90 year old Renata makes flatbreads called crescentine! | Pasta Grannies

By | January 6, 2023
90 year old Renata makes flatbreads called crescentine! | Pasta Grannies

There Is 91 year old Renata lives near seven Yanos silpanaro in the Hills between Modena and bologna Her family are wine producers and their Vineyards are spectacular in the Autumn Renata is making delicious flatbreads And the location determines the name Because in Bologna they are called Tijelli and in the moderna Hills they Are called crescentino Renata is using a mixture of zero zero And wholemeal flour from her local Mill This is about 400 grams of zero zero and 100 grams of wholemeal Renata sprinkles over some salt She squeezes a generous tablespoon of Thick cream followed by 150 ml of milk These make a soft dough Renata pours in around a tablespoon of Olive oil She dissolves some fresh yeast in warmed Water and spoons the paste into her well Which is She makes a dough and Kneads it until it Is smooth It needs to rest covered for at least an Hour Here she compares her dough with some She made earlier which is lovely and Soft Ready yeah

If you're doing Foreign Pieces off then rolls them into little Balls and Pats them flat They're roughly five centimeters in Diameter and two and a half centimeters Thick Sure Foreign She describes how they used to be cooked Between clay discs in the fireplace Foreign foreign As Time passed Cooks used a metal Tigella daughter Nicoletta explains Foreign it's quite heavy and needs to be Heated first You can also use a car stand frying pan To cook these flatbreads Renata makes a traditional filling she Finally chops rosemary and garlic and Mixes this with Lardo The crescentina needs regular turning And after 10 minutes or so they are Puffed and golden As soon as Renata can handle them she Splits One open and spreads a little of The pesto over one side She sprinkles over some parmigiana Cheese and closes it so the ingredients Both melt a little Bit The first Christian Tina is ready and I'm the lucky person to try it

They're delicious It's kind of fun it's nice and bacony And And garlic So everyone else in the car today is Going to have to have these before we Get in because otherwise The mayor of saviniana siopanario Enrico Tayavini agrees Christmas Renata continues to make them and it's Turning into a Christian Tina party you Can fill them with anything Meats like Prosciutto salami or finely sliced Pancetta Grandson Marcelo approves Together the fittings can even be sweet This is some of Renata's homemade cherry Jam Foreign [Laughter] Click on the Subscribe button for Regular helpings of pasta grannies