Garlic Parmesan Wings (Better Than Restaurant)

By | January 23, 2023
Garlic Parmesan Wings (Better Than Restaurant)

Today on Diva skin cook we are frying up Some crispy Golden Chicken Wings we're Gonna toss them in this garlicky Flavorful sauce because we are making my Favorite garlic parmesan wings y'all They are going to rock your world you Ready let's go Okay so I have already washed and dried My wings so I'm gonna add in a little Bit of olive oil dump that into the bowl We're gonna toss these Wings up because We want them to be lightly coated in That olive oil next I got some Seasonings here I'm gonna just sprinkle This onto my chicken and mix it all up And get it all distributed we really Don't need a lot of spices here because That sauce y'all that sauce is so bold Yes so good okay now I have some flour Here I'm gonna add this to my little Dish I'm gonna sprinkle in some more Seasonings I'm keeping it simple here Okay very simple garlic seasoned salt Parsley very simple okay mix this all Around now we can go ahead and just add Our chicken and then we're going to coat This chicken very very lightly with the Flour this was like just enough flour to Coat These Wings I had like a pound of Chicken so if you want to double this Recipe you want to triple it go ahead be Just fine okay so once you have all of Your wings coated in that flower here is How it will look like this now we're

Going to cover this up with some plastic Wrap and we're going to refrigerate it For about 30 minutes you just want that Flower to kind of adhere to the skin of That chicken okay so after 30 minutes Here is what it looks like okay it's Perfect it's ready to be fried look at That yep that's how it's gonna look After 30 minutes but you can also do Longer if you want to okay okay so now We're going to work on our sauce won't Take long so I'm gonna dump some butter Into my pot here I'm using um unsalted Butter like always okay we're going to Stir this up until that butter has Melted and then here comes the king Daddy ingredient that fresh garlic a Whole lot a whole lot of fresh garlic We're getting like this garlic kind of Saute a little bit until it becomes all Fragrance starts smelling all good then We're going to add in some more spices Here parsley garlic powder black pepper Sea salt go ahead and stir that in there All right and now we're gonna add in Just a little bit of Parmesan cheese Fresh grated Parmesan cheese all these Fresh ingredients is going to create Such an amazing tasting sauce and you Can also use fresh parsley if you want To I just prefer using the dried parsley Because I feel like you it kind of Clings to the chicken a little bit Better okay so now it's gonna let this

Simmer away and now I'm just going to Put it on low heat because it's time to Fry our chicken so I'm going to go ahead And add some oil to my Skillet when that Oil is nice and hot go ahead and just Throw that chicken right on in there you May have to do this in batches if you Are doubling the recipe but I was able To get all my chicken in this pot so go Ahead and place your chicken in a pot Let it Fry on up this won't take too Long at all once it's nice and golden You can flip it over if you need to but This chicken is kind of you know kind of Self-turned itself so I didn't have to Do much flipping once it gets nice and Golden go ahead and place it on a plate Like with paper towels okay so now is my Favorite part I love love love this part And that is dunking the chicken in that Garlic Parmesan sauce yes and I don't Know why I like doing this far it's just Something fun about getting the chicken All soaked up in all this butter and Garlic and all that yumminess I like it Okay so once you have all that chicken Drench since butter sauce you got I have A lot of stuff left over in the pan We're gonna come back to that in just a Minute but while this chicken is nice And hot I want to add my parmesan cheese On there so it starts to kind of melt I'm going to add on some black pepper And I'm going to add on Fresh parsley

For garnish and make it look all pretty And stuff okay so once I do that I like To come back in with the final coat of This garlic do not skip this step Because this is where all the flavor is So just make sure you get all of those Garlic bits all over this chicken hit it With some more parmesan cheese more Black pepper more parsley and then you Are good to go it's not going to be too Buttery too oily don't worry about that It's going to dry up nicely it's going To be nice and crunchy and so full of Flavor look at that see it's all just It's all just one living happily Together in the inside so juicy of Course we got butter it's got to be Juicy right I hope you guys enjoyed this Video don't forget to subscribe and Check out my other videos later