Homemade Coconut Tres Leches cake

By | January 23, 2023
Homemade Coconut Tres Leches cake

Thank you Welcome back beautiful family today I Want to share with you a very Delicious Coconut tres leche cake that I know you Guys are really going to love the Holidays are here let's enjoy our loved Ones with this delicious Coconut tres leches cake so let's get Started To prepare this tres leche coconut cake These are the ingredients I have salt Baking powder baking soda coconut Extract vegetable oil room temperature Eggs Granulated sugar all-purpose flour one Evaporated milk one condensed milk and One Cream milk this is everything we need to Prepare this delicious Tres Leches coconut cake that I know you Guys are going to love so let's get Started of course I want to start with The four room temperature eggs The eggs need to be at room temperature So that your cake really comes out Fluffy and moist and now I added the Vegetable oil I am going to incorporate It really good until it's nice and Smooth once this is incorporated I'm

Going to add the dry ingredients which Is the sugar the all-purpose flour the Baking soda baking powder salt And once you sift everything in here now We are going to incorporate it we are Going to add half a cup of regular milk And we are going to whisk away until It's nice and smooth and there is no Lumps of the mixture And of course don't forget to add the Coconut extract this is going to be Really creamy the flavor of the coconut Extract is really going to give you such An amazing Taste to your tres leches cake Incorporate the coconut extract and once This is done Now we are ready to get our baking dish Ready of course you guys already have This non-stick baking cream on my Channel it's a homemade non-stick baking Cream that I know you guys are really Going to love to bake pancakes bake your Cakes you name it nothing is going to Stick once this is done we are going to Incorporate the batter I have already Preheated the oven to 325 Fahrenheit It's going to go in the oven for 35 Minutes and now I have my heavy whipping Cream here that I'm going to whip until It's nice and fluffy I'm gonna take it To the refrigerator let it rest there And now I am getting ready the Tres Leches mixture of course I'm adding the

Condensed milk I'm adding the evaporated Milk and I'm adding the cream if you Don't have this kind of cream you could Use sour cream of course you're going to Have all the ingredients in the Description box don't forget to add your Coconut extract to the Tres Leches let Me tell you this Tres Leches coconut Cake comes out moist delicious and it's Perfect for the holidays once this is Done we are going to take it to the Refrigerator and by this time we are Removing The bread from the oven look at this When you put a little stick inside and It comes out clean then that means that The bread is completely done now we're Gonna start poking holes a lot of holes So that we could add the Tres Leches Mixture and the bread really absorbs all Those amazing flavors if you love your Tres Leches to be nice and moist add Everything in here Added in here let it rest for an hour in The refrigerator and when it's already Rested for one hour you're gonna notice That all the milk has been absorbed Into the bread look at this now I'm just Gonna add the heavy whipping cream that I whipped earlier I'm gonna add it right on the top I'm Gonna cover the whole thing with the Heavy whipping cream the heavy whipping Cream I the one I use already has sugar

So here I'm adding the dry flakes of the Coconut Look at this I am sure that once you Make this amazing Tres Leches coconut Cake you are going to continue enjoying It with a delicious coffee if you liked And loved this recipe please leave me a Thumbs up subscribe to my channel so Cooking with Gloria keeps growing I Can't wait to enjoy it and I can't wait To dig in Look at this Be very generous with your slices Because I know that once you make it This is gonna be something that you're Gonna be preparing very often it doesn't Have to be Christmas time it doesn't Have to be Thanksgiving time it doesn't Even have to be holidays just make it And enjoy it like I enjoy it here with My family I can't wait to enjoy it so I'll see you In just a little bit I am completely done with this tres Leche Coco cake that I know you guys are Really going to love this is the part I

Really Love and Enjoy tasting my recipes Let's see how this came out It's really fluffy really moist from the Inside And I wish you guys were here to taste It with me excuse me Oh my God Really moist from the inside The sweetness is just perfect it's not Overwhelming the flavor of the cocoa Amazing hmm The holidays are here let's make this Leche cocoa cake at home Hmm oh my friends you enjoyed this Delicious recipe tres leche Coco cake if You like and love this recipe I invite You to subscribe leave me a thumbs up Share this video on social media with Your friends with your relatives so Cooking with Gloria keeps growing don't Forget to push that notification button If you did leave it activated so every Time I make an amazing recipe yes you're Going to be notified before I say I see You soon I wish you nothing but the best Peace and love I love you guys thank you For being here thank you for being part Of cooking with Gloria Like subscribe and share and see you on My next delicious recipe bye