Easy Chiles Rellenos Step by Step

By | January 2, 2023
Easy Chiles Rellenos Step by Step

Thank you Welcome that beautiful family today I Want to share with you a very delicious Chile relleno soup that I know you guys Are going to love but first things first My apron is on my hands are clean and I Am ready to show you my ingredients To prepare this delicious calgo de chile Rellenos These are the ingredients I have tomato Bouillon fresh Queso fresco eggs Chile poblanos half an onion potato Tomato tomato Zucchinis Carrots and of course our cauliflower Let's get ready let's prepare this Amazing soup at home so let's get Started I want to start here by roasting the Chili poblanos we are going to roast Every single one until they are nice and Roasted once they're roasted from both Sides then we're gonna put them in a Little baggie we're gonna let them sweat And then I'll show you how we're gonna Take the skin off and the seeds off This is where the Magic Begins Here I am going to remove The seeds and I'm going to take all the Skin off

Remember when you roast your chili Poblanos do not rinse them leave them as Is just take the skin off and once They're off you are ready to fill it With your queso fresco any kind of queso Fresco will do Look at this be very generous with your Queso fresco fill them really good Because this is a delicious Mexican Recipe of chile rellenos encaldo of Course this time I am adding cauliflower And this chile relleno soup comes out Delicious every time once they're nice And filled I'm gonna use my stand mixer And here I am going to start adding all The veggies I'm going to start with the Zucchinis And you want to cut your veggies almost The same size so that they cook at the Same time I'm adding the zucchinis the Carrots the onion the purple onion or White onion Um you decide I have one tomato that I'm Going to just chop this is a very easy Recipe I try to do my recipes very easy So that you really make this amazing Caldo de chile rellenos at home the Potatoes are really large which I'm Going to start slicing like that and Then cutting them in cubes In this cold weather you really enjoy This amazing Caldo de chile rellenos Once you have all your veggies you're Gonna add your tomato bouillon and then

You're gonna add just enough water to Cover them once they are in here leave Them like that don't put them on the Stove I have the whole head of the Cauliflower and I'm going to get the Rosettes out slowly The center I'm not gonna use and I'm Gonna put it aside I have my egg whites And the egg yolks and now I am ready to Blend them until they are nice and Fluffy this is going to take about four To five minutes In my stand mixer but of course you Could use the hand mixer or do it by Hand but I have this canister so it's Gonna take about four to five minutes in Order for the egg whites to be nice and Stiff let me show you when you have them Nice and fluffy Just like that then you are ready to add Your egg yolks I am going to add the egg Yolks and I am going to mix one more Time just to incorporate the egg yolk Into the egg whites you're gonna notice That it's gonna change color it's gonna Be like the pale yellow and that's when You know that the mixture is ready so That you could really cover your chile Rellenos look at this You could see those Peaks and now let's Create and let's make these chile Rellenos add your chilies one at a time Your oil needs to be nice and hot So that the egg mixture really stays on

The Chile poblano Add a little bit of oil on the top and Then you're ready to flip look at this Look how easy it is to make chile Rellenos at home and this amazing soup Is really going to warm you up Once they are golden from both sides Then I am going to continue with the Rest of the chile rellenos Look at this they are nice and covered The filling is really tucked in into the Chile poblano And of course I am going to add the rest Of the egg mixture and add some Mexican blend cheese you could add queso Fresco too but I don't have any more of Queso fresco so I'm going to add the Mexican blend cheese right into it look At this I am going to cover it until Everything is covered with the egg Mixture Don't worry this is going to come out Amazing this is the best part This egg with the amazing feeling I'm going to get it nice and crispy and Once it's nice and crispy I am going to Remove it Look at this it looks amazing I hope my Friends you give it a try and you make This amazing recipe Of course I'm gonna lay everything on Some napkins to get the excessive oil Out and here I added the pot with the Veggies I am going to cook it for about

20 minutes until everything is really Pork tender and once it's for tender I Am going to start adding The cauliflower After the 20 minutes look at this Now I am ready to add the cauliflower And I am ready to add the chili poblanos After you add this just let let it Cook In for about 10 minutes and then it's Done don't overcook your cauliflower or Your chile rellenos Just 10 more minutes and then they are Ready to be served you could serve them With white rice Mexican rice or even Just like that with tortillas corn Tortillas Like I said 10 minutes only and then Your Caldo is ready for you to enjoy After the 10 minutes look at this I am ready to serve I'm gonna turn off The stove and I am ready to enjoy this Amazing Caldo de chile rellenos if you Liked and loved this recipe I invite you To subscribe leave me a thumbs up share This with you video with your family With your neighbors so cooking with Gloria keeps growing of course thank you For all your support Happy New Years And I hope that everything goes your way And you eat delicious with your Beautiful family I am ready for the presentation I'll see You in a bit

My friends I am completely done with This amazing Caldo de chile rellenos I Know that you guys are going to love This is the part I Really Love and Enjoy Tasting my recipes excuse me Um Be generous with your cheese The cauliflower is Al Dente it's not Overcooked Um Amazing if you like and love this Amazing recipe I invite you to subscribe Leave me a thumbs up share this video on Social media with your friends with your Relatives so cooking with Gloria keeps Growing don't forget to push that Notification button if you did leave it Activated so every time I make an Amazing recipe is you're going to be Notified before I say I see you soon I Wish you nothing but the best peace and Love I love you guys thank you for being Here thank you for being part of cooking With Gloria Like subscribe and share and see you Soon bye