Easy Crinkle Phyllo Cake Recipe

By | January 4, 2023
Easy Crinkle Phyllo Cake Recipe

Thank you Welcome back beautiful family today I Want to share with you a very delicious Phyllo pastry dessert that I know you Guys are going to love but first things First my burn is on my hands are clean And I am ready to show you my Ingredients To prepare this delicious and amazing Phyllo pastry these are the ingredients Granulated sugar water the juice of one Lemon two eggs Statues Unsalted butter milk condensed milk and A four of course the phyllo pastry this Is everything we need to enjoy a Delicious dessert homemade so let's get Started I want to start here by showing you the Phyllo pastry there are sheets that are Very thin And I'm going to crinkle them just like That two at a time This is a very delicious crispy and Gooey filo cake that I know you guys are Really going to love look at this get Two sheets at a time Crinkle them easily just like that and I Am sure you guys are going to love this Amazing homemade dessert very easy to

Prepare very few ingredients but yet the Flavor of this phyllo cake comes out Delicious Sweet and amazing that I am sure you're Going to love it once you start making This pillow cake you are going to Continue enjoying it With your beautiful family look at this The pastry you could find it in any Supermarket I have here two sticks of Unsalted butter that I took to the Microwave for a couple seconds until it Melted completely and now I am ready to Brush the phyllo pastry with the Unsalted butter I am going to use the whole two sticks Of unsalted butter you want to make sure That everything is coated with the Butter And you are going to take it to the oven For 20 minutes just like that While it is in the oven we are going to Start getting the mixtures ready I'm Adding two room temperature eggs I am Going to whisk them very good to this I'm going to add one cup of milk one cup Of condensed milk and of course don't Forget to ask your vanilla paste or Vanilla extract I have vanilla paste and The vanilla paste gives this dessert a Delicious And amazing flavor that's why I Recommend for you to use the vanilla Paste you could even see the little

Pieces of the vanilla bean in this Mixture My mouth it's already watering because You could really smell the aroma of the Vanilla paste I'm adding one cup of Sugar half a cup of water and I'm going To use about two tablespoons of Lemon juice I'm using one whole lemon Of course I'm getting all the juice out Of the lemon And from here we are going to take it to The stove we are going to start cooking In very medium low heat until the sugar Has dissolved once the sugar has Dissolved then you are gonna Turn it at very low heat leave it there For about 10 minutes it's gonna get nice And thick and the flavors are really Going to incorporate and here I have the Pistachios I'm going to add them in a Ziploc box and I'm going to do my Workout of the day I am going to crush Them really good Put them back in this little plate and Of course now I have everything ready When the phyllo comes out of the oven I Could start assembling This amazing filo cake Well here I have everything ready look at this The simple syrup is ready I'm going to Transfer it To this cup And as you could see it has thickened

And it's about one cup Of this amazing Topping and here I have the little Specks of the vanilla bean in the Mixture of the eggs milk condensed milk And look at this this that's why I Really recommend for you to use the Vanilla paste it really makes a Difference And now I have everything ready I'm Taking out of the oven the phyllo look How crispy it looks from the top how Amazing it looks And now we are going to add the mixture Of the eggs Milks And the vanilla paste right on the top You want to make sure that you really Cover every inch of the phyllo just like That take your time you really want to Make sure that it goes into those small Little spaces of the phyllo it really Absorbs and goes to the bottom and you Really cover the edges of all the filo Like I said this is a easy delicious An amazing pastry to make at home and Enjoy with your beautiful family Of course the condensed milk really Elevates this amazing filo cake once you Add it you are going to take it one more Time to the oven 350 Fahrenheit for another 20 minutes in total it's going to be in The oven for 40 minutes

And let me show you when it comes out a Really crispy From the outside but nice and gooey from The inside this is how it looks from the Outside As you could see the phyllo gets nice And crispy the texture the layers just Amazing and now I am going to start Cutting the portions for my family I'm going to take my time cut them and Right after you cut them you are going To add the simple syrup right on the top Making sure that you cover every little Crevices with this amazing Syrup it's gonna get nice and It's gonna get nice and covered nice and Golden nice and shiny and when it's Still when you just added the syrup add Your Pistachios right on the top let it rest For just a couple minutes at least 10 Minutes so that when you are ready to Get a piece out it comes out easily And I am sure you're going to love it if You liked and loved this recipe I invite You to subscribe leave me a thumbs up Share this video in social media and I'll see you in just a little bit I am completely done with this Filo cake pastry it just came out

Amazing the layers of the phyllo The pistachio right on the top just Perfection this is the part I Really Love and Enjoy tasting my recipes excuse Me Um It's really crispy from the outside but From the center it's really moist and Delicious You really need to make this amazing Phyllo pastry dessert Um When you cook with love everything comes Out amazing if you liked and loved this Recipe I invite you to subscribe leave Me a thumbs up share this video on Social media with your friends with your Relatives so cooking with Gloria keeps Growing don't forget to push that Notification button if you did leave it Activated so every time I make an Amazing recipe yes you're going to be Notified before I say I see you soon I Wish you nothing but the best Peace and love I love you guys thank you For being here thank you for being part Of cooking with Gloria like subscribe And share and I will stay enjoying this Amazing filo pastry see you soon bye