Big Ham | Cooking With Brenda Gantt 2023

By | January 18, 2023
Big Ham | Cooking With Brenda Gantt 2023

Hey everyone it's so good to be back With you tonight for my supper I'm going To do a ham and so I want to show you The ham I'm going to cook and I'm gonna Pick some other things with it but it's So good to see everybody I just had so Many comments from all over the United States and I even got one today from Australia so and Hawaii is so I'm just So excited and so if you'll come over to The sink let's look at this ham we're Going to cook today Um this is it I really like to get What's called the Uh butt portion of a ham But they didn't have it at the Piggly Wiggly so I had to get the shank portion And then and that's okay the difference Is that the shape portion has the bigger Bone at the back and um seems like the Butt portion has more meat but anyway I Got the shake all right so we're going To open up our ham I would let me show you this This Hound was 23.74 cents and and y'all You could feed your whole family Well maybe a family of four four almost All week I mean just think about it do We gonna have this tonight we're just Gonna slice it off and have ham with our Vegetables And then tomorrow we may have Um grilled cheese with the ham in it

Grilled cheese sandwiches the next day We may have a ham pot pie The last day we may have a ham dumplings By boiling the bone and making our Dumplings like we did the chicken and Dumplings and the next morning we may Want to have fried ham and some eggs and Grits and biscuits and then make our Little red-eyed gravy with the ham Um drippings so I mean this is really an Economical uh buy for a family of four Or five all right let's open this now And see What we've got here Is vacuum packed All right it's looking good Look at that isn't that pretty that's a Beautiful ham This ham is actually when you see it This one is called it's fully cooked so What we want to do is get it hot Um Throughout all the way to the Bone so Always wash my meat first so I'm gonna Wash this big ham on some water over it And wash it good And I'm gonna put it in this pan over Here All right now then you see you got a fat Side and a this side I'm gonna put it The fat side down in my pan And then I'm going to put some water in The bottom of my pan that's just so it Won't stick in this water I'm gonna put

About three cups in there And this water will be some of my broth The next next day or two if I make a ham Pot pie I can use this broth Um for my height all right let's move it Over here Okay now then what we're going to do now Is I'm going to put some um Aluminum foil over it and so let me do That You just take a picture of the ham bags Really close up while I'm getting out my Aluminum Fork My granddaughter's uh doing the Filming today because she wanted to She's 10. because the video messes up You can blame her You know my grandbabies just lived Through the woods for me So it's so nice we've been together all Day all right so what I want to do Instead of put the foil on the outside I Want to press it down close to my meat Like this And that way it keeps it from drying out I press it down real good All right I've got my oven set on 350 Degrees And we're gonna eat about seven tonight And right now it is four o'clock so I'll Probably take it off a few minutes Before seven and then we'll slice it and Have it tonight with our vegetables so I Think at 350 degrees for that'll almost

Be three hours it'll be nice and warm But it won't be dried out So I think that'll be good so I'm going To open my oven and I'm gonna I had to Move my shelves today this is really Heavy I don't know how much for the bucks We're gonna put him in there and close The door and so I wish I could show you How it's going to look when it comes out But I can't because I don't know how to Put two films two videos together yet But I'm still learning and maybe I'll Learn soon but it'll just be really hot And steamy and Smoky and that kind of Thing and um so some of you have been Asking how can I follow you uh Brenda Get and so what you do is you go to Facebook And then press page And uh look at all everything that I've Had on there so far but if you want to Follow when you go to my page there's a Follow button and you can press that and Then you'll see all my recipes oh I hope You all have a great night and a good Supper like we're going to have and God Bless you and I'll see you later bye