Vegan Sausage Biscuits & Gravy | The BEST breakfast comfort food!

By | January 1, 2023
Vegan Sausage Biscuits & Gravy | The BEST breakfast comfort food!

Today let's make sausage biscuits and Gravy Welcome back to the show everybody so Today sausage biscuits and gravy so last Month I asked a question to our Supporting members Community about what Food around the holidays was their Favorite as a child So this happens to be one of my favorite Meals as a child especially around the Colder months so we're going to jump Right in so the first thing we're going To do is we're going to saute our Mushrooms so this is eight ounces eight Ounces of just regular button mushrooms That I've diced really finely and then I've got three cloves of garlic minced So as as you notice I didn't put any oil In my pan because mushrooms happen to be Full of water and as they cook they Release that water and then it absorbs Back into them while they're cooking so We're really just sweating these Mushrooms out to get rid of that liquid So I'm just going to dry cook them here And if they start to stick a little bit You can always use I have just a little Bit of vegetable broth here just to Deglaze that pan And about halfway through you're going To add your garlic So this takes about maybe about five Minutes So we're gonna wait till that's cooked

And then I'll show you the rest of the Ingredients Okay so our mushrooms and garlic are Done so that's the first thing that's Going into your food processor Make sure you get all that out of there And our oven is already preheated to 400 Degrees and I have a cookie sheet lined With a piece of parchment paper so we Can make our patties and put it onto That Okay so next I've got a half a cup of Soaked sunflower seeds I just soaked Them for about a half an hour It's going in there It's a nice good healthy fat Half a cup of rolled oats And then this is a cup and a half of Cooked lentils so I started out with Half a cup of lentils one and a half Cups of water and just cooked them until They're done And it makes one and a half cups of Lentils A quarter cup of flax meal or ground Flax I have a half teaspoon of sage a half Teaspoon of Rosemary Half teaspoon of thyme A half teaspoon of crushed red pepper Flakes Two teaspoons of smoked paprika One and a half teaspoons of crushed Fennel seeds you really need to crush

Your fennel seeds so you don't get a Huge bite of fennel in one of your Sausages About three quarters of a teaspoon of Cracked Pepper And a tablespoon of Tamari Okay and yes that's a lot of spices but Sausages really have a lot of spice in Them Okay and then we're just gonna pulse it Until it really starts to stick together Okay that looks like it's about enough If you can see I like to keep it a Little bit grainy still so that it has Some texture to it if you mix it too Much it's more like like pate and it Doesn't make that nice sausages you Really kind of need a little bit of that Texture to stay there Okay so now all that's left Is to make Our Patties And that you just do it with your hands And it all depends on how big you want Your sausages to be but a sausage patty Is you know kind of like a hamburger but It's about half the size of a hamburger So about like that You just put them on your parchment So I'm going to finish patting these out And then we'll get them into the oven And they're going into the oven for 15 Minutes on one side then we'll flip them And they'll go back in for another 10 Minutes

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Use the code plant-based easy at Checkout to save five dollars off a Variety pack because life is better with Beans Okay so now on to the biscuits so these Are whole wheat biscuits uh so so it's Not gluten free but if you are Gluten-free you can use oat flour that Also works so this is two cups of whole Wheat flour Two teaspoons of baking powder And a half teaspoon of baking soda I'm just going to whisk that together Okay that pretty good Now we're going to mix up Our wet ingredients so typically Biscuits are made with flour and butter And cream and all you know all these Dairy products so this is going to take The place of that I've got one cup of Water And two-thirds of a cup of cashews If you don't have cashews you can also Use almonds they work great Now we just need to blend this until There aren't any more cashew chunks so Try to get it as finely Blended as you Can Foreign There we go All right so then you need to get Yourself a cookie sheet with a piece of Parchment paper on it Or a piece of Silpat that works good too

All right so all of this is going in We're going to Stir It Up And it's a very wet type of Mixture here it's not quite like a Typical biscuit not as dry Because we're not using the butter It's going to be very very sticky so We're not going to roll them out we're Just going to do like sort of like drop Biscuits Because this will just completely stick To your counter and everything you're Trying to cut those biscuits out with And a little tip on Mixing the biscuits too you don't want To over mix because they'll get kind of Hard and chewy So you just mix it until just until the Flour is incorporated So I'm mixing pretty carefully here All right that is good enough And then I use a little bit smaller Spoon To portion out my biscuits Okay Just gonna stick them on there and then I just kind of Form shape them a little bit with my Hands Just to get them a little bit flatter You don't want to be them too too tall Because they're going to raise a little Bit on their own Okay

And my oven is still on 400 Degrees from The sausages being in there So we're going to put the biscuits in And they're going to bake for 10 minutes So once I get these all spread out on my Baking sheet we're going to stick them In the oven While we're waiting for that I'd like to Share some background on our show the Whole food plant-based cooking show is Crowdfunded which means these free Weekly recipe videos along with our Entire catalog of free printable recipes On our website and our Plant-based cooking Made Easy cookbook Series are all made possible in part by The generous patronage of our supporting Membership Community our supporting Members gain access to great member Perks like our monthly product giveaways Ebooks and in-depth courses including Our 28 days plant-based Made Easy course Where we offer a step-by-step guide to Making the switch to a fully plant-based Diet so if you love our recipes I invite You to join us on our mission to make Plant-based cooking easy and follow the Link in the description to become a Supporting member today Okay let's get back to the show All right now on to that gravy all right So typically the gravy would have chunks

Of sausage in it Um which we will be using one of the Sausages to crumble in there but if you Use too much of it when as it's cooking It just starts to dissolve so what we're Going to do instead is more mushrooms so This is another eight ounces of Mushrooms completely optional if you Don't want to do that that's okay it's Still good without the mushrooms but I Think it just adds a little bit more Texture that you you know like there's Little sausage chunks in there so we're Just going to do like we did before They're diced really fine We're just going to cook them until all Of that moisture is wicked out and the Pieces get really nice and dry so that's Going to take like it was before about Five minutes All right our mushrooms are ready So now we get to add our other Ingredients so I have a tablespoon of Tamari For saltiness One teaspoon or I'm sorry half a Teaspoon of smoked paprika One teaspoon of Cracked Pepper because I Like my sausage gravy to be very peppery But that's completely up to you you can Use a half teaspoon will do fine too and A half teaspoon of crushed red pepper Flakes and that'll give it a little bit Of that spiciness but that said again

You don't have to use that if you don't Like spicy sausage gravy And then I have a cup and a half of Unsweetened soy milk But you can use whatever plant milk you Like or whatever you have on hand I would just stress that it's Unsweetened because you don't want a Sweet sausage gravy All right so we're just going to let That cook for a bit Just cook for a couple minutes and then We're going to sprinkle a little bit of Some of the flour that we used and I Just have some King Arthur that's the The flour that I used on the biscuits Because it's a whole grain or a whole Wheat Flour All right So the flour is going to help it thicken You can use it just like this you'd Probably have to use a little bit more Soy milk because it's going to cook down If you want to just use that to thicken But it takes a little while But just a little bit of flour Helps it along And that's how you would typically make It okay Like that And we're just going to wait till that Thickens up

And then once it's the thickness that You prefer you're going to take one of Your bit your uh sausages here that's One of the finished ones And you're just going to crumble it up Into the sauce but that's really just Before you serve it because they do Start to dissolve in the sauce So I'm just going to wait until that Thickens And then I'm going to get a plate and a Fork and I'll meet you at the table for A taste All right guys my favorite part the Tasting but if you want to come in and Take a closer look so you can see what It looks like finished come on in So this is enough for two people but of Course you're going to have extra Biscuits and extra sausages so they'll Store perfectly in the refrigerator in An airtight container the sausages you Can freeze So I love biscuits and gravy mainly Because after you finish your biscuits And gravy you get to have a biscuit with Jam that's my favorite so I'm gonna dig In here I like to crumble my biscuit up A little bit on plate And then I do the same with my sausage Just crumble it up a little bit see how Firm they are that is just wonderful Love it and then I just pour the gravy Right on top

Um This smells Magical All right here we go Get a little biscuit get a little Sausage get some more of the gravy oops Don't fall off there Thank you This is the absolute perfect comfort Food Oh my gosh I love love love this That gravy's got a nice bite to it With those crushed red pepper flakes mmm So many flavors going on You are gonna love it So let me know what you think and come On back next week for another great Recipe