Boiling Chicken | Cooking With Brenda Gantt 2022

By | January 7, 2023
Boiling Chicken | Cooking With Brenda Gantt 2022

Look what I bought A big old fat chicken any pretty Gotta be a big old fat chicken here Here's what I do every time I get a Chicken I give him a good good washing With cold water and I checked the ends Of the legs because sometimes a little Piece of skin will be left on the end Part of the leg Like that with the little stuff or you Want to get that off so just take it Nine for your hand or whatever there's Another little piece that was left on The end of the leg on that little Knuckle part let me turn you down where You can see a little better Okay when I washed my chicken I actually Rubbed in good And I run water into the cavity You got a cavity on this side And a cavity on that side and I run cold Water down there in it now I'm going to Boil him because I'm going to make Chicken and rice so I'm going to boil it Whole All right we'll put him in the pot Here's my pot and I'm gonna put some Water over cold water And while that's running in let me show You this this was what was in the cavity So if you've never bought a whole Chicken before and you're kind of Wondering you know what to do Put your hand in both ends and make sure

You get out these there's the neck There's the gizzard And you had a liver And you had a heart and we rinse those Off And I am going to cook Because they're going to be good All right so let me put my finish the Water in here I'm gonna put it all the Way almost to the top Because I want all this broth okay there We go I'm gonna put go ahead and put it On the stove with salt no pepper just Some salt because meat tastes better When it's cooked with the salt and so um I'm gonna boil this and when it gets Tender I'll show you what else we're Going to do with all that big chicken Feedback Okay y'all I'm turning my chicken off I Just took my breast I you know the whole Chicken So When I picked it up the breast just came Right out in other words the legs and The wigs and all that fell off So I'm fixing to get it out of there I don't know what I'm going to do with This boiled chicken I have really not Decided yet I thought about doing Chicken and rice Dallas and then were coming today they Said for a late lunch Well they made better time than they

Thought Now this is how this is how it should Look y'all let me show you something Look at that That's the leg bone You shouldn't have to pull your chicken Off of the bone it should just fall off Um so if yours is sticking to the Bone Then cook it a little longer I didn't Cook it fast because I wanted all this Good broth in there But anyway so they got here several Hours early Than I had expected them And I I knew I suspected them for lunch So anyway uh I had that pork loin that I had cooked The other day Our boss is good that's what it was so I Took that out you know and I put the Barbecue all over it so they didn't get To eat any of this there's another bone Don't have a piece of meat on it But anyway I've got this good broth down Let it cool then I'm going to put it in The refrigerator for tomorrow for New Year's Day I just don't know what I'm Gonna do with a chick again I made that some kind of casserole out Of it I may do chicken and rice that was My original thought Anyway There's that let's let this cool let me See it over here

Where it can get some air instead of Putting it on the stove Anyway we had a good dinner they all Came and uh everybody was here well some Of them weren't Walt didn't get to come And baited get to come But everybody else was here and so we Had a good dinner I fixed uh we had the collards And we had those rutabagers that were Leftovers a little bit of that left I Made the macaroni salad I made a Broccoli salad and I had that pork roast That I um cooked and we had sweet tea And unsweet tea The y'all sweet tea that's what we had The sweet tea and the unsweet and Dallas Likes the decath kind This right here He likes a decaffeinated kind And I do too I mean I can't tell the Difference uh and decaffeinated in the Decaffeinated but he uh like that so I've I've did two of the tea bags and I Did a whole gallon of sweet and a whole Gallon of unsweet and I put them in These things right here Here's my two pictures so this one is my Unsweet and this big one is my sweet They both get the same amount in them It's just that I don't have two pictures That match So anyway all right so what I'm going to Do is I'm gonna let that chicken cool

Just a little bit that I am going to Debone it and put my chicken in a baggie And then so and then tomorrow morning I'm gonna get up and I'll maybe I'll Have a fresh start and I'll know what to Do with that chicken because right now I Don't know what I'm gonna do with it I'm Just kind of guessing I just kind of Guessed it okay Um But I do know one thing y'all When everybody leaves It's kind of lonely Do you know what I'm talking about it's Kind of lonely There's nobody to talk to there's nobody To say put your glass up or pick this up Or Change the TV station or talk to me or Whatever or will you do this or will you Do that And it's just kind of quiet And these are the times like this the Times like this when there's nobody Around and they've all gone back to Their own little families which that's The way God wanted it that's the way he Planned it for you to leave your father And mother And cleave to your wife or cleave to Your mate And so guess how God planned it so it is The best way But it still lonesome for the ones like

Me And this is the time That I miss my husband the most Of any other time Is when the children go back home And you're here alone But I will say this Um Used to when he was living When the Children went back home Lord we'd start Picking up the house and trying to get It back in order And we did and then we would just watch A movie together or just cuddle on the Couch and do nothing else the rest of The day But those days are gone but God has Other plans for me and he has other Plans for you if you've all lost your Mate Um life doesn't end I have things that I Need to do and you do too He has plans for us he's got a plan for Everybody and we just have to walk Through the doors and we and when we're Lonely we just have to talk to the Lord He's always there and he's always with Us Through thick and thin Through happiness and loneliness and I know that y'all understand that He's um he said in his word that he Would never leave us nor forsake us and He sure keeps that promise

Anyway I'll figure out this chicken and What I'm going to be doing with it later Between my eyes watering in my nose Running I probably need to put some Um drink a glass of water and put some Cream on my face that's what I need to Do right now Um but anyway I'll get back with y'all In tomorrow and we'll figure out what We're gonna do with this big chicken That I've cooked and I cooked it too Soon and I didn't know I was expecting Them in the afternoon and they got here In the morning so I just I text them and I said y'all call me when you're about 30 miles from the house or 30 minutes From the house and I'll put the Cornbread on well they called and said We're 50 miles from the house or 50 Minutes from the house I thought oh my Gosh let me put the cornbread on and we Ate that whole pan of cornbread we just Made Regular cornbread today we didn't Make the Um They um Crackling cornbread we just made Regular Cornbread with a cornmeal mix from white Lily and then I put two eggs in it and The buttermilk cooked it on 400. in my Cornbread skillet So that's what I did Um but anyway

Oh these this cook your chicken until it Falls off the bone That's just a little bit left right There George and I always eat that part Because it's so tender I'm gonna take a Bone you see that inside Looks good for you A chicken bone so tender When you cook it a long time do that and You slide right into it it's nothing to It Okay let's talk to you later bye bye