor A little pinch cinnamon All the time you’re doing this those Meatballs are just getting tastier and Tastier a couple of dried chilies let Them Infuse in that oil And then some lemongrass just take the Back of your knife and sort of Beat It Down that starts to release all that Lovely sort of fragrance like someone’s Just let off the most amazing fragrant Air freshener in for the lemongrass Finally some fresh ginger Peel Slice nice and thinly Time now To turn them over And let the other half for a wonderful Flavor To stop In Bring the stock up to the boil turn the Gas up and then add the coconut milk And I want the coconut milk just sitting Underneath the the top of a meeple

Coconut milk in And that sort of Gives it that creamy richness but it’s Not heavy it’s a fragrant light richness Before we start simmering check the Seasoning That nice soft texture of the meatball But that fragrance light richness of the Coconut broth it’s going to cook those Meatballs perfectly Bring the broth up to the boil And simmer gently for eight to ten Minutes Touch them with your finger they should Be slightly pliable but slightly springy Gas off I’m gonna finish it off with Something light and fresh zest of lime But I want the zest On top of the meatball Sort of cut through that richness and Then finally Squeeze fresh lime And that just gives it that nice zesty Amazing taste Stirring the juice It’s got that kick and that vibrant Taste now the exciting part When you come to serve it be generous With that coconut broth talk the pan Get a good couple of ladles of a broth In Meatball Meatball

And that is a very Delicious way of eating a old-fashioned Meatball and bringing it into the 21st Century and they’re just as good cooked From Frozen as well The secret to stress-free cooking is Making it easy for yourself here are Three more recipes all based on my Delicious freezer friendly meatballs Just defrost them before you get started First up beef meatballs with ariketti Kale and pine nuts Meatballs to Hot Oil Brown Meanwhile cook origetti pasta Then add chopped garlic to the meatballs And shreddy kale a delicious green veg Packed with vitamins which Cooks in Minutes Cabbage is a great alternative if you Can’t get kale Put in some of the cooking water from The pasta to steam through When the pasta is cooked al dente drain And add to the meatballs season Then finish with sweet buttery pine nuts And grated fresh Parmesan cheese Meatballs with olive keti kale and pine Nuts from meatballs to meal in minutes My next easy standby supper is beef Meatball sandwich with melting Mozzarella and tomato salsa

Top a lightly Toasted Roll with Pan-fried meatballs then tear up chunks Of creamy buffalo mozzarella pile it on And melt it under the grill For the Tangy salsa sliced sweet red Onion then add juicy diced tomatoes and Roughly chopped fresh coriander Eason and drizzle with olive oil Spoon over Perfect in a Flash beef meatball Sandwich with melting mozzarella and a Tomato salsa a sandwich to die for My final super easy meatball recipe is Fiery meatball soup Foreign Chopped onion and finely slice garlic in Hot olive oil Cumin seeds for warmth And add your meatballs Cook on a high heat to get all those Aromatic flavors out Once the meatballs are browned add hot Chili paste for a spicy kick Tinned tomatoes Dried oregano and a liter of beef stock Then simmer Next add sweet corn And chopped courgettes To finish add hot jalapeno peppers chop

Fresh coriander and crushed tortilla Chips And pop meatball wonder that really Packs a punch fiery meatball soup One versatile meatball recipe four Deliciously different dishes food that’s Certain to make your life in the kitchen Easier and stress-free amazing whether You’re making great food to freeze or to Take straight to the table you need to Know how to shop for the best Ingredients Next up my shopping guide to oils It doesn’t matter if you’re baking Frying or dressing salads using the Right oil can dramatically alter The Taste and texture Here are the most common oils and what To use them for Sunflower oil is a good value All-rounder nice and light for frying Bacon in dressings and spicy dishes Ground nuts or peanut oil is great for Cooking on high heat as it gets really Hot without burning Sesame oil I flavoursome sweet and nutty Oil perfect sprinkled over Asian dishes Before serving Rapeseed oil is a healthier choice for Using in salads I love walnut oil fantastically fragrant It’s brilliant for salad dressings and It gives cakes a distinctive flavor

Oil I use most in my cooking is olive Oil Find some of the best olive oils sold in Britain to go to one of the most Unlikely places An electrical shop in London’s East End Turkish-born Mehmet morat has olive oil In his blood my families produce this Olive oil for centuries what he doesn’t Know about it isn’t worth knowing The very best extra virgin olive oil is First cold pressed it’s actually pressed By Stone and then it’s put for a Centrifugal spinner which spins out all The bitter Waters and then you’ve got Pure olive oil cold pressed olive oil And you’ve got to taste it to believe it Pour a little sample Slurp it draw it in without don’t Swallow it warm it in your mouth coat The whole of the inside of your mouth With it and then swallow it will go down Like fruit juice and it will leave no Grease in a solar oiliness in your mouth Whatsoever Absolutely Sensational beautiful My favorite use of any olive oils is to Pour it into a bowl room temperature rub Some wild oregano into it and get some Fresh busty bread and just dip it There’s food on its own don’t eat Anything else

Welcome back to my ultimate cookery Course Next on my guide to making it easy I’ll Be creating a sweet treat to drool over I want the chocolate a little Matchsticks dotted around but first My quick guide to the basic kit you need To get cooking fantastic food You don’t need to spend a fortune on Masses of kitchen equipment here are Three more Kitchen Essentials Whisk spoon and spatula These three items are so cheap yet they Are so important to Great home cooking A whisk there’s so much more control When you’ve got something whisking in Your hand you can gauge it so much Better than you can if it’s an electric Mixer Bigger the balloon on your hand whisk The faster it will whip as it draws in More air Wooden Spoons don’t scratch Pans they should be washed by hand Spatulas are indispensable for baking or Mixing make sure it’s heat resistant so It doesn’t melt but more importantly Phenomenal for making Omelettes great with scrambled eggs and You waste nothing because the spatula Almost cleans the bowl instantly With these three you’ll be well on your Way to cooking like a pro And you’ll need all three for my next Recipe

My take on classic chocolate brownies is Guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s Face and not just when they’re fresh out Of the oven Blondies Stock up on these delicious blondies They’ll keep for up to a week and it’s a Great way of getting ahead if you’re Expecting guests around First off melt the butter for the Mixture We’ve had hundreds and hundreds of Brownies the sort of white chocolate Version I.E blondies are amazing a Little bit more subtle keep a little Knob of butter For the end just to grease your baking Tray turn the gas down Gently melt that butter Sugar into the bowl Let’s give that butter a little whisk It sort of makes the mixture a bit Lighter slightly fluffy Off with the gas A pinch of salt in the sugar then make a Little well in the middle And sort of whisk you can see It’s already gone nice and blunt Love it Give that a really good mix And the secret with the butter be Slightly warm sort of it melts the sugar

Lovely A teaspoon of vanilla extract in Next lightning whisk in two whole eggs To give a little beat This is such a delicious recipe yeah It’s so simple whisking the eggs looking For that nice sort of rich Taste just smooth paste See why we call these blondies beautiful Next teaspoon of baking powder baking Powder in and half a teaspoon of baking Soda Aerates the mixture it gives it that Little tartness you’ll see the sort of Rise instantly the minute they hit the Oven And then your flour whisk with one hand And just Slowly add half the flour first Get that all mixed up make sure that Mixture is really nice and smooth Check it occasionally No lumps half a flour in And then the other half and you’ll feel It sort of almost nice and firm And that’s why it’s so important to add The flowering stages this stops the Mixture going lumpy it should be just Dropping off the Whisk Beautiful Change over from a whisk to a spoon Next I want some texture some nice sweet Chewiness to the blondies dried Cranberries they bake beautifully but it

Gives the Blondie a really nice sort of Chewy sweetness in the center next and White chocolate I’m not going to grate it just chop it Up just slice it like little bits of Shrapnel I want the chocolate my little Matchsticks dotted around Now chocolate in lovely fold that in I Want a nice even distribution of those Wonderful dried cranberries Don’t over mix it I want to break up That chocolate Nice even mix of cranberries and Chocolate See the chocolate there’ll be parts of The chocolate in the oven that will Actually melt it’ll be like little pools Of white melted chocolate in the center Now baking tray Small little knob of butter And the grease baking tray and line it Some greaseproof paper and just over Extend it Shiny side out dull side hits the bottom Of the tray in Creased proof allows me to maximize on The white chocolate inside the mix my Grease with paper the chocolate can melt And almost stick to the tray so the Paper is just a really nice insurance Policy secondly we want that rise and That sort of crispness now with the mix

Get your spatula all the way around I Don’t see anything left in that bowl Position the ball over your tray Nice and carefully Don’t leave that slice in the bowl Nobody’s licking that one and then just Take the back of a spatula go into the Corners push and come back into the Middle Turn the tray around let it work to your Advantage Try and get it evenly positioned in the Tray If it goes in even It Cooks evenly Make sure you smooth out the top of the Blondie with the back of the spatula And then into the oven it’s going to Rise it’s nice and crisp on that soft Gooeyness in the center Make your blondies at 180 degrees for 35 To 40 minutes Foreign Edge on the outside and that sort of Soft gooey Center Leave that to cool down and it’s going To sort of firm up and wrinkle but it’ll Stay nice and gooey in the center once It’s cooled down take it out and start Slicing After watching blondies a fantastic easy Treat to have on hand for yourself or to Share

Tricks the trade and kitchen tips To make your life easier make sure you Make the most of your freezer my tip for Amazing tuna carpaccio is to freeze it First and it will slice beautifully Why is the safe leftover wine for Cooking my tip is to freeze the Remaining wine and freezer bags or ice Cube trays it’s great in stocks and Sauces When you freeze soups or stews in tubs The tip is not to overfill them leave Room to expand in the container Great tip for a cheap homemade ice cream By a high quality vanilla ice cream and Make it your own by mixing in berries Chocolate or my favorite rum and boozy Raisins A fantastic tip for leftover lemons and Limes is to cut them into wedges freeze And use them like ice cubes they won’t Water down your drink and they’ll also Add flavor Follow My ultimate cookery course Crammed with key lessons Top tips 100 recipes to stay your life On and you’ll literally be cooking Yourself into a better chef Many of these amazing recipes are on my App please check out the app store for Details

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