Crackling Cornbread | Cooking With Brenda Gantt 2022

By | December 30, 2022
Crackling Cornbread  | Cooking With Brenda Gantt 2022

Hey y'all we're making crackling Cornbread today that's the old timey Cornbread isn't it and I'm gonna stand In here and make sure she does it right This is by Isabella y'all all right go Ahead at first I think we're supposed to Do this yes and Grace that's right get Your plenty on there All right there you go Crazy pan real good some people Heat Their panned up I don't and what we got Our oven set on 400 400 Degrees all right This is good with collards or peas or Whatever I like it just crumbled in Cornbread I mean milk I love it all Right so once that's good and Grease You're going to set it to the side Now you're going to take your mixing Bowl and we're gonna put two cups of This I'll hold it up for you I keep buying a jar but y'all are gonna Be asking what we use this is white Really cornmeal mix it's got the um Scarecrow on the front of it makes great Cornbread it was also it says buttermilk Which we got and then one egg Okay All right And then how much buttermilk well we're Gonna have to just judge on her Buttermilk all right because we don't Have a recipe we just don't have to We're just gonna wing it yeah we're

Gonna wing it now Is that a teenage term I don't think so Thanks okay Pay attention Boom You could always add more go ahead and Break your yoga while you're doing kind Of push it down or break it there you go Yeah we're gonna need more of that Y'all uh some people say that's probably Some people say how do you use so much Buttermilk well y'all we coat our okra In it don't we and our eggplant and Everything yeah we just do everything With it we make our dumplings with it We're gonna have to judge this though as Far as how much to put in now if you Only want to make a little bit for your Family in one of these teeny weeny Skillets like this let's say you just It's just you and your husband you want A little one well then put in less corn Meal I put a little bit more in it sweetie I Believe I put just a tad bit more But it looks good You know that's probably we'll put a Little bit more just well that's good All right let's try it later y'all ever Heard of whoa whoa that's good That is actually what that is is what They used to say to the horse whoa My daddy had a Horse named Big Mac

And when he said whoa buddy that core Stopped All right so that this would be just Regular cornbread but we're gonna add Cracklins to it and here they are They're the fork cracklings you can get Them all kind of what a crackling is Actually some of y'all don't know is Fried pork fat All right I'm gonna dump it some in We'll just see how much I mean baked There you go whoa that was stuck all Together isn't it yeah we can't put it In like that I have to cut that up Y'all know those uh meat skins or pork Skins you can buy this quick fried well This is the same thing except it's baked And it's not as pretty as the others There you go It doesn't look like too many in there Try that see how that is If Hannah finds out we're cooking this Today she'll be over because she loves Crackling cornbread I think we all do Oh hey let's just use the whole bag wait There's a big chunk okay I'll cut it up All right Tell them what you had for breakfast This morning For breakfast I had Two pieces of bacon rutabagers and a Heath chocolate bar For heat chocolate yeah Can you imagine anybody eating rutabagas

For breakfast well this kid she loves Vegetables don't you that's one of her Favorite go-to's is that All right so I'm gonna put a little bit More grease in here because we don't Want it sticking just in case all right Y'all that's all it is to it I'm gonna Push this up before you is it and put All that in there all right You might have to have this one at the End I don't know Um I'll push it down a little bit so they Can see right there there you go Um is the lives in Tuscaloosa with my Son Dallas and her mama Anna y'all met Anna before Here you go this one get it good now And then uh she's got a brother named William so there's two of the children We don't want to leave any in there We'll get it all out All right spread it around a little bit And put it in the oven back your spoon Back your spoon there you go and put it In the oven and it's gonna be cooking on 400 degrees And we don't know how long we're going To watch it all right go ahead and put It in all right and then Yes Okay All right and that's all it is to it now If you want to make regular cornbread

Just something soft well what we would Do is we would um not put crackles in it And we may just put another egg too but Anyway this is my other grandbaby And visiting she's visiting we're Supposed to be in the Virgin Islands You're going do we Yeah we didn't get to go okay we got we Got lost We didn't get lost well we did because We didn't what we're going to do Afterwards when we lost our when we lost Our our tickets or whatever they well Didn't lose our tickets but Anyway But how was the spot and we paid for it Our first this was our first Christmas Vacation that we ever Had taken and it turned out a flop but We're just making the best of it she's Been staying with her cousin they went To line dancing with me the other night And they did so good yeah y'all did Great so I hope y'all come back tonight She can invite those other two girls to Come with you maybe and see if they Could do it yeah that's right all right Y'all we're gonna go and we'll look at You in a minute where the cornbread Comes out hey y'all so the cornbread is Done And I don't touch that Here's your something to

Check it with let me pull it back a Little bit so they can see what we're Doing yeah just kind of go around just In case we hope it didn't stick It like that Yeah go ahead flip it out sorry There you go what a beautiful pan of Bread put it over there on that white Part Look at that y'all look how pretty Let's do it down where y'all see it good Izzy you did a great job that was Wonderful Nice and crispy on the outside and y'all Listen you may not know this that I've Told you before that your Skillet that You use for cornbread you're not Supposed to use it for anything else Because it'll make it stick so this is My cornbread skillet Little wedge out of there And I might just eat it right now That looks great that's a beautiful Piece of bread It's hard to cut you got it in the Crackling didn't he All right all right let's let's just Look See how the cracklins are inside of it Like that and see the good steam coming Off It's got the good crunchy around the Edges of it Is it good good delicious you did good

Yeah She's gonna be a cook after all Y'all take care but they just get you Some crap and some make us some Cornbread bye-bye