Ultimate Blueberry Coffee Cake

By | January 16, 2023
Ultimate Blueberry Coffee Cake

Today on Diva skin cook we are taking a Whole lot of blueberries and making the Ultimate blueberry coffee cake we're Gonna finish it off with a vanilla glaze And oh honey hush this is hands down Y'all one of my favorite coffee cakes Ever and this is why I put it in my Cookbook because it is so good and it Disappears so fast y'all ready let's go Okay we're gonna start by making our Streusel topping so I'm gonna add some Flour into my Bowl here I'm gonna throw In a little bit of granulated sugar then I'm going to add in some brown sugar Dump that I'm using um light brown sugar And then I'm gonna add in a little bit Of cinnamon okay this is like a Cinnamon Streusel topping so go ahead and just Mix this all up until it is combined That looks perfect just like that we're Gonna add in some salted butter okay now Just go ahead and just Mash this around And eventually it's going to start Looking like a really really large Crumbs okay that's what you want that's When you're done when it's looking like This right here yes that is perfect so We're gonna move along to making our Cake part all right so to make this cake I'm gonna add in some flour into a large Bowl dump that flour in okay next I'm Going to add in a little bit of baking Powder and salt all right and then we're Going to add in some granulated sugar

And next let's go ahead and just whisk This all around get all these dry Ingredients combined you can sift it if You want to but around do all of that Okay now I'm going to add in my butter Dump that butter in there and now get Yourself a little pastry cutter and just Kind of cut that butter into those dry Ingredients and that is my cue to add in My whole milk so dump that whole milk in There I'm also going to add in a little Bit of Buttermilk yes Gotta Have It Gotta have it and I'm gonna add in a Beaten egg a slightly beaten egg and Then finally I'm gonna add in my vanilla Extract okay and that is it that is Everything that's going to go into this Batter and this batter y'all is going to Be so thick like super super thick so Don't think you don't done something Wrong okay you haven't done anything Wrong that's how it should look nice and Nice and thick don't overwork it because It's kind of like a quick break you know The more you stir it it's gonna get Tough and you don't want that okay so Now for our fresh blueberry is a whole Bunch of them things dump them right Into that bowl and very gently very Carefully go ahead and mix those Blueberries in there you want to go very Careful because you don't want to break These blueberries open or it's going to Turn you better like a gray color it's

Ugly so try to be very gentle all right Okay so I have grease and flour My Pan So I'm just going to dump this batter Right into this pan you see how thick it Is man this is some thick batter like It's so thick but it's gonna the texture Is gonna be the bomb diggity you're Gonna love this texture okay spread it Out into that nice even layer just like This and then we're gonna sprinkle on All of that streusel topping and that's True so topping oh my God it's my Favorite part it's so crunchy and just It's the best love it love it love it so I'm skip this part down don't skip it Okay so once you have that streusel all Sprinkled on top just like this get all Them little air so I don't leave nothing Bald head to get everything covered up We're gonna bake this at 375 for about 55 to 60 minutes and when it comes out Of the oven oh where's she at let me see It oh she's so pretty it's kind of Rustic look I love the rusticness of This and this is like eating a big old Blueberry muffin it really is okay so While this cake is still hot I want to Make my glaze so I got some powdered Sugar in a bowl I'm going to add in some Milk and stir is there a little bit of Vanilla extract go ahead and stir that In there comes together so quick so Quick a nice generous pinch of salt to Kind of break up that sweetness and now

This glaze is done when it's nice and Silky like that yep it's done for the Final step this glaze this glacious ties Everything all together it's going to Harden up over the streusel and just be Yeah it's gonna be good I'm so excited About this glaze brush it on spoon it on Make sure you get everything covered up And then we're just going to let it sit And let that glaze harden up and then You can go ahead and just cut into it You can serve this with coffee I love This um coffee cake with some coffee or Some tea it's so good but the texture Y'all the texture is So amazing love love love this texture I Hope you guys enjoyed this video don't Forget to subscribe leave me a comment And check out my other videos later