‘No Recipe Required’ Oven Beef Ribs Method

By | January 21, 2023
‘No Recipe Required’ Oven Beef Ribs Method

Welcome Friends welcome back to the Kitchen welcome back to another episode Of what was on sale at the grocery store Today now I live in Toronto and in Toronto we are spoiled for Choice Um when it comes to grocery shop And I have to admit I'm fairly lazy um when I shop I find myself going back to the Same grocery store Um the same place over and over and over Again because I can get 99 of what I Need in one stop go in get it and I know That some things I'm paying too much for And some things I'm getting a deal on And it all works out in the end And part of that is this this I don't Feel like you know driving around the City Um is often worth it to me But I forget about some places that are In my neighborhood so today I took a Step out and I went to a grocery store That I really like called Blue Sky and Um I was able to get these beef ribs at Blue Sky for less than half of what the Beef ribs cost at the regular grocery Store that I go to so it's worth Sometimes it really is worth shopping Around And I'm not really going to do anything Special with these beef ribs Um we did the pork ribs a little while

Ago And I had a lot of people asking me in The comments could you do the same thing With beef ribs and definitely you could Essentially the same method I'm going to Do it a little bit differently at the Start but for the most part it's the Same method and today I'm going to use Montreal steak spice as the seasoning This is our own blend and I will link to That Down in the description box you just Want to cover On all sides And then pick up anything that falls off Get it well coated Okay so I've got the ribs coated on all Sides with the with the Montreal steak Spice Don't get hung up on the spicing I'm Using there's so many different ways to Flavor this dish use a spice mix that You really like I mean you could go full On just with salt and pepper And this long slow cook is going to make These taste amazing Um you could put in a little bit of Smoked paprika or ground up chipotle Powder to give it sort of a smokiness to Replicate kind of what a barbecue would Do or you could just go straight out Like I'm doing with uh with this Montreal steak spice I'm going to put a Little bit of water in the bottom put a

Quarter cup you don't have to do this in A brazer this is a Le Creuset brazer It's really good for this sort of thing Because it's got a tight fitting lid you Could do it on a sheet pan Straight up sheet pan cover with tin Foil and stick it in for the first half Hour you want to cover this for the First half hour of cooking you could do It in any roasting pan just cover it With foil so into the oven this goes at 320 degrees Fahrenheit for about a half An hour to 40 minutes and then I will Remove the lid and just let it continue Cooking this is a dish that doesn't take Anything to make I mean really Um it's easy Just takes a bit of time in the oven I've often thought that you could Probably do this in a crock pot I've never done it it's one of those Things I want to try if you've done it Let me know down in the in the comments How that worked out for you so into the Oven this goes Foreign Take the lid off And look at that don't they look amazing So I'm going to cook these now lid off Until we get to about the three and a Half hour mark and then I'll start Checking them for done Okay about four hours have gone by and

These are looking fantastic now I'm Going to Turn the oven up It is going to go to 425 And I've got it on forced fan so I'm Going to move these ribs over to this Baking tray Look at the Fawn in the bottom of that Pan and I'm going to cover the pan with Some tin foil or aluminum foil and I'm Just going to keep these warm So stay warm on the counter for quite a While I mean you could cover them with a Towel if you have a warming oven or a Warming tray that would work really well As well I just gonna set them there for The moment I'm left with this fond in the bottom of The pan and I don't want that to go to Waste so I've got just a little bit of Water maybe a quarter cup and I'm just going to scrape around the side I put this back on The stove top just to melt this together A little bit now this is a heavy cast Iron pan and often there's enough Residual heat in it That I don't have to put it back on the Stovetop but you know fussing with the Camera and everything today I'm gonna Have to so I want to get Kind of like a pan gravy not quite I've Boiled some baking potatoes just Parboiled them drained them and let them

Dry out they're right here so what I'm Going to do is Build a little bit of a sauce in the Bottom of this pan toss the potatoes in It stick it back into the oven and roast Them golden brown on the outside Building in all of the flavor from the Beef into the potato Okay so I've got a lot of it scraped off Haven't got it all scraped off you're Never going to get it all Kind of turn that heat off for the Moment and I'm going to take Our potatoes And we'll toss them in this sauce and The fat and get them completely covered Okay that's really mixed up nicely Nicely coated I'm going to sprinkle it With a little bit of salt the oven Should be hot now at at 4 25 it is it's On full fan you go to 450 475 if you Wanted to Um I think 425 is going to be fine the Ribs will hold their heat for quite a While And in like the last five minutes you Can put the ribs back in and just sort Of give them a boost of heat so I'm Going to put them in the oven I'm going To keep an eye on them Timing depends on your oven timing Depends on your potatoes and the vessel That you're cooking them in watch them Closely

Give them a stir two or three times move Them around and get the whole thing nice And crispy Okay potatoes are done here we go Foreign Potatoes I'm sure right out of the oven I went to Blue Sky today okay then what Was on sale Um not on sale regular price beef ribs But still way cheaper than you know The Giant grocery store that starts with An L Doesn't matter no there you go okay Um It reminds me of Oh I can't remember the name of the Restaurant but it was called the pile of Bones it was just a big pile of ribs in In bands yeah was that the Tiff split no That was the dessert place with the mile High apple pie oh that's right Bumpers bumpers it was bumpers okay Bumpers and bath I don't think it's There anymore no I don't think it's There so I totally want to dive into the Go into the bathroom go into the Potatoes sorry I don't know why because They've got that crispy crispiness to Them how hard are they okay I won't be Eating mine or else I might aside no set Mine down They pulled in the flavor of the beef Okay that's great but it looks like from Your response they're much better yep

Okay setting that aside So that's how my grandmother did Potatoes whenever we she would do the Sunday roast Right after yes so she would she would Parboil them just like that It's like a little mini roast that's Really good I love that And it was so much cheaper than the than A standing rib roast Like when you go I always forget to go to the blue sky And then when I'm standing in the blue Sky it's like why don't I come here all The time And I don't know That's really nice but you could not Even put my potato on you could still Pull the potatoes out of there then There's enough fond in the bottom of That pan that you could then make a Gravy Um Yeah Yeah Okay oh hot well So Um you could spice these any way you Want just follow the method it's really About the method make sure you've got Enough oil in the pan when you put the Potatoes in and toss them around so they Don't stick to the bottom if you have to Add some oil add some if you have to

Take some oil out take some out these Are sort of decisions you have to make As you go along as you're cooking Um the ribs will stay hot covered during The cooking time It's easy so easy Thanks for stopping by see you again Soon Okay I've got some broccoli going inside So excellent in my case stop snacking Let's go