Easy Recipes For January | Part One

By | January 10, 2023
Easy Recipes For January | Part One

Welcome to My ultimate cookery course Packed with cooking tips information and 100 recipes to take your life on right Now it’s all about making it easy Making it easy for yourself in the Kitchen means using the time you have Effectively and the one thing that can Really help you do that is your freezer My recipe for meatballs is so versatile It can be used to make a dozen amazing Dishes one of my favorites is meatballs In fragrant coconut broth Having a freezer of home-cooked Delicious food ready to go can be a real Life saver it means you never have to Compromise on Flavor these meatballs are Delicious but more importantly they Freeze so well First off get your pan on and start Sweating off the onions and your garlic This recipe involves making the Meatballs a classic way but the exciting Part is actually cook them in coconut Milk and it gives a really nice new Dimension to a sort of soft Rich Sumptuous meatball Chop the onion nice and finely keeping Those slices very close together close To the slices the finer the onions Cut it back down at an angle slice down And just chop I want the onions nice and

Fine because I want some finesse to These meatballs The Secret of a really Good meatball is the texture Getting that balance right Between the minced beef the bread crumbs The milk And the seasoning a couple of cloves of Garlic slice of garlic really nice and Thinly Nice pan nice and hot a tablespoon of Olive oil quite generous available Onions and garlic in a little touch of Salt and pepper With your mince open it up a little bit And sort of cut it out that salt And pepper For me a good meatball is all about the The softness the texture of that Rich Beef And the way it sort of melts in your Mouth you can color it on the outside But you want it nice and soft and sort Of rich in the center mix that in Beautifully And then place it back out again I’ve Got some really nice dried chili flakes I’m going to season the onions with the Chili flakes chili flakes in Cook that out for two minutes I’m gonna add some milk Take your breadcrumbs make a little well Three four tablespoons of milk that Makes a sort of nice

Slightly doughy texture but it lightens The texture of the meatball Place that in Add your onions your garlic and your Chili in there as well Nice put your hands in there and start Mixing them If you’ve got the right amount of milk And breadcrumbs it doesn’t mean binding With an egg Don’t make them too small The problem with making them too small Is the fact that they dry out quickly Just size of a golf ball A little bit bigger Nice Give him a really nice tight squeeze That stops IT from breaking up It always pays to double the recipe and Spend a bit more time making extra Meatballs so you can freeze a batch Ready for another time give the pan a Little wipe out Don’t wash out that pan we’ve got that Flavor from the onions the garlic at the Bottom look at that pan nice and hot Taste of olive oil in there Place them The top of your pan Nice and gently Set them in the oil get a palette knife And go underneath them and just sort of Tilt the pan and let the pan cook the Back of the meatball we’re going to add

Some heat coriander seeds slightly spicy And peppery because they give a really Nice flavor to the coconut milk in next Some cardamom seeds three or four onto The board knife on In a little touch of turmeric into the Center of the pan that’s going to give It a really nice spicy flavor A little pinch cinnamon All the time you’re doing this those Meatballs are just getting tastier and Tastier a couple of dried chilies let Them Infuse in that oil And then some lemongrass just take the Back of your knife and sort of Beat It Down that starts to release all that Lovely sort of fragrance like someone’s Just let off the most amazing fragrant Air freshener in for the lemongrass Finally some fresh ginger Peel It’s nice nice and thinly Time now Turn them over And let the other half for a wonderful Flavor To stop In Bring the stock up to the boil turn the Gas up and then add the coconut milk And I want the coconut milk just sitting Underneath the the top of a meatball Coconut milk in And that sort of

Gives it that creamy richness but it’s Not heavy it’s a fragrant light richness Before we start simmering check the Seasoning That nice soft texture of the meatball But that fragrance light richness of the Coconut broth it’s going to cook those Meatballs perfectly Bring the broth up to the boil And simmer gently for eight to ten Minutes Touch them with your finger they should Be slightly pliable but slightly springy Gas off and finish it off with something Light and fresh zest of lime I don’t Want the zest On top of the meatball Sort of cut through that richness and Then finally Squeeze fresh lime And that just gives it that nice zesty Amazing taste Stirring the juice It’s got that kick and that vibrant Taste now the exciting part When you come to serve it be generous With that coconut broth Talk the pan Get a good couple of ladles of a broth In Meatball And that is a very

Delicious way of eating a old-fashioned Meatball and bringing it into the 21st Century and they’re just as good cooked From Frozen as well The secret to stress-free cooking is Making it easy for yourself here are Three more recipes all based on my Delicious freezer friendly meatballs Just defrost them before you get started First up beef meatballs with ariketti Kale and pine nuts The hot oil Brown Meanwhile cook origetti pasta Then add chopped garlic to the meatballs And shreddy kale a delicious green veg Packed with vitamins which Cooks in Minutes Cabbage is a great alternative if you Can’t get kale Put in some of the cooking water from The pasta to steam through When the pasta is cooked al dente drain And add to the meatballs season Then finish with sweet buttery pine nuts And grated fresh Parmesan cheese Meatballs with olive keti kale and pine Nuts from meatballs to meal in minutes My next easy standby supper is beef Meatball sandwich with melting Mozzarella and tomato salsa

Top a lightly Toasted Roll with Pan-fried meatballs then tear up chunks Of creamy buffalo mozzarella pile it on And melt it under the grill For the Tangy salsa sliced sweet red Onion then add juicy diced tomatoes and Roughly chopped fresh coriander Eason and drizzle with olive oil Spoon over Perfect in a Flash beef meatball Sandwich with melting mozzarella and a Tomato salsa a sandwich to die for My final super easy meatball recipe is Fiery meatball soup Foreign Chopped onion and finely slice garlic in Hot olive oil Cumin seeds for warmth And add your meatballs Cook on a high heat to get all those Aromatic flavors out Once the meatballs are browned add hot Chili paste for a spicy kick Tinned tomatoes Dried oregano and a liter of beef stock Then simmer Next add sweet corn And chopped courgettes To finish add hot jalapeno peppers chop

Fresh coriander and crushed tortilla Chips And pop meatball wonder that really Packs a punch fiery meatball soup One versatile meatball recipe four Deliciously different dishes food that’s Certain to make your life in the kitchen Easier and stress-free amazing whether You’re making great food to freeze or to Take straight to the table you need to Know how to shop for the best Ingredients Next up my shopping guide to oils It doesn’t matter if you’re baking Frying or dressing salads using the Right oil can dramatically alter The Taste and texture Here are the most common oils and what To use them for Sunflower oil is a good value All-rounder nice and light for frying Bacon in dressings and spicy dishes Ground nuts or peanut oil is great for Cooking on high heat as it gets really Hot without burning Sesame oil I flavoursome sweet and nutty Oil perfect sprinkled over Asian dishes Before serving Rapeseed oil is a healthier choice for Using in salads I love walnut oil fantastically fragrant It’s brilliant for salad dressings and It gives cakes a distinctive flavor

Oil I use most in my cooking is olive Oil To find some of the best olive oils sold In Britain get to go to one of the most Unlikely places An electrical shop in London’s East End Turkish-born Mehmet morat has olive oil In his blood my families produce this Olive oil for centuries what he doesn’t Know about it isn’t worth knowing The very best extra virgin olive oil is First cold pressed it’s actually pressed By Stone and then it’s put for a Centrifugal spinner which spins out all The bitter Waters and then you’ve got Your pure olive oil cold pressed olive Oil and you’ve got to taste it to Believe it Pour a little sample Slurp it draw it in without don’t Swallow it warm it in your mouth coat The whole of the inside of your mouth With it and then swallow it will go down Like fruit juice and it will leave no Grease in a solar oiliness in your mouth Whatsoever Absolutely Sensational beautiful My favorite use of any olive oils is to Pour it into a bowl room temperature rub Some wild oregano into it and get some Fresh busty bread and just dip it There’s food on its own don’t need

Anything else Welcome back to my ultimate cookery Course Next on my guide to making it easy I’ll Be creating a sweet treat to drool over I want the chocolate my little Matchsticks dotted around but first My quick guide to the basic kit you need To get cooking fantastic food You don’t need to spend a fortune on Masses of kitchen equipment here are Three more Kitchen Essentials Whisk spoon and spatula These three items are so cheap yet they Are so important to Great home cooking A whisk there’s so much more control When you’ve got something whisking in Your hand you can gauge it so much Better than you can if it’s an electric Mixer Bigger the balloon on your hand whisk The faster it will whip as it draws in More air Wooden Spoons don’t scratch Pans they should be washed by hand Spatulas are indispensable for baking or Mixing make sure it’s heat resistant so It doesn’t melt but more importantly Phenomenal for making Omelettes great with scrambled eggs and You waste nothing because the spatula Almost cleans the bowl instantly With these three you’ll be well on your Way to cooking like a pro And you’ll need all three for my next

Recipe My take on classic chocolate brownies is Guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s Face and not just when they’re fresh out Of the oven Blondies Stock up on these delicious blondies They’ll keep for up to a week and it’s a Great way of getting ahead if you’re Expecting guests around First off melt the butter for the Mixture We’ve had hundreds and hundreds of Brownies the sort of white chocolate Version I.E blondies are amazing a Little bit more subtle keep a little Knob of butter For the end just to grease your baking Tray turn the gas down Gently melt that butter Sugar into the bowl Let’s give that butter a little whisk It sort of makes the mixture a bit Lighter slightly fluffy Off with the gas A pinch of salt in the sugar then make a Little well in the middle And sort of whisk you can see It’s already gone nice and blunt Love it Give that a really good mix And the secret with the butter be

Slightly warm sort of it melts the sugar Lovely A teaspoon of vanilla extract in Next lightning whisk in two whole eggs Let’s give it a little beat This is such a delicious recipe yeah It’s so simple whisking the eggs looking For that nice sort of rich Texture smooth paste See why we call these blondies beautiful Next teaspoon of baking powder baking Powder in Half a teaspoon of baking soda Aerates the mixture it gives it that Little tartness you’ll see the sort of Rise instantly in a minute they hit the Oven And then your flour whisk with one hand And just Slowly add half the flour first Get that all mixed up make sure that Mixture is really nice and smooth Check it occasionally No lumps half a flour in And then the other half and you’ll feel It sort of almost go nice and firm And that’s why it’s so important to add The flowering stages this stops the Mixture going lumpy it should be just Dropping off the Whisk Beautiful Change over from a whisk to a spoon Next I want some texture some nice sweet Chewiness to the blondies dried

Cranberries they bake beautifully but it Gives the Blondie a really nice sort of Chewy sweetness in the center next and White chocolate I’m not going to grate it just chop it Up just slice it like little bits of Shrapnel I want the chocolate my little Matchsticks dotted around Now chocolate in lovely fold that in I Want a nice even distribution of those Wonderful dried cranberries Don’t over mix it I want to break up That chocolate A nice even mix of cranberries and Chocolate See the chocolate there’ll be parts of The chocolate in the oven that will Actually melt it’ll be like little pools Of white melted chocolate in the center Now baking tray Small little knob of butter And the grease baking tray and line it Some greaseproof paper and just over Extend it Shiny side out dull side hits the bottom Of the tray in Creased proof allows me to maximize on The white chocolate inside the mix my Grease with paper the chocolate can melt And almost stick to the tray so the Paper is just a really nice insurance Policy secondly we want that rise and

That sort of crispness now with the mix Get your spatula go all the way around I Don’t see anything left in that bowl Position the ball over your tray Nice and carefully Don’t leave that slice in the bowl Nobody’s licking that one and then just Take the back of a spatula go into the Corners push and come back into the Middle Turn the tray around let it work to your Advantage Try and get it evenly positioned in the Tray If it goes in even It Cooks evenly Make sure you smooth out the top of the Blondie with the back of the spatula And then into the oven it’s going to Rise it’s nice and crisp On that soft gooiness in the center Make your blondies at 180 degrees for 35 To 40 minutes Foreign Edge on the outside and that sort of Soft gooey Center Leave that to cool down and it’s going To sort of firm up and wrinkle but it’ll Stay nice and gooey in the center once It’s cooled down take it out and start Slicing After watching blondies a fantastic easy Treat to have on hand for yourself or to

Share Tricks of the trays and kitchen tips To make your life easier make sure you Make the most of your freezer my tip for Amazing tuna carpaccio is to freeze it First and it will slice beautifully Why is this safe leftover wine for Cooking my tip is to freeze the Remaining wine and freezer bags or ice Cube trays it’s great in stocks and Sauces When you freeze soups or stews in tubs The tip is not to overfill them leave Room to expand in the container Great tip for a cheap homemade ice cream By a high quality vanilla ice cream and Make it your own by mixing in berries Chocolate or my favorite rum and boozy Raisins A fantastic tip for leftover lemons and Limes is to cut them into wedges freeze And use them like ice cubes they won’t Water down your drink and they’ll also Add flavor Follow My ultimate cookery course Crammed with key lessons Top tips 100 recipes to stay your life On and you’ll literally be cooking Yourself into a better chef Many of these amazing recipes are on my App please check out the app store for

Details Go on get cooking Welcome to My ultimate cookery course Packed with cooking tips information and 100 recipes to stay your life on right Now it’s all about stress-free cooking Big dishes in advance is a brilliant way Of taking the stress out of cooking at Home and many dishes just get better and Better with time First up Amazing sticky pork ribs one of the Secrets to Great cooking is patience Leaving dishes to marinate for one or Two days helps to develop the flavor in Your food and the end result so much More delicious it’s a method I use in The restaurants all the time First off get your roasting tray put the Tray on the gas pork ribs 60 meat and 35 40 fat give them a really good season so And pepper nice thing about this cut They stay incredibly moist when they’re On the bone and the longer you cook them The more delicious they become just push All that seasoning in to the pork olive Oil in Make sure that tray is nice and hot And I really want that nice sort of Caramelization taking place on the pork That’s the nice thing about starting it On top of the stove use your roasting Tray get them colored and then in the Oven putting the ribs straight in the

Oven You don’t get the color it looks sort of Boiled as opposed to a nice caramelized Rib Ginger You can’t beat fresh ginger with sticky Pork ribs Place it down nice and firmly and slice The thinner you slice the ginger The more fragrant the ribs Garlic And it’s really important before you add Anything to those ribs make sure we’ve Got the color and the ribs first don’t Rush it Turn them over that’s what I want A nice crispy color As they sort of raise in the oven all That color just turns into the most Amazing flavor Brazil it’s just a chef’s Term for cooking something slowly in Liquid Right ginger and garlic in spread it Around on all those ribs to sort of Roast the ginger and the garlic chili Flakes chili flakes in next Szechuan Pepper citrusy vibrant peppercorns Incredible in Next star anise that gives it a really Nice sort of aniseedy flavor almost like You’re roasting the ribs in fennel then Now we’ve got the heat we’ve got the Spice I want to sweeten things up a Little bit some fresh honey Glazes to Pork beautifully counteracts

Against all that Spice in there oh look What’s happening color on the ribs is Extraordinary it’s like a really nice Chili sweet caramel now Soy sauce brings that little bit of sort Of saltiness to it really generous with The soy sauce Japanese vinegar two tablespoons of Vinegar in rice wine It gives it that nice sort of tartness To the ribs if you can’t find rice wine A dry sherry is a great substitute 300 mil That takes out the heat of that Szechuan Pepper those dried chili flakes make Sure they’re all laid down like a nice Tight box of matches bring that up to The boil cooking is all about learning To develop your own likes and dislikes So always keep tasting to make sure You’re happy with a combination of Flavors Slacking a little touch of vinegar On that sharpness now I think what’s Going on the tartness the heat the Caramel the color on the ribs is amazing I want a bit of a sort of oniony flavor I’ll put some spring onions in Whilst these ribs are in the oven the Spring onions will sort of puree they Give a sharpness the final taste of that Pork In in my spring onions And with my stock

400 mL of stock This is just a simple chicken stock the Stock just sits underneath the ribs it Absorbs into the rib and the top of the Rib glazes underneath the rib and gets Crispy and Rich and that’s what makes The ribs nice and moist really important Into the oven Cook at 180 for 30 minutes Then turn the ribs over and cook for a Further 30 minutes Now Wow they smell incredible each side has Got that really nice crispy roasted Edge Becomes sticky and chewy and sweet sour The fat disappeared and the pork just Melts in your mouth I want to take them To the next level gas back on now Shake the tray And this is the sort of the way that we Finish them in the restaurant but every Minute They glaze in that tray they just get to Taste better and better Now look at them I’m so happy with those Ribs done absolutely delicious now but If you want you can put them in the Fridge and the flavor will keep Developing then just reheat them when You want to serve So Piece rib has a nice slice of Ginger on

There Wow look at that Delicious sticky ribs With an amazing marinade To make my food the tastiest it can be I Always start with the best ingredients I Can find and the secret to getting the Best is simple Knowledge is crucial the more you know About where your ingredients come from And how they produce the better so ask Lots of questions and learn When it comes to buying pork you can’t Do any better than ask a butcher and Award-winning Master butcher Danny Lidgate knows everything about the pig From Trotter to tail his family have Been in the meat business for 150 years So this man really is on the money In comparison with other meats Paul From the Trotter down to the cheek we can see Here we’ve got the leg the leg is about This region Really lean really good for things like Gammons and hams coming down from the Leg we’ve got the loin and that’s where The pork chops come from if you take the Bones out you can bone and roll it and You end up with a really nice easy to Cook cylinder of meat really easy to Carve carve like a loaf of breads Coming away from the loin we’ve got the

Belly and you can see where belly is Made up of fatty parts and Meaty Parts Don’t be scared of the amount of fat That’s on it you need that fat to give Give the flavors coming through also Make sure you can possibly buy it with The skin on the skin will Crispen up Nicely give you a good crackling also Add flavor into the fat Lower down from the bellies we’ve got The shoulders Really the shoulders are a great meet They’re slightly fattier than the rest Of the animal you can see with this pork Shoulder the amount of marble you’re Getting the mussels the interior Marbling make sure you look for the Marbling it’s essential for the flavor And it’s going to make a really good Eating experience I think there really is nothing to waste The truss is even a really good flavor Because they’re gelatinous qualities and The meat can be really really Flavoursome also there’s Pig’s cheeks Which obviously require a little bit More cooking because of the use they get But the flavors you’re going to get are Going to be completely different to any Other part of a pig Pork is an incredibly versatile mate They say the only part you can’t eat is The Oink Here’s my guide to getting the best out

Of familiar cuts Smoked or unsmoked bacon is not just for Breakfast it’s brilliant transforming Salads gives a real depth of flavor to Stews and is delicious in quick and easy Pasta dishes The leg joint best known for ham also Makes an inexpensive delicious Sunday Roast and is great served with peas Pudding And the tenderloin fillet incredibly Lean healthy and fast to cook you can Stuff it cut it into scallops or strips That are perfect for Asian stir fries A calm kitchen is an efficient and Effective kitchen the less stressed you Are the better the food you’ll produce So whenever you can get ahead with your Cooking here are three of my favorite Recipes they’ve been made beforehand Whose flavor improves over time Foreign Lamb with sweet potato and raisin This super simple hassle-free recipe is Cooked all in one pot start by Browning Chunks of lamb in hot olive oil Color and remove Then fried onions Season Add chopped garlic ground ginger and Coriander

A teaspoon of whole cumin seeds Paprika and fennel seeds A cinnamon stick bay leaf and delicate Strands of saffron then fry to release All the aromatic flavors next add tomato Puree chunks and sweet potato and the Juicy Brown lamb For a sweet note add plump raisins then Cover with stock and simply leave to Simmer for a couple of hours Delicious eaten straight away but over Time the flavors will develop and Improve When you’re ready to serve simply finish With fresh parsley Minimal preparation and ready when you Want it fantastic Moroccan Lamb with Sweet potato and raisin My next super simple dish that just gets Better and better with time is chili Chicken with ginger and coriander By chopping chicken thighs into pieces Now on with the marinade Chopped garlic Ginger red chili And lemon juice In a pan toast coriander and cumin seeds To release their flavors grind and add To the chicken Then pour over plain yogurt add turmeric And seasoning

Mix and leave to marinade from two hours To overnight Next fry chopped onions in olive oil Then add chopped garlic and ginger Ground coriander garam masala And turmeric Tomato puree and butter Next add the marinated chicken and all The remaining marinade and cook until Tender finally top with coriander Marinated for flavor and cooked in 20 Minutes chili chicken with ginger and Coriander a simple stress-free wander Having a delicious sauce on hand to Serve with simply cooked fish or meat is A brilliant stress Buster my final Recipe is sweet pepper sauce with Grilled prawns For the sauce in hot olive oil fried Chopped garlic and diced bread And put them in a blender Add chopped tomatoes Blister the skin of red peppers under a Hot Grill intensifying the flavor Leave to cool then they’re easy to peel Chop and add Blitz Add smoked paprika chili flakes and Roughly chopped almonds Squeeze of lemon and a dash of Sherry Vinegar

Season Blitz again and add olive oil This sauce keeps really well in the Fridge and will intensify in flavor I love it with simple King prawns just Add olive oil And Gretel for two minutes on each side Sweet pepper sauce with grilled prawns Simply Delicious Made in advance ready when you want them Three stunning simple recipes that take The stress out of the kitchen beautiful This is my ultimate cookery course 100 Recipes to stay your life on I’ll be showing you an amazing spicy Chutney that’s brilliant for Transforming the simplest of suppers They don’t actually smell much but the Flavor they give off is extraordinary But first five more of my 100 tips to Make your home cooking easier Kicking off with how to skin and debone A fish the hassle-free way Recently Affiliated side of salmon it’s Been taken off the bone and now Skin off Pick up your knife a really nice broad Flexible Knife A little sharpen lift up The base of the towel and then just Nick A little bit at the end there twist the

Knife almost as if it’s horizontally Underneath the salmon cool the skin and You slice The salmon underneath and let the knife Do the work now get your skin Flip it back over and check you’re not Leaving too much salmon on top of the Skin pull it back And nice and slowly get the skin wrap Around your fingers Pull the salmon towards you and then Just all the way through Lay that down One nicely skinned salmon just like a Perfect snake skin Get your knife and just run the Knife Down And then the pair of tweezers these are Fish tweezers but you can use normal Tweezers Look for the head up And Pull and with the skin being removed From underneath the salmon The pin Bones come out a lot easier And the pinballs only go to just Basically halfway Along the fillet One nice fillet of salmon beautiful There’s still plenty of flavor in the Trimmings from Affiliated fish my tip is Don’t waste those fish bones add to Water wine a bay leaf and some chopped Veg to make a simple but versatile fish Stock at home the perfect base for a

Delicious fish soup A great tip for intensely flavored Stress-free veg is to steam them in Their own juices simply add to a pan With a knob of butter and seasoning then Cook on a low heat with a lid on to lock In the moisture For crispy roast potatoes you can depend On my tip is to parball them leave them To steam dry then sprinkle them with Semolina or flour and give them a good Roughing up this ensures they go really Crispy in the oven A great tip for Browning meat or fish is To drive with kitchen roll before you Cook it then you’ll get a much better Color too much moisture makes the meat Steam instead of sear and you’ll lose That rich brown crust like the one I got On those sticky pork ribs Foreign Taking the stress out of cooking is to Anticipate the really busy times when You’ll need things to hand that are Already made My next recipe can be kept on tap in the Fridge for weeks on end and is Guaranteed to liven up any quick meal Spicy chutney With Chutney standing by in the fridge You can always add that special little Touch to a simple supper prove that

Thinking ahead always pays off Pan on to start toasting those spices Keep the pan nice and low cumin very Aromatic very fragrant and it’s almost Like a light spice Next little coriander seeds coriandering Now you’re going to get a bit of heat in The Chutney mustard seeds well smaller Than coriander seeds but so much more Powerful mustard seeds in Now Curry leaves they don’t actually Smell much dry but the flavor they give Off is extraordinary code is in Really important not to burn them Otherwise you’ll have that bitter taste Across the Chutney keep the gas nice and Low the secret is sort of toasting them So it releases that oil and intensifies The spice Touch of salt And then a couple of small powerful Chilies keep them whole no one’s going To eat them but it gives that real nice Burst of heat Now let them toast gently there we’re Not going to chop the onion we’re going To grate it Why Because it sort of breaks down to a Really nice puree in the Chutney when You grate it hold the root in the palm Of your hand and just push Nice long Straight I want those nice long shards

Look I’ve almost got a nice sort of Onion puree but it’s nice and clear Touch of olive oil Spices nicely toasted onions in Three nice cloves of garlic Crush them Lay it nice and flat and just slice the Garlic nice thin slices Garlic in Taking your time to get the owners Caramelized beautifully will really reap Rewards in the long run Tamarind place and sugar in with the Sugar first three nice tablespoons of Sugar That will give a really nice syrup Effect a sort of nice rich syrupy Texture to the chutney Tamarind paste You can get Tamarind paste in most delis And the big supermarkets It’s really nice thickening agent but it Gives that tartness a Chutney and its Sort of bridge sugary spicy Next in with my coconut add four nice Tablespoons that will give a nice body a Really nice texture to the Chutney cut That coconut out and now add the carrot Grated The carrot just gives the Chutney a Really nice sort of punch But also helps to sort of cool down the

Spice Carrots in The water comes out of the carrot Flavors the Chutney beautifully but Gives that nice sort of vibrant bright Color to it as well And grating it almost sort of it Cooks Instantly but I want a bit of texture Through here turn down the gas and just Let that simmer for five minutes Because the cars are that moist and Juicy then put a couple of tablespoons Of water in there to help it along Now Let’s cook that out for five minutes Just so those carrots start going nice And soft don’t overcook them you want That nice texture in there slightly Spicy slightly sweet gas off Keep those chilies in there for that It’s beautiful nice and gooey delicious And Ready to go in his jar because that sits In the fridge Just gets better and better and better I love to eat this chutney with cold Meats or even cold fish but with ham It’s amazing It’s a really nice way of livening up The ham Just sort of roll it up Spoon of chutney I mean it looks fantastic Chutney onto the plate

Serve and that is a nice little Gem in the fridge that is worth prepping In advance for Cookery course crammed with key lessons Top tips and 100 recipes to stay your Life on and you’ll literally be cooking Yourself into a better chef Many of these amazing recipes are on my App please check out the app store for Details go on get cooking