Collecting Seeds From My Garden For Next Season’s Crop

By | January 24, 2023
Collecting Seeds From My Garden For Next Season’s Crop

All right Hmm Oh A lost point oh I guess that might pop Up next to you Know every year Out you get gotta do this every year Knife Grow the beans grow whatever And let some of them go to seed so You've got it for the next year so you Never have to buy seeds again And these seeds are going to be good Because they're used to your soil your Climate everything so there's got to be Something In here That's sort of acclimated in in a way That's just a theory I don't know if That's true Ew that one's not good Now I've got I've got more I can Get but I think look this is going to be Enough I've got multiple varieties of Beans growing so You know this particular variety You know I may just grow like I did this Season just one row I can't remember how many plants that is So I can always collect more if I want

Um and and there's plenty of being Stored on there they're being produced They're producing lots of beanstorm I Can always let some of those Hmm All right so that's good Here's a string bean variety so I just Date And write what's in it put them in here And then I store them Foreign There you go Good amount of beans like I said I can Always collect more 12th of January So I guess some collecting beans to Editing to uploading this video I wonder How many days it'll be between this and Uploads Should be less than a week So now we've got The mizuna some have already fallen Actually But That's all right So let me just take them off and we'll We'll deal with it later in fact I might Actually Put that under there Trying to hold Camera while doing this isn't that easy Just realized I wasn't even showing you Okay And again I moved the camera I'm too

Busy watching what I'm doing I suppose What I'm filming All right all righty let's move this to Here So we just want to Do all that for the seat or Come out More season I'm ever going to need so Chuck some of it out And you just give it a blow There we go there's the mizuna seeds Just that's heaps like that's more than I'd need I only usually grow between three and Six plants are here and I've got Kale uh dwarf blue curly kale And we'll collect those seeds Okay so just Do all this this will get them all out Where is it is the blue dwarf curly kale A bunch of seeds in there heaps more Than I'd ever need you just collect more Than you need every season and You know Bob's your uncle Is the next thing I'm collecting seeds From but what I did was I picked some That were a little past it about a week Ago Threw them here on the ground And now that they're dry and pick them Up and I will collect the seeds I just collected a couple of apples and

Some uh Tomatoes I'll just get the seeds out That's not a seed Here we go Collected and I will plant some next Year or next season